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Who Is Russell Franke? Let’s Know Everything About Him

  • Russell Franke is a YouTube sensation in the United States.
  • Russell was born on July 9, 2011.
  • He is American nationality and hails from Utah.
  • They have a net worth of approximately $2.5 million.
  • He currently stands at a height of 4 feet 4 inches and he’s about 30 kilos.

In the United States, Russell Franke has become a YouTube sensation. Russell Franke is most known for his part on the YouTube channel “8 Passengers” as one of the family’s six children.

Russell Franke’s age?

On July 9, 2011, Russell Franke was born. He is of American descent and was born in Utah.

In 2020, he will be nine years old, and his zodiac sign is Cancer.

He is the second-youngest member of his family.

His siblings include Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, and Eve.

Kevin Franke (father) and Ruby Franke (mother) raised Russell Franke.

Russell Franke
Russell Franke with his siblings – Sources; YouTube

His father is well-educated, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, a Master’s degree, and a Ph.D.

He worked as a geotechnical engineering consultant for seven years before becoming an assistant professor of civil engineering at Brigham Young University in Utah.

His renowned vlogger uncles and aunts include Beau Griffiths, Bonnie Hoellein, Ellie Mecham, and Julie Deru.

Russell Franke’s net worth

This young individual is usually visible on their parents’ and siblings’ social media pages.

He does, however, have a personal Instagram account, which his parents monitor.

He goes by the Instagram name ‘8passengers. Russell has over 32.9K followers.

Similarly, his family’s YouTube channel, “8 Passengers,” has more than 2.45 million followers.

Russell is considered too young to be self-employed.

The family’s YouTube channel, on the other hand, has garnered considerable wealth.

The family also has an online retail store called ‘8 Passengers,’ where they offer jeans, t-shirts, mugs, polo shirts, and other goods.

As a result, their net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.

Is Russell Franke dating anyone?

He’s just nine years old, way too young for any type of connection.

It is too early to make predictions regarding his girlfriend because he is still a youngster.

We hope Russell gets the caring and gorgeous lady he deserves in the future.

In the future, he will surely draw a great number of lovers.

Likewise, this young individual has avoided rumors and scandals. As a result, Russell’s profile is now positive.

Russell Franke’s height?

For a few more years, his physique dimensions are destined to vary. He is presently four feet four inches tall.

And he weighs roughly 30 kg.

Russell Franke
Russell Franke on his birthday – Sources; SpendRush

He also has light brown hair and blue eyes. Other information regarding his body metrics is unavailable.

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Russell Franke’s professional history

Russell is one of the eight members of the ‘8 Passengers’ YouTube channel.

The channel has videos of his parents, five brothers and sisters, and their daily life.

In January 2015, Ruby, the family’s mother, launched the family’s YouTube channel to capture her pregnancy and the early lives of the family’s youngest child, Eve.

The first video broadcast on the channel “The Making of Eve” included the family’s six children, including Russell, who was a toddler at the time.

The family channel expanded gradually but steadily.

They had 5000 subscribers within nine months after beginning the channel, and by August 2017, they had crossed one million subscribers.

Their channel ‘8 Passengers’ presently has over 2.45 million subscribers.

His family’s YouTube channel is mostly humorous and family-friendly, clean entertainment.

The majority of the content consists of the family’s day-to-day lives, travels, pranks, obstacles, parenting ideas, heart-to-heart chats, heartbreaks, tragedies, celebrations, and occasional sponsored product articles.

The complete family is featured in the majority of the videos.

Russell is the fifth and youngest kid in the family.

He is usually seen providing his friendly demeanor to the videos on the family’s ‘8 Passengers’ YouTube channel.

He has a lovely grain and is quite helpful.

On the family’s Instagram and YouTube channels, his mother routinely posts flashback images of him as a newborn.

Russell Franke
Russell Franke while making a YouTube video – Sources; YouTube

“Russell’s Imaginary Friend” was the title of his first solo video on the channel.

His parents monitor his Instagram account. He is regularly seen on his family’s YouTube channel and Instagram account, “8 Passengers.”

His siblings each have their own YouTube channels.

Shari, the eldest kid, is a gifted adolescent who publishes cosmetics tips, and story-telling videos, and participates in giveaway events with the assistance of her parents.

Chad, the second kid, has a YouTube account where he has done various viral challenges and puberty-related videos.

Furthermore, Abby, the third kid, is quite timid and seldom appears on the family’s YouTube channel.

Julie, the fourth child, had a YouTube-documented childhood.

Similarly, Eve’s birth narrative signaled the start of the family channel. A few of her videos have gone viral.

They are believed to have amassed a fortune through product sponsorships, commercials, and other vlog-related profits as a result of their online celebrity.

They’ve also collaborated with a number of well-known businesses to market their products on their YouTube channel and Instagram account, including Kleenex, Crockpot, and Hunter.

He could have his own YouTube channel in the future.