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Melanie Hinton’s Current Location Joe Scarborough’s Ex-Wife

Melanie Hinton
  • Melanie was formerly married to Joe Scarborough, as previously stated.
  • Melanie Hinton and her husband had two children.
  •  Hinton and her first husband, Joe, welcomed two sons, Joey and Andrew.
  • she has had a successful career in journalism as well as many other disciplines.

Melanie Hinton is the first wife of American television host, attorney, & political commentator Joe Scarborough. Melanie Hinton was married to her then-husband Scarborough for years before they got a divorce.

The former husband and wife also had two children from their marital relationship.

But how is Melanie’s life at present? Did she marry again?

In this article, we will talk about her career, marriage, net worth, & other untold facts about her.

Melanie Hinton is Joe Scarborough’s first wife

Melanie was formerly married to Joe Scarborough, as previously stated.

In truth, she is the political commentator’s first wife.

They married in 1986, just a few years after allegedly meeting in college.

They had a relatively decent connection after their marriage.

However, over 13 years into their marriage, things began to fall apart.

They divorced in 1999 due to irreconcilable disagreements.

Melanie, how did you meet Joe?

According to, they are college sweethearts who met at the University of Alabama.

Their love story continued when they both enrolled at the University of Florida Law School.

Melanie Hinton and her husband had two children.

Melanie Hinton with her husband source; global stardom

Melanie became a mother twice during her 13-year marriage to Joe. Joey Scarborough, their first child, was born three years after their marriage in 1989.

He is 32 years old and works professionally in journalism.

Joey and Andrew Hinton were Melanie Hinton’s sons.

Melanie Hinton and her first husband, Joe, welcomed two sons, Joey and Andrew.

Melanie welcomed her second child, Andrew, in 1991. Well, the parents then revealed that their second son had Asperger Syndrome, a kind of autism.

Furthermore, in a 2005 interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Joe indicated that his son’s autism may have been caused by vaccines.

My son, born in 1991, has Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism.

When I was practicing law and also in Congress, parents would regularly come to me and bring me videotapes of their children, who were all around my son’s age or younger.

So, in 1989, something happened.

In fact, Andrew is already married to his wife, Brianna Keller, a CNN senior political correspondent.

The couple married in 2016 and have been together ever since.

On June 25, 2016, their older son Joey married Catherine Byrnes Grenfell.

Hinton Married a Second Time

Melanie Hinton married for the second time to Peter Haupt after her divorce from Joe.

According to her Facebook profile, they married in July 2014.

She has, however, shared a number of images of her marriage on her Facebook page.

They have been married for almost 6 years and appear to be extremely happy in their marriage.

Melanie’s ex-husband remarried twice following their divorce.

Joe, her ex-husband, has married three times in all. After divorcing Hinton, he married Susan Waren for the second time in October 2001.

Katherine Clark Scarborough and Jack Scarborough are their two children from this relationship.

Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship did not last long, and they divorced in January 2013.

Later, on November 24, 2018, he married his Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski for the third time.

Their wedding took place in Washington, D.C.

She’s Had a Promising Professional Career

Melanie has had a successful career in journalism as well as many other disciplines.

According to sources, she worked as a Managing Director of Public Relations and Communication for Airlines in America.

She eventually became the head of public affairs for numerous campaigns at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C.

At the present, she works as the Communication and Media Relations Director for a company called ABA.

Melanie Hinton’s Current Location

Melanie Hinton has steady employment as a Communication and Media Relations Director as of 2021.

She is also married for the second time and has a lovely marriage.

Melanie Hinton with her son source; marrisdceleb

She, however, avoids media involvement as much as possible and lives a solitary life away from the spotlight.

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What is her net worth?

Without a doubt, as a successful professional, she earns good pay.

However, she has yet to share the exact amount of her net worth.

Her ex-husband Joe, on the other hand, is extremely wealthy, with a total net worth of $25 million.

In addition, his annual pay is $8 million.