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Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane is an excellent football player. Sadio Mane became the most expensive African footballer in history on June 26, 2016, when he signed a five-year, £34 million contract with Liverpool.

He overcame every obstacle and went on to become one of the greatest players of all time, in spite of everything.

After achieving success, he didn’t forget his roots, though, and continued to be modest and down to earth.

Childhood, Family & Early Years

Sadio Mane was born in Sedhious, Senegal, on April 10, 1992.

He was also a Satou Toure child (mother). Sadio was just 7 years old when his father passed away, so his father’s name was never spoken.

Similar to Sadio, who was playing football with a friend when his father passed away.

Sadio initially believed it was a prank when his friend first told him about his father.

After some time, when he realized that his friend wasn’t lying, Sadio found it difficult to accept the death of his father. After learning the news, Sadio was in fact distraught.

But despite being ill for two to three weeks, Mane’s father passed away from a lack of adequate medical services.

Sadly, there were no hospitals in Senegal at the time, or even close by to where Sadio lived.

Sadio made the decision to take action in his life after that.

He believed that even if his father had passed away, no other children should have to go through what he had through.

Sadio, however, was unable to even go to school because his family’s financial situation prevented them from eating healthy food.

Unfortunately, when you have to eat to survive, school is not really a concern.

In addition, the popularity of football increased when Senegal advanced to the World Cup quarterfinals in 2002.

Sadio was greatly motivated by that. Additionally, he had a constant interest in football.

Sadio, who hails from a pious household, had to work hard to persuade them that football could also be a career.

Later, his family would sell every harvest to support his football career.

Net Worth, Salary & Assets

Sadio Mane’s net worth is thought to be $20 million, according to sources.

Additionally, he makes about 5.65 million dollars from Liverpool and 2.75 million dollars every year from brand sponsorships.

However, Sadio enjoys driving and owns a range of vehicles.

He travels in a Bentley Continental GT, with a starting price of $3.6 million, a Mercedes AMG G63, a G-Wagon, an Audi RA7, and a high-end Range Rover.

There are no specifics on his home, however, Sadio did once reside in a shanty, and his current residence must be furnished.

Along with his uncle, he also constructed a home for his family in Senegal.

In his documentary, which Mane himself narrates, we can undoubtedly see the home he built for his family in Senegal.

He was seen touring his home while his uncle gave him a run-down of its features.

Sane’s uncle was the one who took care of him and assumed all the obligations after his father passed away.

He thus desired to construct a home in accordance with his uncle’s wishes.

Undoubtedly, Sadio deserves to live a life of luxury since he has put a lot of effort into getting where he is.

In addition, he generously gives away a lot of his money to charity. He is unquestionably a talented athlete and a wonderful person.

Facts of Sadio Mane

Name Sadio Mané
Birthplace Sédhious, Senegal
Birthdate April 10, 1992
Nationality Senegalese
Age 28 Years Old
Ethnicity Black
Religion Muslim
Father’s Name Not known
Mother’s Name Satou Toure
Education Couldn’t attend school
Height 5 ft. 9 inch
Siblings  No
Body Measurement Chest- 102 cm
Biceps- 37 cm
Waist-76 cm
Distinctive Features Big lips and nose
Muscular body
Weight 69 kg
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Residence Allerton
Profession Football Player
Current Team Liverpool FC
Senegal National Football Team
Turned Professional January 2012
Jersey Number 10
Position Forward/Winger
Horoscope Aries
Achievement African Player of the Year Premier League Golden boot 
Known For Finishing, Dribbling, and Speed
Net Worth $20 million
Salary $5.65 million
Endorsements Deals $2.5 million
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Strong Foot Right
Nickname Said
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Jersey, Funko POP, Poster
Last Update June 2022


He went to the most well-known football team in the town because players were needed after persuading his folks. Sadio was just 15 years old at the time, though.

An older man was evaluating the players at the time of selection. The older man initially believed Sadio was in the wrong location; however, Sadio eventually clarified he was there for the test.

Sadio explained to the man that he was wearing his nicest shoe and shorts and that he was going to play and demonstrate his talents.

But the older man let Sadio take part in the game. He was shocked since he had not anticipated Sadio to be such a talented player. Later, the elder man chose Sadio without hesitation.

After that, Sadio joined the neighborhood team for training. He was the team’s poorest and most talented football player.

Mane finally made his Metz professional debut on January 14, 2012.

He started 12 of his 19 league games during his rookie campaign, and on May 4, in a 2-5 loss to Guingamp, he scored his only goal.

Sadio relocated to Red Bull Salzburg in August 2012, where he recorded his first hat-trick. The squad did win the domestic double as the season came to a finish in 2013, nevertheless.

Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane in a match. Source: orissapost

In addition, Mane scored three goals in 2 minutes and 56 seconds, breaking the previous record for the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League.

Additionally, in January 2016, the manager substitutes Mane with another player after the latter is late for a pre-match meeting.

Mane scored two goals in a 3-2 victory over Liverpool, his first goals in four months. Unsurprisingly, he also scored a hat-trick and helped his team win over Manchester United.

In Liverpool (2016-2018)

Mane became the most expensive African footballer in history on June 26, 2016, when he signed a five-year, £34 million contract with Liverpool.

In a similar vein, Mane scores his fourth goal in his Premier League debut, making the score 4-3 against Arsenal.

Mane returns to the starting lineup against Burton Albion after missing time with a shoulder injury, and he contributes two assists to a 5-0 League Cup victory.

After scoring 13 league goals in his debut season at Liverpool, Mane was named to the PFA Team of the Year. He was given the Season’s Player title despite missing the last month of the season in May 2017.

Mane won Player of the Month honors in 2017 at the beginning of the new season after scoring in each of the games.

In addition, he received a red card during his game against Manchester, which led to a subsequent three-match suspension.

But after scoring his first hat-trick of the year for Liverpool in a 5-0 away victory against Porto in the round of 16 first leg of the UEFA Champions League, Mane also becomes the second player in Europe to score a hat-trick.

Mane also makes history in 2018 by becoming the first Senegalese player to score in the championship game.

Similar to this, Liverpool makes history by becoming the first side with three players to score 10+ goals in a single Championship League season.


Liverpool defeated Chelsea to win the UEFA Super Cup in 2019.

Initially, the game finished in a 2-2 draw, but later, Liverpool won the game 5-4 on penalties. Mane was also named the match’s Man of the Match.

Mane, the second Senegalese player to get that honor after El Hadji Diouf, was named the African Footballer of the Year in January 2020.

Mane tested positive for COVID-19 in October 2020, nevertheless. Prior to that, he played in a game that Liverpool won 2-0 over Chelse.

Senegal’s Mane team competed in an Olympics competition there in 2012, however, they were unsuccessful.

Mane was included in the 23-man roster for the 2018 Fifa World Cup when they faced Japan. Similar to this, Mane scored the first goal in the 2-2 tie with Japan. But after the opening round, they were out.

Charity Work

Sadio is familiar with what it’s like to live in poverty because he hails from a low-income family.

He hasn’t lost sight of his beginnings despite achieving such fame and wealth. Mane is still modest and down-to-earth.

Mane unquestionably makes a respectable amount of money. In addition, he has given his money to donations and charities.

He constructed a hospital in Senegal after his father passed away from a lack of healthcare resources so that no other children would have to experience growing up without a parent.

Similar to this, Mane gave £250,000 to support a secondary school, and he frequently appears on the job site to monitor development.

For the Champions League Final, Sadio gave 300 Liverpool shirts to the kids in his neighborhood.

Mane has also donated £41,000 to aid Senegalese authorities in the face of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

In addition to the school he constructed, he also created a stadium that helps feed, clothe, and shoe individuals living in abject poverty.

Mane additionally contributes £70 each month to help the local family economy in Senegal’s underprivileged region.

Personal Life

Sadio Mane is not dating anyone right now and is single.

However, there have been no confirmed reports of him dating football journalist and author Mellissa Reddy, despite occasional rumors to the contrary.

Furthur Mane’s manager at Right to Play, Sadio, wants to keep his personal life private, hence there isn’t much information out about him dating.

But Sadio is content and leads a fulfilling life. He puts a lot of effort into getting where he wants to be every day, but there is still plenty to do.

Fans of Sadio will be thrilled to learn that “SadioMane: Filmed in Senegal,” a documentary on him, was also made. The film clip examines every aspect of his life, from the lows to the highs.

In April 2020, the movie aired on Rakuten TV’s free Rakuten Stories channel in Europe.

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Body measurements

Sadio Mane is 28 years old. His height and weight are both 5 feet 9 inches and 69 kg.

To describe his physical attributes, he has a muscular body, huge lips, and a nose.

His body measures 102 cm in the chest, 37 cm in the biceps, and 76 cm in the waist.

Sadio has gorgeous dark brown eyes and black hair. He must always keep a decent physique because he is a player, and he most definitely does.

Sadio is an Aries, according to his natal horoscope.

Those born under this sign are frequently diligent, focused, and motivated.

Social Media Presence

He has 8.1 million followers on Instagram (@sadioaneofficial) and 48.9k followers on Twitter (@SMane Officiel).