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Taylor Nicole Dean

Taylor Nicole Dean

Who is Taylor Nicole Dean?

Taylor Nicole Dean is an animal enthusiast, pet care expert, and YouTuber.Taylor Nicole Dean is probably best known to the rest of the world for her frequent appearances on social media and news outlets, owing to the popularity of some of her video content.

She has also had a number of other successes in her sometimes lucrative entertainment career since 2015.

Early life and Childhood

Taylor Nicole Dean, a 22-year-old Caucasian, was born on March 25, 1997, under the sign of Aries in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

There isn’t much information about her childhood interests, but she is thought to have always been passionate about animal care.

Taylor was raised in Texas alongside an older brother named Justin Dean.

Another younger brother, name unknown, by her father Matt Dean, and mother Jennifer Dean, both of unknown professions.

Education Details

Taylor Nicole Dean attended O’Connor High School in Helotes, Texas, before transferring to the Texas Connection Academy.

Where she completed her final grade and matriculated in 2015.

Professional Career

Dean started her social media accounts in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2015 that she began to gain popularity and turn her social media presence into a career.

She began posting videos about her pets and stuffed animals on her eponymous YouTube channel.

Her first video, “Life From a Hedgehog’s Eyes,” was posted in July 2015.

And it featured an introduction to how hedgehogs interact with the environment, showcasing her knowledge about future topics

.Her second video, “Tour of My Personal Petting Zoo,” was a huge success with the general public.

She then began posting videos about animal care on a regular basis, while also providing invaluable advice on whether or not to buy an exotic animal and why.

Taylor can also be seen on the relatively new social streaming network YouNow, where she naturally expanded her audience by regularly offering her fans live interaction. In 2019

Her social media accounts are full of animal-related posts in order to grow her YouTube audience.

Aside from that, she is a sort of vlogger, keeping everyone up to date on the most important events in her personal life, which does add to her income over time

She’s managed to gain a much larger number of regular viewers over time, and she now has a fairly popular presence on YouTube.

Taylor was inspired to continue vlogging about herself and animals after Nala died in 2015.

Presumably from cancer. Her other well-known pets include a tarantula named Cersei and a frog named Jupiter. She has over 30 animals in total, with the majority of them appearing in her videos.

Net Worth and Salary

Taylor Nicole Dean’s net worth is slightly more than $1 million.

For the first four years of her career, she earned this sum by providing appearance and animal advice on social media and YouTube.

Since she recently stated her intention to return to the business, the aforementioned sum is very likely to increase.

Relationship Status

Taylor Nicole Dean’s romantic involvement is well-known to the public.

Despite the fact that she has chosen not to reveal too many details about this aspect of her life. It is unknown who she dated prior to beginning her YouTube career.

but she did date a PetCo employee, whom she occasionally helped for money.

She left PetCo and the unknown man once her YouTube channel began to generate a higher income.

Taylor Nicole Dean
Taylor Nicole Dean with her Jonny Craig. Source:allstarbio

She was allegedly single for two years before beginning a relationship with former Slave lead singer Jonny Craig in 2017.

The relationship increased their popularity, and they were considered a couple until August 2019. When she revealed a few details to the public, one of which was that they were no longer together.

Taylor is thought to be single now. Her relationships have not been the subject of any controversy. She appears to be living alone in an undisclosed location at the moment.

Body Measurement

Taylor Nicole Dean stands at 5feet 5inches (165cm). Her weight, vital statistics, dress, shoe, and bra size are unknown at this time.

Her body shape is generally considered busty. Her hair is frequently dyed, but its natural color is thought to be dark brown.

She has light blue eyes and a fair but tanned complexion.

Social Media

Taylor, as an animal lover and YouTuber, is supposed to be very dedicated to social media. Increasing her audience means increasing her income.

And the best way to do so is to post daily updates on YouTube. And social media about her personal and professional life.

Taylor appears to understand how this works, with the exception of a pause in social networking caused by her heroin addiction.

She can be found on all three of the most popular social media platforms.

Her Facebook page has nearly 1,000 fans, her Twitter account has nearly 185,000 followers. And her Instagram account has over 315,000 followers.

Her YouTube channel, in particular, has over 1.7 million subscribers.

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  • Taylor was born under the sign of Aries on the 25th of March 1997, in San Antonio, Texas USA.
  • She is a 22-year-old Caucasian animal enthusiast, pet care expert, and YouTuber.
  •  Nicole Dean is probably best known to the world for her frequent exposure across social media and news outlets, mostly due to the popularity of some of her video content.
  • She has over 170 million total video views, while her most popular one is entitled “ALL OF MY PETS IN ONE VIDEO (I know, I have a lot)”, posted in May 2017, with over 15 million views.
  • Taylor is now ready to go back to her normal life and continue vlogging.
  • She earned this amount by lending her appearance and animal advice on social media and YouTube for approximately four years of her career.