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Meet Morgana McNelis, Charlie Hunnam’s long-term girlfriend

Morgana McNelis
  • Morgana McNelis is Charlie Hunnam’s long-term girlfriend.
  • Hunnam stated in a since-deleted Facebook post in 2016 that his girlfriend is an intelligent, beautiful, and kind woman who has tried to live a simple life and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry.
  • Similarly, the actor stated, “if you want to say something bad, talk about me instead of her.” I’ve adored McNelis for the past 11 years and hope to spend the next 60 with her.”
  • Furthermore, in March 2019, McNelis shared a photo of herself and Charlie celebrating Holi, an Indian festival.

Morgana McNelis is Charlie Hunnam’s long-term girlfriend. They are a quiet couple, but their decades-long love story is one of the most endearing. Hunnam met McNelis in 2005 through her jewelry business and began dating her. The couple, however, did not make their relationship public until 2014.

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Morgana McNelis, Charlie Hunnam’s girlfriend, is a jewelry designer

McNelis has her own jewelry line, Maison de Morgana.

Her Instagram page is mostly about her jewelry designs, with a few photos of her and Hunnam thrown in for good measure.

She even has a website for her products that is about to go live.

McNelis’ boyfriend revealed to ELLE in 2012 that she had also made him a diamond-encrusted ring.

McNelis is also an actress, having appeared in several short films, including 187: The McKenna Murders and Acting 101.

McNelis, on the other hand, is well known throughout the world as Hunnam’s girlfriend.

Morgana McNelis and Charlie Hunnam are supportive of one another. McNelis has long been a fan of Hunnam’s career.

McNelis was ecstatic for her boyfriend when he was cast as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey in 2013.

Morgana McNelis
Morgana Mcnelis and Charlie Hunnam. Source: femalefirst

According to People, the actor’s girlfriend is extremely supportive. “She was very excited about the potential of this opportunity for me,” he said, adding, “and I believe it will bring us closer together.” “It’s difficult to be with an actor,” he added. It required her to share aspects of herself that she would rather not share.”

Hunnam is also very supportive of his girlfriend and goes out of his way to show her how much he appreciates her.

“Before leaving for TIFF, I wound up staying up until five in the morning,” the actor told People at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival.

“Because I decided to handle all of the household cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry, which are tasks that we share on a regular basis.”

“I thought it would be nice for her to return home with everything in order,” he continued.

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Charlie Hunnam’s dating history

From 1999 to 2002, Hunnam was married to actress Katherine Towne.

They met while auditioning for Dawson’s Creek, dated for three weeks, married in Las Vegas, and divorced three years later.

The actor described his three-year marriage to Towne as “terrible.” Hunnam had relationships with model Sophie Dahl, actress Stella Parker, and film producer Georgina Townsley after his divorce.

But none of them lasted — until McNelis came into his life.