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Ranking 15 Best NFL Edge Rushers

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Ranking 15 Best NFL Edge Rushers

In today’s game, an edge rusher is crucial on both the offensive and defensive ends. An edge rusher’s primary purpose is to create space for the runner or to tackle the runner. They can be 4-3 defensive ends or 3-4 outside linebackers depending on the situation

So, would you like to know who the finest NFL edge rushers are?

Don’t worry, because this post will go through the top 15 NFL edge rushers.

As a result, they do everything, from starting a pathway to halting the ball.

They are the unseen heroes behind the screen because they are rarely seen touching the balls but are frequently seen devising strategies to exploit the game.

It takes more than athleticism to be acknowledged as one of the top NFL edge rushers; it also takes proper asset utilization and game IQ.

So, without further ado, let’s get to know the 15 best NFL edge rushers.

Ranking the Top 15 NFL Edge Rushers

The finest NFL edge rushers listed below were chosen based on their speed, tackles, ability to get off the ball, and dominance.

The majority of them are gathered in relation to,, and

Furthermore, before delving into the specifics of the 15 best NFL edge rushers, let us take a short look at the names on the list.

Player Name Team
15. Za’Darius Smith Green Bay Packers
14. Robert Quinn Chicago Bears
13. Calais Campbell Baltimore Ravens
12. Frank Clark Kansas City Chiefs
11. JJ Watt Houston Texans
10. Danielle Hunter Minnesota Vikings
9. Cameron Jordan New Orleans Saints
8. Chase Young Washington Football Team
7. Chandler Jones Arizona Cardinals
6. Nick Bosa San Francisco 49ers
5. Khalil Mack Chicago Bears
4. Joey Bosa Los Angeles Chargers
3. T.J. Watt Pittsburgh Steelers
2. Myles Garrett Cleveland Browns
1. Von Miller Denver Broncos

15. Za’Darius Smith

Za’Darius Smith is a two-time Pro Bowler and a strong role player.

In addition, the Baltimore Ravens selected him as the 122nd pick in the fourth round.

Smith took some time to develop into a superb outside linebacker.

Initially, the athlete served as a weakside linebacker.

As a result, we didn’t notice his explosive performance right away.

Nonetheless, while going unnoticed, his effort was extremely beneficial.

Smith Za'Darius
Smith Za’Darius celebrating. Source: Acme Packing Company

The Ravens’ linebacker didn’t make headlines until the beginning of the 2018 season, when he had three sacks.

As a result, he was selected Defensive Player of the Week by the league.

Smith also led Baltimore in sacks that season, while also posting a career-high 45 total tackles.

Despite his talent, the linebacker was dissatisfied with his position.

As a result, he agreed to terms with the Packers for the 2019 season.

This decision was beneficial to the player throughout his first season.

He finished with 13.5 sacks, a career-high.

14.  Robert Quinn

Robert Quinn is a physical freak with the ability to outrun everyone in the league.

He is one of the top NFL edge rushers due to his length and strength.

Quinn is changing teams after having his greatest season with the Los Angeles Rams.

Quinn Robert
Quinn Robert in the field. Source: ESPN

He still has the same explosiveness on his feet, though.

Quinn’s career will surely be revived very soon as a result of his experiences over the years.

Nonetheless, the largest concern is his contract, which is worth $70 million over five years and guarantees him $30 million.

As a result, because the teams have been severely impacted by the pandemic, their cap-space is extremely limited.

Furthermore, fewer teams are willing to offer Quinn that much money.

As a result, his performance is limited because no better teams are willing to employ his talent.

Nonetheless, if he has a breakout season this season, NFL teams will be keeping an eye on him.

13.  Calais Campbell

Calais Campbell is a gifted athlete who knows how to get the job done in any situation.

He is skilled at breaking free from defended tackles.

It appears that a large guy like Campbell will struggle to get away from his defender.

No one will believe he does that unless and until they watch his game.

Campbell Calais
Campbell Calais during game. Source: Baltimore Ravens

Of course, his power comes up in the conversation when loosening up, but his feet work, and his ability to get low despite his huge bulk is what everyone notices.

To elaborate, Campbell had a career-high 14.5 sacks in 2017.

As a result of Campbell’s sacks, supporters christened the Jacksonville Jaguars the Sacksonville Jaguars.

12. Frank Calrk

Frank Calrk is a defensive asset that every team would be interested in signing in free agency.

He’s a ball of energy, passion, and explosiveness.

After missing out on the Super Bowl in 2018, the Kansans City Chefs signed Calrk to bolster their defense.

“The shark,” Frank, had a tremendous season with the Chiefs.

He not only helped them win Super Bowl LIV, but he also taught everyone not to underestimate him.

Calrk had eight sacks, four passes defensed, three forced fumbles, and one interception in the 2019 season.

If he continues to play like this, he will surely be a major problem in the coming years.

11.  JJ Watt

The former three-time defensive player has slowed down, but he hasn’t stopped preying on opponents.

JJ Watt remains the same beast, with the mindset of always going past his defender.

JJ is difficult to contain because of his stature.

As a result, he led the NFL in sacks in both 2012 and 2015.

His game may not be as explosive as it once was, but he still has the foundations.

JJ is without a doubt one of the best defensive linemen in league history.

He holds the franchise record for sacks and forced fumbles for the Texans, which may never be broken.

Furthermore, with the Cardinals getting him, we might see something different from what we’re used to seeing from him.

10. Danielle Hunter 

It seemed impossible for a 6 foot 5 inch, 263 pound player to be as quick as Danielle Hunter.

He is the NFL’s quickest and strongest player, running a 40-yard sprint in 4.57 seconds.

Furthermore, the athlete is extremely athletic, as evidenced by his 10 ft 10.5-inch board leap.

Similarly, a 36.5-inch vertical jump is unheard of for a player his size.

Aside from being athletic, the player is also extremely intelligent and cunning.

Hunter understands the defensive play and devises an effective scheme to fumble or tackle the ball.

This player is unstoppable, as he will spin, overwhelm, or stealth his way to stop the offensive play.

Even when the NFL player is being double-teamed, Hunter makes his way out and finishes the job quickly.

As a result, he is the youngest player in league history to have 50 sacks.

9. Cameron Jordan 

Cameron Jordan has spent enough time with the New Orleans Saints to become the team’s defensive culture.

The Saints selected him with the 24th pick in the first round in 2011.

Jordan has been with the team since then and is actively leading the team in defensive stops.

The defensive end is the team’s powerhouse and can back up his words.

As a result, he set a career-high with 15 sacks the prior year.

Jordan is extremely dependable, as evidenced by his numerous consistent games.

So, if you ever watch a Saints game in the future, keep a close check on Cam Jordan.

He will captivate you with the plays and moves he carries in his backpack.

He slides through the defender to register a sack due to his size.

Jordan is also a six-time Pro Bowler and a member of the NFL’s All-Decade team from 2010.

8. Chase Young 

Chase Young is fantastic, but one thing that sets him apart is that he is a rookie.

He is so explosive that it is frightening to watch him play defense.

Many people would assume Young is in his prime if no one mentioned that he is a rookie.

Yes, that is how powerful this player is in the game.

He earned a career-high of 16.5 sacks in a single season during his collegiate career.

As a result, the NCCA named him the unanimous All-American.

Similarly, he won several defensive titles in addition to being awarded Big Ten Male Athlete of the Year.

As a result, when Young opted to enter the 2020 NFL draft, it was already evident that he would be a lottery choice.

As a result, Chase was selected as the second pick in the first round by the Washington Football team in the 2020 draft.

The defensive end was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year after leading all rookies in sacks and forced fumbles.

Many have already tipped him to be the future NFL defensive player of the year after seeing his explosive performance.

7. Chandler Jones 

While Chandler Jones may not be a household name among football fans, he is a household name among NFL players.

Especially in the NFC West, where he is wreaking havoc on defenders and no one seems to be able to stop him.

When it comes to getting the job done, he is quite clever.

Jone is a hard rusher who understands how to use his advantage.

As a result, he is rarely shut down by linebackers.

He’s one of those players that is more concerned with fumbling the ball than with sacking the quarterback.

As a result, he leads the league with 17 forced fumbles.

He has also led the league in sacks with 60 since joining the Cardinals.

6. Nick Bosa 

It’s unusual to see a rookie make so much noise so early in his career, but that’s not the case with Nick Bosa.

The 49ers selected Bosa with the second pick in the first round in 2019.

As a result, you may already have an idea of the player’s caliber.

With only three seasons in the NFL, he has already instilled fear in his opponents.

His qualities as a top-tier player have been recognized by the league as well.

As a result, the NFL has ranked him 17th among the Top 100 NFL players for 2020.

Perhaps it runs in the family, as his older brother Joey Bosa (ranked #4) is also an excellent defender.

However, there is considerable disagreement about which of the Bosa brothers is the best.

Because Nick established his dominance so early in the league, many players and fans believe he is the superior of the two.

For example, Bosa won the NFL Defensive Debut of the Year award in his rookie season after recording nine sacks.

Not to mention, Nick’s arrival helped the 49ers’ defense so much that they advanced to Super Bowl LIV.

5. Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack is a surefire Hall of Famer, and his ability to read offensive plays is his most impressive skill.

Mack is a six-time Pro Bowler and former NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

Not to mention that he was named to the NFL’s All-Decade Team in 2010.

Aside from that, the Bears have designated him one of the Top 100 players in Chicago Bears history.

Khalil Mack, who rated 60th on the list, had only played one season for the Bears.

As a result, you may develop a mental image of what an incredible player he is.

Mack was selected by the Oakland Raiders in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

As a result, he has undoubtedly lived up to the hype of becoming one of the league’s greatest.

The athlete also serves as an outside linebacker and defensive end.

As a result, he became the first player in NFL history to be named first-team All-Pro at both outside linebacker and defensive end.

4. Joey Bosa 

Joey Bosa is without a doubt one of the best edge rushers of his generation.

He has so many surprising maneuvers that no one can foresee them.

When Bosa is on the field, he is simply in the mood to contrast assault.

Furthermore, the athlete is exceptionally skilled with his hands, as evidenced by his ability to easily block his opponents.

If his opponents are not always aware of him, Bosa will surely make them pay.

Even if his opponents are aware of him, he will punish them with his quickness and long arms.

Bosa’s arms are his most valuable asset, allowing him to immediately stop opponents and get enough room to go around them to fumble.

3. T.J. Watt

After Aaron Donald was named 2020 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, the league was disappointed because T.J. Watt was named the award’s winner.

However, he was named AFC Defensive Player of the Year.

Nonetheless, the entire league was looking forward to Watt finally receiving what he deserved.

Watt was named AFC Defensive Player of the Month three times after averaging 3.5 sacks, 10 quarterback hits, nine tackles, and one interception per game.

He was also having a fantastic season, leading the league in sacks, tackles for loss, and quarterback hits.

As a result, the league was taken aback when Watt finished second in the line.

Many people even criticize the voting committee’s criteria for selecting a worthy candidate.

Nonetheless, this season could be the one in which he wins the defensive player of the year honor.

He is a deserving candidate for the championship because he is a freak on the field.

2. Myles Garrett 

Myles Garret is the list’s toughest edge rusher.

He outruns everyone in the field despite being 6 feet 4 inches tall and 272 pounds.

It’s incredible to witness a guy his stature be so swift, flexible, and athletic.

It’s simple; no one can stop Myles from traveling from point A to point B.

Your offensive is done for the night if you aren’t double-teaming or sliding help for the linebacker.

Garrett will always find a way to get the sack.

Myles is the man who will pick the defender while still being quick enough to stop the action.

So, the next time you’re at a Browns game, keep an eye out for Garrett.

He will astound you with the explosiveness he displays throughout game play.

1. Von Miller 

When playing against Von Miller’s team, every linebacker had the same thought: “How can I stop Von?”

Nobody is going to come up with an answer to that question.

Even if you ask Bill Belichick, the greatest defensive coach of all time, he will not respond.

Guys twice his size appear to get weaker when confronted with him.

No one is better at pass rushing or as disruptive as Miller.

Von is a living example of how not everyone is formed the same way.

He is quite light, which gives him a significant advantage in terms of quickness and getting loose.

Despite his little stature, he is unbeatable; his strength is extraordinary for his size.

As a result, documenting a bag is quite simple for him.

As a result, he has the most career sacks of any current edge rusher in the NFL.

Furthermore, the eight-time Pro Bowler is a lock for the Hall of Fame.

Miller is without a doubt one of the best NFL edge rushers to ever play the game.

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One of the most difficult jobs assigned to edge rushers is to tackle the quarterback as soon as feasible.

And if you think it’s easy, you’re not familiar with the NFL.

However, these 15 best NFL edge rushers have demonstrated that no endeavor is insurmountable.

As a result, let us thank those who go above and beyond to keep the game as exciting as we know it.