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Nova Whitfield

Who is Nova Whitfield?

Nova Whitfield is best known as the daughter of rapper, comedian, and performer DcYoungFly, who appeared on MTV’s Wild N Out. Nova Whitfield is a pretty young lady who appears to be an angel. The girl already has a sizable and diverse social media following.

They routinely express their appreciation by sending her heartfelt messages.

She is an invaluable gift that will bring delight to many people for many years.

Whitfield, Nova Childhood:

Nova is also currently in its early stages of development.

She is only five years old and lives with her parents happily.

She is young and has a great time with her parents.

As a result, despite her youth, she is a popular celebrity child on the internet today.

Nova Whitfield Education:

Nova Whitfield education and school and will update this item once we have received official information.

Nova Whitfield Family:

Her mother, Ms. Jacky Oh, is a model and actress who has also appeared in Wild’ N Out.

She also has a younger sister, Nala.

Nova Whitfield is a five-year-old kid that lives with her parents peacefully.

She is really young and had a great time with her parents.

As a result, she is a well-known celebrity child, as well as a well-known internet personality.

Nova Whitfield
Nova Whitfield with her family Source: Biography Mask

Her parents, John Whitefield and Jacky Oh have not yet married.

In terms of their romance, they met while filming Wild ‘n Out.

They started dating shortly after the shoot ended in 2016, and their first kid was born on October 30, 2016.

Nala, their second daughter, was born on August 7, 2020.

Her father has worked with a number of different comedians and rappers, including Karlous Miller.

Her mother is also the subject of a J.nova lip gloss series.

Nova Whitfield Zodiac Signs:

Nova is only five years old, having been born in 2016.

Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Physical Stats

The body metrics for Nova Whitfield are presently being created.

She stands 3’4″ tall and weighs about 15 kg.

Aside from that, there is currently no information available on her other body measurements.

She is also both healthy and lovely.

She would certainly mature elegantly.

Her eyes are brown, and her hair is black and curly.

Net Worth of Nova Whitfield’s Parents:

Net worth is the total value of all assets owned by an individual or company.

In other words, your net financial worth is the same as your net worth.

In the case of Nova Whitfield’s parents, their net worth is the total of all of their assets.

DC Young Fly Daughter
family celebrating Chrismas Source:

Nova Whitfield’s parents are worth approximately $6 million.

They have made money from their main jobs as models and rappers.

Nonetheless, given her rich upbringing, it is a substantial quantity of money.

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Social Media Presence:

Nova Whitfield is also present on several social media networks.

On Instagram, you may find him as @novalicious__. She has over 180K followers on his Instagram account.

Furthermore, children enjoy Nova Whitfield’s YouTube videos.

Her channel has over 340K views, and she includes footage of her parents and sister.