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“Lust, not love”: Pamela Anderson wed her fourth husband Dan Hayhurst for wrong reasons!

  • Pamela Anderson’s relationship with Dan is motivated by lust rather than love
  • Living in Canada did not appeal to Pamela
  • How is the connection between Pamela and Dan right now?

The topic of Pamela Anderson’s fifth divorce from her fourth husband, Dan Hayhurst, has generated a lot of discussions both locally and globally. They were sharing a residence on Vancouver Island, Canada. Why didn’t the marriage last?

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson photo source: Shubert Organization

Pamela Anderson’s relationship with Dan is motivated by lust rather than love

You might remember that Dan Hayhurst protected Pamela Anderson, a model turned actress.

One year after their wedding, she and Dan are now divorced.

On January 20, 2022, Pamela filed her divorce papers with the appropriate authorities.

She is now thinking back on her split from Dan.

She wonders what went wrong.

After plastic surgery, they have a completely different appearance.

They Were Not Politically Correct Kisses

A source expressed these sentiments:

“Pamela wed Dan for the incorrect reasons.

Not in love, but in lust. He definitely assisted her in getting through that difficult time because they were dealing with a pandemic,”

The source also said:

“It was nice when they were quarantined together.

At that moment, Pamela needed him more than anything else since the emotions were so raw.

However, Pamela realized this wasn’t working for either of them just before the holidays.”

Living in Canada did not appeal to Pamela

The actress is a native of California.

She prefers the colorful American dirt to Canada.

On Vancouver Island in Canada, she did not feel at ease. Added the source:

“She did not enjoy living in Canada, to start with.

She is a native Californian, and the distance between her and her sons really got to her.”

Additionally, Pamela enjoys spending time with her two kids, Dylan and Brandon.

She was disappointed that they weren’t there and longed to return to California.

According to another source, Pamela’s sons have a good understanding of their mother.

They are aware that she can only live by her rules.

She won’t accept anything less.

The source said: “Brandon and Dylan have faith that their mother makes the right choices for herself and knows what’s best for her.

They are pleased with her capacity to discern what she values in a partner and her refusal to accept anything less.

They are disappointed for their mother since they know she believed the marriage would endure forever, but they adore their mother and are glad for her no matter what.”

Her return to Los Angeles and their opportunity to reconnect with her have made the sons happy.

No matter what, they always show great support for her and her decisions.

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How is the connection between Pamela and Dan right now?

Pamela and Dan’s relationship has ended, yet there is no animosity between them from the first source:

“It’s finished, the divorce is finalizing, but there is no animosity. Neither one of them will disparage the other in public. It simply stopped working.”

They remain, friends, even though they are not a couple.

The couple exchanged vows in a tiny, private ceremony on Christmas Eve 2020 at her house on Canada’s Vancouver Island.

Dating between the two had begun in September 2020.

Seven months had passed since Pamela’s second divorce from Jon Peters, her first husband.

Dan and Pamela stayed on Vancouver Island until today.

She is now loving being back in Malibu.

She also has removed her wedding ring.

So from her perspective, it’s all over.