Chinese Court of Shandong

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The Chinese Court of Shandong and its controversial ruling on divorce

Chinese Court of Shandong
  • The Chinese Court and its ludicrous decision
  • This verdict has sparked a social media tempest.
  • The Chinese Court
  • Last year’s contentious divorce cooling-off period decision

When we look at what is going on around the globe, we can see that society as a whole does not appear to be doing well. It is sick, and things are just getting worse. The epidemic of the Coronavirus has demonstrated this.

And now, a Chinese court has ruled that a couple cannot be divorced only because of infidelity.

Does this mean that people can legally cheat on their spouses? Is the Chinese Court in favor of open marriages?

The Chinese Court and its ludicrous decision

According to the Chinese Global Times, a court in China’s Shandong province issued a contentious ruling.

It stated that simple infidelity in a relationship cannot be regarded as grounds for divorce!!! According to the declaration:

“Because cohabitation refers to a married individual living with someone without marriage relations regularly and stably, cheating is not an act of cohabitation.”

Is the court implying that one-night hookups are acceptable in a relationship? According to this court, adultery is not grounds for divorce.

This verdict has sparked a social media tempest.

Of course, such a contentious judgment cannot go overlooked by socially conscious members of society.

This ridiculousness elicited a massive response on social media.

In China, the hashtag “No divorce application because of adultery” began trending on the social media platform Weibo.

People were stunned and perplexed.

The Chinese Court

It appears that the Shandong court approves of intermittent infidelity in marriage.

It does not want couples to file for divorce on this basis.

They urge people to continue living as a pair even if they are dissatisfied in their marriage.

The Court wants to dismiss the most crucial basis for divorce as insignificant.

Is it attempting to turn humans into robots?

Chinese Court of Shandong
Chinese Court of Shandong source: WIPO

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Last year’s contentious divorce cooling-off period decision

This is not the first time the Chinese court has caused a commotion.

China established a divorce law last year that specified that spouses filing for divorce must have a one-month cooling-off period before filing for divorce again formally.

This was not well received since couples believed that if the second party withdrew from the divorce within 30 days, they would have to reapply.

This will just prolong and complicate the process for the unhappy couple.

Legal fees would also climb.

On social media Weibo, a trending hashtag “oppose divorce cooling-off time” followed this strange verdict as well.

People believed that the government was intruding in their personal lives unnecessarily.

According to reports, the divorce rate in China was 0.96 divorces per 1000 people in 2000 and 3.36 divorces per 1000 people in 2019.

n 2019, 4.15 million divorce applications were submitted.

As a result, they took some action, but it was silly.

They’re attempting to manipulate people’s emotions.

Their actions could backfire, and they should know that these useless regulations would bring nothing but misery to couples.