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Who Is David Dobrik? Let’s Know His Family, Relationships and Girlfriends

David Dobrik
  • David Dobrik’s birth name is Dávid Julian Dobrík.
  • He was born on 23rd July 1996, in Košice, Slovakia.
  • He is 1.78 m or 5 ft. 10 inches tall.
  • He was previously married to his best friend’s mother.
  • David Dobrik holds Slovak nationality and as he is a non-US citizen who arrived in the US as a child, he is protected from deportation under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

David Dobrik is a Slovak YouTuber who began his career as a Viner. In late 2014, he began his career as a vlogger on YouTube.

Dobrik has worked as a voice actor in The Angry Birds Movie 2 in addition to YouTube.

In addition, he was a judge on the Nickelodeon show America’s Most Musical Family.

David Dobrik’s Childhood and Family

David Dobrik was born and raised in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

When he was six years old, his parents relocated from Koice, Slovakia.

Esther Dobrik, Sarah Dobrik, and Toby Dobrik are Dobrik’s three siblings.

He attended Vernon Hills High School, where he began playing tennis.

David Dobrik
David Dobrik with family – Sources; Wattpad

Dobrik went on to qualify for the 2014 Boys Tennis State Tournament, where he finished third in the doubles category. Dobrik traveled to Los Angeles after graduating from high school to pursue a profession as a Viner.

Dorbik, David Started as a Viner and rose to prominence on YouTube

David Dorbik began working as a Viner in 2013. Before launching a YouTube channel, he became one of the most recognized viners.

On Vines, he also cooperated with his future fiancée Liza Koshy and other viners such as Gabbie Hanna and Jason Nash.

Dobrik began uploading humor vlogs based on real-life situations to his self-titled YouTube channel in 2015. He also included a number of past Vines collaborators.

In August 2016, he launched David Dobrik Too, a second channel where he broadcasts challenge videos and direct sponsorship negotiations.

Meanwhile, Dobrik has amassed a sizable fan base when he began sharing high-energy films containing pranks, inside jokes, and animals.

In December 2018, his channel hit 10 million subscribers, and he was awarded a Diamond Play Button by YouTube.

Aside from YouTube, David Dobrik became a judge in the Nickelodeon musical competition America’s Most Musical Family. The other judges on the show were Ciara and Debbie Gibson.

Meanwhile, People magazine named him the Sexiest Heartthrob of 2019 in November 2019, ahead of artists Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes. Dobrik hosted the American Music Awards later that month.

David Dobrik has a million-dollar net worth

David Dobrik, a 23-year-old Slovak-American YouTuber, has amassed a sizable net worth as a result of his work. He has a good net worth of $7 million as of 2020.

Dobrik is a sports car enthusiast who famously purchased a Ferrari 458 Spider in 2019. He uploaded a video to his YouTube account in April 2019 titled “BUYING MY DREAM CAR!!! (FERRARI).”

In addition, he has a Tesla Model X, which he claims he prefers to his dream automobile, a Ferrari.

Relationships of David Dobrik—Is He Married?

The YouTube celebrity is not dating anyone as of 2020. He is said to be dating Natalie Noel, his best friend, and assistant.

Since high school, Dobrik and Natalie have been best friends. Rumors of their romance began to circulate in 2018 when Natalie moved into David’s home to work as his full-time assistant.

Dobrik fuelled the idea a few months later when he gave Natalie a car for her birthday. However, in an August 2019 interview with J-14, David denied being in a relationship with Noel.

David Dobrik
David Dobrik and his alleged girlfriend Natalie Noel – Sources; CelebSuburb

Meanwhile, David Dobrik was previously married to the mother of his best buddy.

In May 2019, Dobrik married his best buddy and fellow YouTuber Jason Nash’s mother, Lorraine Nash.

The couple’s marriage appeared to be a prank after Dobrik posted it on YouTube, but other internet media outlets stated they were legally married.

Dobrik and Nash, on the other hand, couldn’t last more than a month as David filed for divorce from his wife Nash on June 11.

David previously had a devoted relationship with Liza Koshy. Before they started dating, David and his ex-girlfriend Liza worked together to become successful Viners.

Dobrik and Liza met in Los Angeles in 2015 and began dating in November of that year.

They dated for two years, during which time the ex-lovebirds were seen spending quality time in a variety of public locales.

David Dobrik
David Dobrik and his ex-girlfriend Liza Koshy – Sources; CelebSuburb

Dobrik and Liza split up after more than two years of dating in early 2018, but they only publicized their split in June of that year.

They announced their divorce in a YouTube video, admitting that the stress of their different YouTube professions was the cause of their divorce.

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David is on social media

Dobrik is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Dobrik has almost 14 million followers on his official Instagram account, @daviddobrik, as of August 2020.

Similarly, he has over 5.4 million Twitter followers under the handle @DavidDobrik.