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CBS’ Errol Barnett Wiki: From Gay Rumors To Complete Biography

Errol Barnett
  • Errol Barnett’s Bio: CNN Connected CBS Through Student Reporter
  • The Pay of Errol at CBS
  • Disturbing Tweets Fuel Gay Rumors
  • Errol’s Participation in Sports

Who is Errol Barnett?

Errol Barnett has consistently excelled as a news anchor and television reporter, the host of the CBS Evening News, is one of the viewers’ favorites.

Being too successful professionally, he has a tendency to draw the attention of his fans to his personal life.

Errol, however, is not someone who would reveal details of his personal life to the public, including his relationships, which gave rise to rumors regarding his sexual orientation.

Errol, however, refused to just give in to the rumors and used the occasion to silence his critics once and for all.

Errol Barnett’s Bio: CNN Connected CBS Through Student Reporter

The media figure, who was born in Britain, began his career when Channel One News hired him for their annual “Student Produced Week” in Los Angeles.

He spent five years covering various topics for the channel, including the 2004 Democratic National Convention, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, teenage heroin misuse in New England suburbia, and other topics.

Barnett worked as a host-correspondent for Reelz Channel before to joining CNN while finishing his degree at UCLA.

He conducted interviews with a number of Hollywood stars there, including Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, Hally Berry, and Angelina Jolie.

He also covered movie premieres and several film festivals.

Later, in 2008, CNN International hired Errol to work as an anchor and correspondent.

He covered many big topics for CNN throughout the course of his eight-year stint there, including the Paris attacks, the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and Nelson Mandela’s passing.

Errol also served as the host of CNN’s weekly Inside African program, in which he reported from 22 different African nations in under 24 months.

He also discussed the expansion of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

He presided over a live noon Eastern newscast from Abu Dhabi for CNN International in 2010.

Errol Barnett spent more than eight years working for CNN before joining CBS News in 2016 as a journalist based in Washington, DC.

He began by covering a variety of stories for CBS, including Barack Obama’s final abroad trip as president to Peru,

the 2016 US Presidential Election, Donald Trump’s first trip to Congress as president, and travel along the southeast US coastline after Hurricane Matthew.

Errol Barnett was born on April 3, 1983, to Michael and Pamela Christie in Milton Keynes, England.

He also has a sibling who is older than him, Danny Christie. Later, his mother wed Gari Barnett again.

Regarding his scholastic history, he first attended Garden Lakes Elementary School before moving on to Westview High School in Avondale, Arizona.

The Pay of Errol at CBS

He joined CBS as a household brand in the media industry after serving CNN for a significant amount of time and with dignity, commanding a hefty pay.

There is little question that the network pays him well, but the precise amount has not yet been made public,

most likely because of a non-disclosure agreement with CBS.

The majority of his income comes from his work as an anchor,

yet he also receives a respectable wage from his duties outside of CBS.

He frequently moderates panel discussions and gives speeches about new developments in journalism outside of the CBS studios.

Disturbing Tweets Fuel Gay Rumors

Back in July 2013, it was a typical Monday morning, but after Errol tweeted CNN Breaking News’ tweet on Pope Francis’ support for homosexual priests, the day took an interesting turn.

The Pope had stated that he was not in a position to judge a gay person who was seeking the Lord.

According to the tweet, as long as the Lord was inside of them, no one could criticize another person based on their sexual inclinations.

Errol shared the tweet that said “Wow” and agreed with the Pope.

His supporters, however, mistook his support for gay individuals for his own sexual orientation.

Errol’s alleged homosexuality started to circulate, and the fact that he was single at the time only fuelled the rumors.

Errol, however, made the decision to keep quiet and said nothing further about the subject.

Errol’s Participation in Sports

Errol Barnett participated in a National Association of Black Journalists running, biking,

and walking competition that was sponsored by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC and finished in second place.

On August 4, 2018, he shared two images of the occasion on Instagram: one in which he wished his followers luck and the other in which he revealed the contest’s outcomes.

Marie Lissain was the first person to cross the finish line,

and the entire CBS crew sprinted through the scorching heat.

At its activities, the NABJ tries to promote an equal atmosphere that makes everyone in attendance feel welcome and valued.

The organization is dedicated to upholding a climate free from harassment or discrimination based on a person’s

gender, race, class, or size for everyone who attends its activities.

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Errol’s Surprising Lovelife Reveal

Errol Barnett
Errol Barnett with his wife source: People

After exposing his girlfriend, Ariana Shorty, to the globe in June 2015, Errol shook up the entire planet.

On June 2, 2017, the pair also marked their second anniversary by posting cute pictures on social media.

A brief glance at their Instagram accounts reveals how much they like displaying one another to the world.

Errol decided to move things further and propose to her after more than two years of dating.

Errol tweeted a photo of Ariana in late 2017 when he was kneeling before her and holding a ring in front of her.

Ariana looked shocked at the proposal.

He went on to say how difficult it had been for him to ask her out and how her answer had marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

Errol and Ariana are now happily married and leading happy lives.

They haven’t mentioned any marriage-related intentions.

However, based on the sequence of events,

it appears like the couple’s transition from being engaged to being married won’t take too much longer.

It appears that a joyful chapter in his life is still to come.