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Plutarco Haza: How Is His Life after Divorced From Ex-Wife

Plutarco Haza
  • Plutarco Haza is a Mexican actor and filmmaker.
  • He is also recognized as the ex-husband of Polis-Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta.
  • Haza is no longer married to his first wife.

Who is Plutarco Haza?

Plutarco Haza is a Mexican actor and filmmaker who has appeared in films such as Amores querer con alevosa (2001), El Seor de los Cielos, and many others. In the media, he is also recognized as the ex-husband of Polis-Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta.

Unfortunately, Haza is no longer married to his first wife. In this essay, we will uncover some previously unknown facts about him. Learn about his parents, career, and earnings.

In Mexico, Plutarco Haza was born.

Plutarco, a prominent Mexican actor and director, was born on June 22, 1972, in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico.

He grew up in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, with his mother, Marissa.

Unfortunately, not much is known about his father, but he has a close bond with his mother.

On his social media accounts, he frequently publishes images of his mother.

Not only that, but he manages to spend time with his mother on occasion.

Plutarco is an actor and director.

Needless to say, Haza is a successful performer as well as a director.

He has appeared in numerous films and television series.

He made his acting debut in the 1987 short film Sudden Death.

In 1995, he appeared in the film In the Air, which was his second effort.

The next year, he received one of his most notable parts in If God Takes My Life, playing the character Hugo.

His other major project was the 1998 mini-series The House of the Orange Tree.

He appeared in 75 episodes of the series as the character Fausto Olmedo.

Perseguidos (2016-2017), Selena’s Secret (2018), and You Cannot Hide are among his other notable works (2019).

His longest-running show to date was The Lord of the Skies,

in which he appeared in a total of 173 episodes.

In addition, he will appear in two further projects in 2021: MELANCOLA and El Jardin aka Narco Killer.

Plutarco, in addition to acting, was the writer, producer, and director of the 2006 short film Hugo vs. el mar.

 Haza was formerly married to Ludwika Paleta.

Plutarco Haza
Haza with his girlfriend source: WaluTV – WALU.TV

In the past, the Hidalgo: La historia no más contada actor was married to actress Ludwika Paleta.

They married in 1998 in front of close friends and family members.

On November 11, 1999, just over two years into their marriage, the couple welcomed a son named Nicolás Haza.

Even though he had a strong relationship with his wife,

they couldn’t keep their marriage together for long.

The couple divorced in 2008, only 9 years into their relationship.

According to rumors, Haza and Ludwika’s relationship began to suffer after a few personal images of him with another lady were published.

They did not, however, identify the specific cause for their breakup.

Instead, the couple told People that they had been planning to split for a long.

We’ve chosen to split up for quite some time.

This will be the first and only time we discuss it, and we ask that people respect our privacy for the sake of our son.

Despite their divorce, they raised their son Nicolas on mutual terms.

Furthermore, with the end of their romance, the pair ended their partnership in the restaurant UNIC,

which they co-owned. Ludwika later commented in relation to this,

I’m no longer going to be his business partner because we each need to go our separate ways and do our own thing.

Did Plutarco Remarry After His Divorce?

Plutarco married for the second time in 2014, to Ximena del Toro.

They celebrated the lovely day with their friends and family. Ximena’s parents also attended the wedding.

In terms of their relationship, the couple had been dating for a long time before they married.

Around 2013, they made their relationship public.

They’ve been together for almost a decade, and their bond only appears to be growing stronger.

Plutarco and his current wife Ximena have a kid named Leonardo, who was born on February 7, 2019.

He is Haza’s second child, but Toro’s first child.

They both have a wonderful relationship with the newborn.

In fact, their Instagram is overflowing with photographs of their youngster.

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 Haza, his eldest son, is a singer.

Nicolas Haza, Plutarco’s oldest son by his first wife Luzwika, is a professional singer.

According to an article published by Milenio, the star child will make his debut as a singer in 2021.

Despite his academic degree in filmmaking, he notes that he also has a strong interest in music.

When asked about the change in his work path, he responded,

I studied cinema, but the music was always present in my life.

So it’s my way of including music, doing what I enjoy, and sharing it with the rest of the world.

We wish you the best of luck in your profession.