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Meet Allison Jones Foster: David Foster’s Eldest Daughter

Allison Jones Foster
  • Allison Jones Foster is a celebrity child.
  • Allison is the eldest daughter of David Foster, a legendary musician.
  • She was born in Canada on April 6, 1970.
  • Allison even ended up working for her father’s non-profit organization, The David Foster Foundation.
  • She is in a happy marriage. She has been married to Bret Jones, a Canadian.

Who is Allison Jones Foster?

Allison Jones Foster is a celebrity child. Allison Jones Foster is the eldest daughter of David Foster, a legendary musician. Allison is shared by the Canadian music legend and his ex-girlfriend, whose identity remains unknown. Allison’s biological mother and father were not present when she was a child. David and his girlfriend had decided to adopt her as soon as she was born.

Allison Jones Foster Was Adopted Soon After Her Birth: Who Is Her Natural Mother?

Allison Jones Foster was born in Canada on April 6, 1970.

Her father, David, was 20 years old at the time of her birth, and her mother was around the same age.

Allison’s parents decided to place her for adoption shortly after she was born.

They probably made such a drastic decision as a young couple who were neither prepared nor knew how to raise a child.

When it comes to her biological mother, there isn’t much information available. David, who has been in the spotlight for decades, has yet to reveal who his partner was.

Allison is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds Canadian citizenship.

What Are Allison’s Adoptive Parents’ Names?

We’re sure many of you are interested in learning more about Allison’s adoptive parents.

To answer your question, she was raised by a single mother named Sonya.

Allison’s mother also raised a boy who later became Allison’s brother.

The three-person family led a simple life, but they were always grateful.

Allison frequently posts photos of her mother on her Instagram account, demonstrating her unwavering support and love for her.

It’s not an exaggeration to say Allison is closer to Sonya than she is to her biological parents.

Allison has five half-brothers and sisters

David Foster is the father of six children, the eldest of whom is Allison.

David married B.J. Cook, a musician, shortly after Allison was born.

On July 29th, 1973, the couple gave birth to their first and only child, a daughter named Amy Skylark Foster.

Following his divorce from Cook, David married Rebecca Dyer, with whom he had three daughters.

Sara Foster, their eldest child, was born on February 5th, 1981, Erin Foster, their middle child, was born on August 23rd, 1982, and Jordan Foster, their youngest, was born in September 1986.

Last but not least, David became a father with his wife Katharine McPhee at the age of 71, welcoming his one and only son, Rennie David Foster, in March 2021.

David Foster’s children are extremely close to one another.

Allison is grateful for her siblings, even though she did not have the same childhood as her other siblings.

Allison Foster and David Foster After 30 Years Reconnected

Around the time she was born, the singer had placed his oldest child for adoption.

As a result, he was never around when she was growing up.

Nonetheless, her adoptive parents did an excellent job raising her.

She (Sonya) taught her not only to live her life to the fullest but also to never resent anyone.

This explains Allison’s lack of resentment when she reconnected with her biological father at the age of 30.

Allison was fine with not meeting with her father, even though she had every right not to.

Allison Jones Foster
Allison Jones Foster with her dad and sisters. Source: ecelebritymirror

Dave soon introduced her to her half-siblings, and she, too, became an important member of the family.

Allison is always present at any major event at the Foster home.

Allison Volunteers at Her Father’s Foundation

Allison Jones Foster even ended up working for her father’s non-profit organization, The David Foster Foundation, as if their relationship hadn’t been repaired.

She began working for the charitable organization in 2009 as the secretary to the board.

She currently works as the foundation’s director.

She has traveled to various parts of the world while working for a charitable foundation, particularly to underdeveloped countries in Africa and Asia.

She has also frequently traveled with her husband and children.

She works as an Account Executive at Commvault in addition to her father’s organization.

She has been there since February 2017.

Allison had a long list of previous jobs. She was the Manager at Xerox from 1994 to 2005.

She then worked as an account executive for Bell Canada. She spent a year there before moving on to Hewlett-Packard, or HP.

Her bachelor’s degree is in Music and Psychology from the Concordia University of Edmonton, and her master’s degree is in Psychology from McMaster University.

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Allison Jones Foster, is she married? What Is Her Husband’s Name?

Allison Jones Foster is, indeed, in a happy marriage. She has been married to Bret Jones, a Canadian.

The couple began dating in the early 1990s. They married in August 1996 after dating for several years.

Foster frequently posts photos of herself with her husband on her social media accounts.

The couple frequently goes out together. Furthermore, her husband Brent is close to her father, David.

Aside from that, the couple is the proud parents of two sons, both of whom are boys.

On February 3rd, 2000, they welcomed their eldest son, Tristan Jones. A few years later, on January 17th, 2002, they welcomed their second son, Aaron.

Both of their sons have completed high school.

Aaron, her youngest son, will graduate from Alberta High School in 2020. During his high school years, he also played ice hockey.

The four-person family resides in Edmonton, Alberta. Allison frequently posts photos of her family on her Instagram account.

Her husband, Brent, is the Business Development Manager at Interworks Contracting Ltd.

He specialized in Business Development and has extensive experience in the field.