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Is Nick Sylvester Married? Know About His Wife, Parents

Nick Sylvester
  • Nick Sylvester was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States.
  • Nick is a Harvard University graduate.
  • The musician is of white ethnicity and belongs to the American nationality.
  • Sylvester is happily married to his wife, Mina Kimes.

Nick Sylvester is best known as a co-founder of the Godmode music label. He formerly played an important role in the punk rock band, Mr. Dream, alongside Adam Moroder and Matt Morello.

Furthermore, Sylvester received a great deal of media attention following his marriage to Mina Kimes, an award-winning investigative journalist. Is the pair the parents of any children?

So, in today’s piece, let’s try to learn everything we can about Mina Kimes’ hubby!

What is Nick Sylvester’s parent’s name? Wikipedia-Bio

Nick Sylvester was born in the American city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

However, information about his birth date and age is still missing.

But, when it comes to his parents, Sylvester’s father is a drummer and his mother is a Wurlitzer player on the side.

Sylvester’s Grandpa was the most influential figure in his music

On April 15th, 2010, Nick Sylvester posted a lengthy remark on Instagram describing his grandfather’s importance in his amateur music career.

Nick mentioned that his grandfather used to play the trumpet and had perfect pitch.

He spent practically all of his elementary and secondary school years with his father, who taught him how to improvise over old strip club records in his basement.

Nick Sylvester
Nick Sylvester in his music studio- Sources; Legit. ng

Despite the fact that the post has already been removed, Nick had written, “The trumpet was my first instrument.”

My grandpa had played the horn, had amazing pitch, and ultimately received the call from Charlie Barnet to join him as sole chair in the touring band, but pop’s wife was pregnant with my aunt, so pop wasn’t going anywhere.

The trumpet was an arranged marriage for me.”

The trumpet was Sylvester’s first musical instrument. He gradually began playing the piano at weddings and other local bars to hone his skills.

His education- Harvard University diploma

Sylvester continued his education at Harvard University, where he majored in computer music.

Meanwhile, Nick worked as an editor for the online music publication Pitchfork. He joined the Voice crew in 2005 and continues to write for the publication.

Later, he moved to New York and met famed musician James Murphy, who taught him how to write, record, and program synths.

Godmode was co-founded by Nick

Mina Kimes’ spouse is a co-founder of the Los Angeles-based music label Godmode. He works for the company as a producer and songwriter.

Sylvester is also the creator of the software Bounce, which helps young artists record the music for their demos. He, too, is a novice plant aficionado.

What is Nick Sylvester’s wife’s name?

Mina Kimes, Nick’s wife, is the host of ESPN’s daily news podcast ESPN Daily.

The pair married on September 19, 2015, in a wedding ceremony in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kimes posted their first wedding photo on October 13th, captioning it, ‘three weeks in, going strong.’

Since then, the pair has been in a happy relationship.

Furthermore, both of them like traveling. Nick’s wife Mina shared a wonderful photo from their delightful trip to Nakameguro, Tokyo, in April 2016.

Nick Sylvester’s TikTok Advice on the Podcast

Nick Sylvester participated in an episode of The New York Times’ pop music podcast in early 2020, when he detailed how to make your song go quickly viral on TikTok.

Nick also stated that the video-sharing social network offers an additional method to enjoy music.

It demonstrates that people desire to do more with music than simply listen to it. They want to interact with it, to touch it.

To communicate with listeners, the music, according to Nick, must have a “calling card.”

The Voice Scandal of Nick Sylvester

In March 2006, Nick was fired from his job as a senior associate editor at The Village Voice, a news and culture publication, for fabricating a cover story.

The news was initially published on the website, however, it was later withdrawn.

Following the scandal, Sylvester issued an apology in the form of a letter, writing, “I profoundly regret this misinformation, and I apologize to Lookner for his anguish, which I surely never intended.”

How long have they been dating?

Sylvester and his wife Mina are both quite private about their love lives.

Kimes’ Instagram, on the other hand, shows the two have been together since 2012.

On June 28, 2012, she posted the first Instagram photo of her then-boyfriend Nick.

Later, the journalist shared a series of images of herself on her various social media channels.

Nick Sylvester
Nick Sylvester with his wife during vacation – Sources; CeledSuburb

Nick and Mina were also photographed having fun in Puerto Plata in March 2013.

Mina Kimes and Nick Sylvester look lovely in Hawaiian suits during their holiday in Puerto Plata.

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Is there a child in the family?

Nick and Mina have yet to have a child. However, they are both animal lovers who take care of their dog, Lenny.

Mina Kimes’ husband is seen interacting with her dog, Lenny.

Mina also presents The Mina Kimes Show with Lenny, an NFL podcast.

Net Worth of Nick Sylvester

Sylvester has amassed a sizable fortune as a result of his successful music career.

According to several credible online sources, his net worth will exceed $500,000 in 2021.

Meanwhile, his wife Mina has a net worth of $1 million.

His wife has made a fortune from her flourishing journalism profession. Kimes, without a doubt, is well compensated.