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Luis Nery

Who is Luis Nery?

Luis Nery is a fresh Mexican professional boxer on the rise who competes in the bantamweight division.  Luis Nery was also a previous two-weight world champion. From September 2020 to May 2021, he held the WBC super bantamweight belt.

Similarly, Luis held the WBC bantamweight belt from 2017 until 2018.

Furthermore, he lost his first professional fight in a decade to Brandon Figueroa, costing him the WBC super bantamweight belt.

Likewise, he is a knockout machine, having won 24 of his 32 matches through knockout.

As a result, he is dubbed “Pantera,” which translates to “Panther” in English.

The fighter was raised on the streets of Mexico, surrounded by crime and fighting.

He did, however, channel his talent to knock people out by training in boxing.

Furthermore, he competed and won all nine of his amateur matches.

He got professional at the age of seventeen, after a successful amateur career.

The young boxer sensation swiftly rose to prominence after putting on an amazing performance each night.

Before delving into the biography and career of the two-weight former world champion, here are some basic facts about him.

Luis Nery | Childhood, Families, and Education

Lusi Nery was born into a middle-class household in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

There is little information about his early life because he rose to prominence only after a successful boxing career.

Similarly, because he tries to keep his personal life private, there aren’t many facts about his parents or siblings.

We do know, though, that he has witnessed his fair share of violence while living on Tijuana’s streets.

Nonetheless, he refused to succumb to the violence and began practicing on his own.

While most of his friends became drug addicts, he chose to work from the beginning.

He soon resumed his training after returning from his local school in Tijuana.

He would fight some of his buddies and competitors to put his abilities and skills to the test.

Soon after, he began competing in amateur fights and decimating his opponents.

Furthermore, as an amateur, he engaged in 9 fights and won them all.

Nery became an instant sensation in Tijuana’s boxing scene as a result of this.

As a result, he was exposed to chances that prompted him to become a professional at the age of seventeen.

Furthermore, in seizing the chance, he made every moment count.

He worked hard and trained even harder to get to where he is now.

Luis Nery | Age, Height, and Weight

Pantera will turn 27 on December 25, 2020. As an athlete, he prioritizes his health, nutrition, and diet.

The elite fighter stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 55 kilograms.

Furthermore, he trains every day to keep his body in peak condition.

Furthermore, his ideal body weight allows him to dough punch quickly and efficiently while attempting to strick at the same time.

Similarly, he follows a stringent exercise regimen to maintain his body flexible and avoid injuries.

Luis Nery’s Boxing Debut, Winning Streak, and Ascension to Stardom

On May 5, 2012, Luis Nery made his official professional boxing debut.

He also competed against a fellow Mexican, José Guadalupe Salgado.

The battle was decided quickly, as Nery knocked out his opponent in just over a minute in the first round.

Similarly, he returned to the ring within a month of his first victory to claim his second.

Furthermore, he displayed an exceptional attacking performance by retaining complete dominance throughout the fight.

This happened in practically every one of his battles when he would either knock out the opponent or put them under pressure to win each round.

As a result, he immediately ascended to popularity after winning all of his bouts and maintaining an incredible winning streak.

Furthermore, he fought 18 fights in four years, winning all of them.

Championship match and first knockout

Luis finally got the chance to compete for the vacant WBC Continental Americas bantamweight title after successfully sustaining an 18-bout win run.

In addition, he battled Martin Casillas in a bout that lasted all ten rounds.

Furthermore, Luis was able to take down Casillas twice and keep pressure with his offensive style.

As a result, Nery was unanimously elected as the new WBC Continental Americas bantamweight champion.

Similarly, he successfully defended the title via referee stoppage against David Sánchez.

Luis Nery
Luis Nery on the wrestling field Source: USA Today

Furthermore, after 20 fights, he was knocked down for the first time in his professional career.

This knockdown occurred during a fight against Raymond Tiburon.

Despite the knockdown, the bout was one-sided as Nery pummeled Tabugon until the fourth-round referee stoppage.

He thus won the vacant WBC Silver bantamweight belt

WBC World Title and Failed Drug Test

Luis eventually got his shot at The Ring and the WBC bantamweight belt on August 15, 2017.

He then fought for the title against Shinsuke Yamanaka.

Many expected Nery to suffer his first career defeat in this battle, but he had other plans.

As a result, he knocked out Yamanaka in the fourth round in just under two and a half minutes.

The bout began with both boxers dealing blows back and forth.

Pantera, on the other hand, delivered a massive left cross at the start of the fourth, followed by a flurry of punches.

As a result, Yamanaka was unable to defend himself, and Nery emerged victorious.

As a result, he won both the WBC and The Ring bantamweight titles.

Nonetheless, the win celebration was cut short when it was revealed that he had tested positive for zilpaterol.

Aside from the news, he confronted the media, claiming that it was due to food poisoning.

Despite this, The Rig removed him from his belt and reinstated Yamanaka as their bantamweight champion.

The WBC, on the other hand, took its time.

As a result, WBC reported in October of the same year that the results were contaminated food.

As a result, they did not overturn the decision but instead ordered a rematch.

Similarly to the first bout, Nery maintained pressure and domination throughout the opening round.

In the second round, he threw an unbelievable combination of punches that knocked Yamanaka out.

Although Luis won the bout, he did not reclaim the WBC title because he weighed three pounds too much.

As a result, the position remained unfilled.

Super Bantamweight Championship and First Career Loss

On September 26, 2020, the Mexican boxer will be promoted to the super bantamweight division.

In addition, he made his WBC super bantamweight title debut against Aarón Alameda.

He kept the pressure by string time and again, just as in his prior battles.

As a result, he won the fight by unanimous decision and was named the new WBC super bantamweight champion.

The success, however, would be fleeting as he suffered his first professional loss against Brandon Figueroa.

Figueroa took advantage of Nery’s obvious tiredness in the seventh round and worked Nery’s body with some powerful punches.

He then let loose some upstairs, over the chin and the body.

As a result, Nery collapsed on his knees on the canvas, causing the match to be called off.

Luis Nery | Girlfriend, Wife, and Three Children

The former two-weight boxing champion has not revealed anything about his personal life to the media.

Some sources and his Instagram tales, however, suggest that he is married.

Nonetheless, no information is available about his wife or their marriage.

Thus, Lusi is a private person who is solely concerned with his profession and does not desire any outside controversy.

No, he has never revealed anything about his personal life, since he periodically publishes Instagram stories with women we think to be his wife.

Likewise, Luis is the joyful father of a girl born in December of 2017.

Despite being quite active on social media, he has never mentioned his daughters.

Nonetheless, his daughter, like his wife, appears on occasion in his Instagram tales.

Furthermore, in 2018, the delighted father dedicated his bantamweight world title to his newly born daughter.

Luis Nery’s Salary And Net Worth

The majority of the Mexican boxer’s riches have come from his career as an excellent fighter.

His exact net worth, however, is unknown.

Furthermore, because he did not flash his wealth like many other boxers, there is no clear figure for the prize money he won.

Nonetheless, we believe that winning 31 consecutive matches is sufficient for him to enjoy a comfortable life.

Similarly, during one of his battles, Nery earned $300,000 from a single match against Emmanuel Rodriguez.

He also makes a lot of money from sponsorships and investments.

In reality, he has multi-year contracts with Nike, the world’s largest footwear business.

Pantera also has a beautiful home in Tijuana, Mexico, where he resides with his wife and children.

He also has a few possessions and luxury automobiles in his collection.

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Luis Nery | Online Presence

Pantera is active on several social media channels.

As a result, he has an Instagram account with over 106 thousand followers and little more than three posts.

Luis usually posts about his life as a professional boxer on Instagram.

Likewise, he has a few posts in which he is seen training and running.

Similarly, he is spotted sharing several Instagram stores with his loved ones.

Furthermore, the champion boxer is active on Twitter, where he has over 15,000 followers.

Similarly, he typically tweets about boxing news and post-match reactions.