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Nik Hirschi: Who Is Nik?

Nik Hirschi
  • Nik Hirschi is a former corporate employee who rose to fame after his wife.
  • Hirschi, the spouse of supercar Blondie, began working as a manager for herself
  • Alexandra Mary Hirschi is a former radio personality who served as a newsreader and presenter
  • He amassed the majority of his wealth through his long-standing banking career.

Who is Nik Hirschi?

Nik Hirschi is a former corporate employee who rose to fame after his wife, Alexandra Mary Hirschi, or “Supercar Blondie,” became a social media sensation. Nik Hirschi’s wife Blondie is a well-known female automobile influencer with millions of followers.

Nik Hirschi Is Happily Married To Super Blondie: How Did It All Begin?

Nik Hirschi has been married to his blonde beauty wife Supercar Blondie for several years and they have a happy marriage.

Although the pair keeps their marital life private, they have been together for almost 17 years.

They started dating before they both started at The University of Queensland.

Nik Hirschi
Nik Hirschi with his wife. Source: reddit

After a few years of dating, the two decided to marry.

Alex routinely posts images of herself and her husband on social media, commemorating the years they have spent together.

To commemorate their 16th anniversary, the social media sensation posted a selfie on Instagram with the comment,

“It’s our wedding anniversary!” Crazy as ever 16 years later. @nikcars, I adore you.”

They are both big fans of supercars.

When a couple commits to working together in the same field for the rest of their lives, their connection naturally grows stronger and more romantic.

Blondie and her husband Hirschi are in the same boat.

They’ve been working on social media for a few years.

They have already visited several of the world’s most prominent tourist locations.

Nik Hirschi and Supercar Children’s Plan

Nik Hirschi and Supercar do not have any children, despite the fact that they have been married for a long period.

They also never mentioned any future plans to become parents.

Nik Hirschi Manages His Wife’s Supercar Blondie

Nik Hirschi, the spouse of supercar Blondie, began working as a manager for herself in April 2018.

He assisted his wife in achieving celebrity and notoriety by devising numerous techniques for her popular social media profiles.

Blondie’s Facebook page has almost 41 million followers.

Her Facebook following skyrocketed after her 2018 Valentine’s Day video went viral.

In the video, Alex’s husband presents her with a Ferrari 488.

Blondie’s Facebook page became the fastest-growing vehicle page in the same year.

Other Social Media Profiles

Supercar Blondie began posting her own driving adventures when the then-future-star had a standard Instagram profile with around 300 followers.

Alex’s first luxury car was a Bentley Flying Supr, which she acquired as part of a week-long driving opportunity.

She then started submitting images to Instagram.

Her fans began to multiply quickly as well.

The lady has over 9.1 million followers on her Instagram account as of 2021.

Blondie also has her own YouTube channel, which has 6.64 million subscribers.

On her YouTube channel, she reviews the world’s newest and coolest cars.

Alex Hirschi Is A Radio Presenter Who Has Become A Social Media Influencer.

Alexandra Mary Hirschi is a former radio personality who served as a newsreader and presenter on the Dubai Eye 103.8 radio discussion show.

She worked in the field for several years before retiring in 2017.

Supercar Blondie’s Other Projects

While the production crew of the famed British motor show The Gear was in Dubai, Supercar and The Stig appeared on an episode of the show.

The multifaceted young girl also writes for Esquire Magazine Middle East, an American men’s publication.

In 2020, Alex earned a Shorty Award for Breakout YouTuber.

Nik Hirschi’s Decades of Banking Industry Experience

Nik Hirschi formerly worked in the corporate world for many years.

In 2001, he began his career as a bank apprentice at Valiant Bank AG in Switzerland.

He was employed by the company until June 2005.

He then completed three-month internships at Standard Chartered Bank and College Hill.

In July 2008, Hirschi began working as a graduate analyst at Barclays Wealth.

He then joined Wallich & Matthes, where he worked from July 2010 until July 2011.

He used to provide bond liquidity and the best cost for his clients.

Hirschi joined Bloomberg as a senior account manager in August 2011, where he worked primarily on the FX side until leaving in October 2014.

He also spent the next ten months as SGDA’s head of sales and executive board director.

Hirschi returned to the banking industry as a business development manager for Misys from January to September 2016.

His most recent position in the industry was as the business director at Thomas Reuters.

In April 2018, he announced his resignation from the corporate world on Linkedin.

Net Worth of Nik Hirschi

According to several web sources, he has a net worth of $1.5 million.

He amassed the majority of his wealth through his long-standing banking career.

His current significant source of income is his social media career, which he shares with his life companion Supercar Blondie.

Blondie, on the other hand, has a $7 million net worth as of 2021.

According to online tabloids, the social media icon earns $2 million every year.

She can easily earn $45,175 with one sponsored Instagram post.

Nik Hirschi’s Valentine’s Day Surprise Ferrari 488 Spider For His Wife Blondie Hirschi

Blondie Hirschi surprised his wife Supercar Blondie with a sparkling red hot Ferrari 488 Spider valued at $470,000 for Valentine’s Day.

He spent an entire day decorating the supercar with red, white, and pink rose bouquets. Pink and red balloons added a nice touch.

The blonde beauty also posted a video of the automobile to her self-named YouTube account, headlined “Insane Valentine’s Surprise – a Ferrari with 1000 Roses!!.”

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Blondie’s Supercar Other Exotic Automobiles

Blonde, the automotive aficionado, purchased his first Mitsubishi Lancer.

She later described her experiences with other fast cars, including a BMW i8, a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, and others.

She usually posts nice Instagram photos with her Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge ($608,000).

Other vehicles seen by the social media sensation include a McLaren 720 ($499,000), a Flying Spur ($390,000), a Mercedes, Bugatti, and others.

Nik Hirschi’s Bio and Age

Nik Hirschi was born on August 10, 1983, in Australia. In 2021, he will be 38 years old.

He has kept his parents’ names and other early information private.

Nik attended the University of Queensland and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2008.

Nik also studied for a year at the University of Hong Kong in 2007.