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The Truth About Nessa Barrett and Zack Bia’s Relationship Rumors

Nessa Barrett
  • Barrett’s dating life has frequently made headlines.
  • Fans speculate her actions to predict her dating life because they are always curious about her personal life.
  • The Dying on the Inside singer has responded to the rumors on Twitter and Instagram, and she is not pleased.
  • Barrett has never been open about her personal life, let alone her romantic relationships.

Nessa Barrett has long been well-known as a musician and TikTok star. While Nessa Barrett’s career is at its pinnacle, fans are curious about her dating life. Fans recently spread rumors about her dating another musician.

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Rumors of Nessa Barrett and Zack Bia dating

Nessa Barrett recently hung out with singer Zack Bia and tagged him in her stories in November 2022.

Fans speculated that the two musicians were having an affair.

Barrett later tweeted “gemini” with a blushing emoji on November 12th.

Bia is a Gemini by horoscope, whether by chance or design. As a result, fans went all out with their dating theories.

“Who’s gemini,” one of the fans retweeted, prompting another to respond, “zack bia lol.”

Many fans were upset by the possibility and spoke out against the dating rumors.

“NOT ZACK BIA, GIRL LISTEN SELFISH BY MADISON BEER!!!!!” one of them wrote. “, referring to Bia’s failed romance with singer Madison Beer.

Nessa Barrett and Zack Bia's
Nessa Barrett and Zack Bia. Source: pinterest

The TeaTok Talk posted about the incident on their Instagram accounts, implying a possible romantic relationship between the singers.

Barrett, on the other hand, commented on the post, claiming that Bia was just a good friend and repeatedly denying the rumors.

“No, pls no,” she said, adding, “Zach is my friend,” and “lmao no.”

Bia is also said to be dating young singer Olivia Rodrigo.

They appear to be very comfortable with each other, according to an E! source. That they had been dating since they met at the Super Bowl.

Who is Nessa Barrett currently dating?

Nessa Barrett has never been open about her personal life, let alone her romantic relationships.

However, rumors about her dating Jaden Hossler spread quickly in early 2021, and neither responded.

Barrett’s ex-boyfriend, Josh Richards, was Hossler’s best friend. Richards and she will divorce in late 2020.

“There comes a point in relationships where you realize maybe it isn’t best to be together,” Josh said of the breakup.

We realized that we needed to mature and grow as individuals. We were in a very serious relationship, but not as serious as it was,”

Following their breakup, the fabulous singer began dating Hossler, which he revealed in June 2022.

In an interview with Audacy’s Kevan Kenney, Hossler stated that he respected Barrett’s work as an artist and is proud of her accomplishments as a boyfriend.

Later, the couple did not hide their relationship from the public, and they frequently displayed PDA at various events on social media.

They even kissed on the red carpet at the VMAs.

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Nessa Barrett eventually revealed this relationship in Audacy Check-in, saying, “It’s really good, and we just motivate each other a lot.” … He is my rock and the love of my life.

He was the inspiration for my love songs.”

As much as fans adored the couple, they divorced in early 2022 and requested that fans understand their situation.

Furthermore, the couple stated that they separated because they needed time to focus on themselves.