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Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero

Who is Sara Carbonero?

Sara Carbonero is a social influencer, model, journalist, reporter, and role model. Sara Carbonero has achieved far more than the ordinary ladies around. Carbonero is a sophisticated reporter who perfectly embodies the idiom.

She is one of today’s most well-known and talented sports writers.

She also represents L’Oreal Paris as a brand ambassador.

She has appeared in a variety of goods from the well-known cosmetics firm.

Birth & Personality

Sara Carbonero was born on 3 February 1984, in Corral de Almaguer, Spain.

She is a young achiever and a millionaire too who aspires to inspire people.

She handles all her social media accounts, is a social influencer and holds hundreds and thousands of followers.

Therefore, in short, Sara has achieved as well as learned pretty a lot of things.

She has earned money, blessings, and well-wishers from people worldwide and has learned to take a stand for the people who need it.

Unlike some other influencers, she doesn’t focus on increasing her money and followers and focuses on spreading awareness among her people.

She tries to take little steps towards understanding so that her small steps hold a colossal worth in the upcoming future. As mentioned earlier, she aspires to inspire.

Carbonero has an inspiring quality which is one of her rates that has successfully won millions of hearts.

In short, Sara is not only a lady with elegance, but she is also the best example of a woman having “Beauty with a brain.”

Facts of Sara Carbonero

Full Name Sara Carbonero Arevalo
Birth Date February 3, 1984
Birth Place Corral de Almaguer, Spain
Nick Name Not Available
Religion Christian
Nationality Spanish
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Complutense University of Madrid
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name Carlos Javier García Carbonero
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings 1; Irene Carbonero
Age 38 Years Old
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 53 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
Profession Sports Reporter/ Journalist
Current Residence Porto
Shoe Size Not Available
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Fiancé Iker Casillas
Kids Two
Net Worth $10 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Merch of Iker Casillas Jersey, Posters, Gloves
Last Update April 2022

Net Worth And Salary

Sara Carbonero has a net worth of $10 million, according to the current status. This gorgeous lady is one who is still into modeling as well as journalism and is one of the youngest millionaires.

Today, people call her a woman who has always followed her ambitions. She always enhances her aspirations, and today she is more than what people expected her to become.

Young couples Sara and Iker are both exemplary people today. A lot of youngsters aspire and look forward to becoming like Sara in the future.

Professional Career

Sara Carbonero’s first job as a reporter was for channel 5 Telecinco, which covered sports news. She was just a young student in her third year of journalism bachelor’s degree at the time.

She later worked as a radio anchor or RJ on the Radio Marca channel. She gradually transitioned to a career as a sports writer.

As a sports reporter, her elegant and strong demeanor helped her gain a lot of notoriety.

Sara Carbonero
Sara Carbonero posing as a model. Source: celebmafia

In 2009, she was also named “The Sexiest Journalist.” By 2015, she had amassed enough celebrity and accolades from the public for her engaging personality.

She later created the “Slow Love” apparel line, which encompassed both selling and clothing.

She also started a business with the support of her friends, selling beauty goods, accessories, and a variety of other items online.

The general audience encouraged her to stage a fashion show, “Quiero Ser,” in 2016. Here’s a link to a video that will help you understand more.

Personal Life

Sara Carbonero first met Iker Casillas in 2009, while she was struggling as a sports reporter. He is a well-known Spanish footballer.

Sara rose to recognition as a result of her personality in 2009, and it was also the year Iker fell in love with her.

Sara and Iker had been in a long-term relationship. Her husband and she have two children. Iker and the Spanish journalist married in a magnificent ceremony attended by family, friends, and loved ones.

Despite their close friendship, the couple recently announced their split after four years of marriage.

Sara has been associated with Spanish musician Pablo López since then.

Sal Ortz, a journalist, broke the story that she was intimately linked with Pablo. Furthermore, the musician is said to be assisting Carbonero in getting through this difficult time in her life.

However, neither of them has verified their relationship, so it’s most likely just a rumor, especially since she’s just divorced after a four-year marriage.


If we’re talking about a celebrity or a well-known figure, there’s bound to be a rumor. Sara, on the other hand, has a lot of anecdotes about her boyfriends and everything.

Cristiano Ronaldo and a friend were reportedly said to be having a talk in the dressing room, according to the public. Ronaldo placed a wager.

A bet in which the person who approached Sara first would win.

And because Ronaldo’s friend was successful in approaching her first, he began dating her. They allegedly split up before Valentine’s Day, according to rumors.

All of these allegations were debunked by Casillas when he spoke about his fantastic teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo, too, attempted to make amends later to the general public, and as a consequence, things returned to normal.

Both of them attempted to clarify the situation by telling the crowd that the rumors were all made up by some idiots.


Sara was roundly chastised by the public when Iker Casillas lost Switzerland’s most crucial games. This game was extremely crucial to all of Casillas’ fellow fans as well as the squad. However, the team was defeated.

Many people criticized Sara for distracting Casillas, which was also cited as one of the major factors in the young player’s lack of concentration during the match.

This had a significant impact on Sara, but she kept her cool and confronted them all. She was also heavily chastised, harassed, and blamed for Cristiano Ronaldo’s bet in the locker room allegedly with a buddy.

Sara maintained her well-known calm demeanor and steady patience in the face of all of these challenges. She was called silly, stupid, and everything else a girl despises. Sara didn’t say anything.

But her husband couldn’t take it any longer, and Iker quickly put an end to the rumors; additionally, everything returned to normal.

Cancer Survivor

As previously stated, a human must bear numerous impossible conditions during this magnificent trip known as “life.” Sara, too, has experienced similar anxiety. She was told she had ovarian cancer.

Nobody anticipated this attractive lady to have to deal with anything so horrible as well. She may appear delicate and sympathetic on the outside, but after battling such a terrible condition, she has shown to be a strong and fearless woman.

She bravely attended the chemo and procedures. Sara was brave enough to face them all.

Everything went smoothly because she had faith in herself and her family. Her surgery and chemo treatments went well. This L’Oreal brand ambassador has been through a lot in her short life.

She still receives abusive remarks from her loved ones, the public harshly criticizes her, she is fat-shamed, people sometimes blame her for her husband’s in-game loss, and so on.

This woman, on the other hand, held her head up and went through everything. She is now a well-known international figure.


This lovely lady has received some criticism, but she has also wowed the audience with her elegance and ability to manage difficult situations while standing up for someone she cares about.

People admired her for standing up for one of her coworkers who had been body-shamed.

There was a period when her coworker “Tania Llasera” was addicted to cigarettes. She made the decision to stop smoking at one point.

She released a picture after a few months in which she had gained excessive weight as a result of her body’s abrupt changes.

To a large number of individuals, the photo she posted became a medium for trolls. A lot of people trolled her brutally.

People body shamed, abused and mocked these girls in such a way that anyone would be embarrassed by it.

Another L’Oreal ambassador’s companion, “Carme,” was also body shamed for being overweight.

Carme may have indicated that when she went to a designer, the designer flatly refused to manufacture a dress for her, telling her that she doesn’t produce any dresses for women larger than 36.


After all of this, Sara’s boyfriend, Iker, posted a photo of his entire body, complete with flaws. He shared it with people who are aware that everyone has flaws. Nobody is ugly because of flaws.

Sara’s words were used by Iker to prove his point. Sara later added a photo of her flaw on the arm as well.

Sara shared a photo of pigmentation on her arm as well as a scar near her elbow. Later, this lady addressed body shaming and made a noteworthy statement.

Many people applauded her statement, which slammed all those who unnecessarily trolled her lovely colleagues. She met Iker in 2009, as mentioned earlier. The relationship Sara had with her husband is solidified with two children.

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Social Media Presence

Her Instagram has 2.8 million followers(@saracarbonero), her Facebook has 590 thousand likes(@SaraCarboneroWeb), her Twitter has 50.9 thousand followers(@SCarboneroWeb) and her Youtube has 8.34 thousand subscribers.