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Lionel Richie’s Ex-Wife Diane Alexander:

Lionel Richie

  • Diane Alexander is best known as Lionel Richie’s second wife.
  • She worked as a waiter, a part-time model, and a dancer among other things.
  • They first met at the Summer Olympics in 1984.
  • We’ve all seen plenty of celebrity scandals.

Diane Alexander is best known as Lionel Richie’s second wife.

While Lionel was still married to his first wife, the couple began their romance.

Lionel, Diane, and his first wife, Brenda Harvey-Richie, were involved in an adulterous affair, which resulted in a horrific physical altercation.

They married and had two beautiful children later in life.

However, like Lionel’s first marriage, this one did not last and they divorced.

Diane is currently in a loving relationship with a new man.

Furthermore, the mother of two children leads a rather uncomplicated existence.

Today, we’ll learn some interesting information about Lionel Richie’s ex-wife, Diane.

Diane Alexander’s Wiki-Like Bio: Her Childhood And Health Problems

Diane was born on June 16, 1966.

Several tabloids claim she was born in 1967, however she was born in 1966 and is now 54 years old.

She is Marilyn Alexander’s daughter.

Her father and siblings are largely unknown.

She led a humble existence before her opulent marriage to Lionel Richie.

She worked as a waiter, a part-time model, and a dancer among other things.

She is also a fashion designer with her own clothing line, Alexander Brown Clothing.

Diane has Lupus, which is a chronic autoimmune disease.

In May 2016, she posted a photo in which she stated she had this autoimmune condition.

Despite her medical problems, she is still going strong.

What Is She Up To Now? In 2021, who is Diane Alexander’s boyfriend?

Diane appears to be in a relationship for the previous few years.

Yes, guys, she has a boyfriend, and he is one hot hunk.

Her purported boyfriend is David Kenney, a Commander with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

Diane has only posted a few images of her lover thus far.

In 2015, she initially posted a photo of him.

Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie Source: POP SUGER

In 2017, she uploaded another photo of her partner.

Many sources indicate Diane and David are engaged, however, no trustworthy source can back up this assertion.

Regardless, he has been removed from her social media profile since 2017, which suggests two things.

They’ve either split up or she’s keeping her personal life to herself.

Diane Alexander’s Ex-Husband Lionel Richie Relationship:

She Hooked Up With Him While He Was Still Married

We’ve all seen plenty of celebrity scandals.

Similarly, Lionel got embroiled in a majxandal in the 1980s when it was discovered that he was having an extramarital affair with Diane.

The story of his supposed affair with the model while married broke out in 1988.

Brenda Harvey-Richie, his first wife, had apparently caught them red-handed spending time at Diane’s Beverly Hills apartment.

It was soon revealed that Diane and Lionel had known each other for a few years prior to the scandal.

They first met at the Summer Olympics in 1984.

Lionel was playing a song at the sporting event, and Diane was one of the dancers.

The two hit it off right away. She even appeared in his song, Dancing on the Ceiling, two years later.

Brenda, Richie’s first wife, reportedly hired a private detective to find out the truth when she feared he was cheating on her. Brenda was later informed by the detective that her suspicions were correct.

On the night of June 29th, 1988, it was he who informed her of Lionel’s whereabouts.

Brenda filed for divorce and was officially separated from Lionel in 1993 as a result of the scandal.

Nicole Richie, the former couple’s adopted daughter, is their only child.

Two years after his divorce, Diane and Lionel Richie married

Lionel began seeing Diane shortly after his divorce from his first wife was finalized.

After two years of dating, Steve proposed to Diane, and they married on December 21, 1996.

Diane and Lionel had no intention of marrying initially.

The singer wasn’t interested because his first marriage had ended in disaster.

But Diane was adamant about getting married, so she used to tease him about weddings a lot.

In December 1996, Diane mocked Lionel and told him that December 21st is a great date, just like any other day.

Right then and then, he told Alexander, ‘You got a deal,’ meaning that he is now willing to marry his girlfriend.

Diane was taken aback, but Lionel wasn’t joking, and so it happened.

The holy matrimonial took place at New York City’s Metropolitan Club.

Only 40 people were invited to the ceremony, none of whom were celebrities.

In terms of wedding spending, Richie went all out.

He even presented his wife with a 10-carat emerald-cut diamond ring. Miles, their son, was the ring bearer.

In terms of their honeymoon, the couple had two, one in New York City and one in the Caribbean.

Diane Alexander and Richie have two children: Sofia and Miles Brockman

She has two lovely children as a result of her marriage to Lionel.

Miles Brockman Richie, their first child, was born on May 27, 1994, and Sofia Richie, their second child, was born on August 24, 1998.

Both of her children are celebrities, both star children and famous models.

Sofia, her daughter, dated reality star and entrepreneur Scott Disick.

Diane and Lionel shared joint custody of their children following their divorce.

Despite what happened between them, the former husband and wife remain friendly.

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Diane And Lionel’s Divorce Settlement Made Her A Millionaire: What Is Her Net Worth Now?

Lionel’s second marriage ended similarly to his previous partnerships.

The couple had split by late 2003, and Diane filed for divorce in early 2004, alleging irreconcilable differences.

Their divorce was formalized a few months later.

According to the divorce papers, the former waitress requested a stunning $300,000 in monthly expenses, along with some additional perks.

According to reports, she received a whopping $20 million in addition to $15,000 a month for shopping, $50,000 for personal services, and a $20,000 yearly budget for plastic surgery.

Furthermore, prior to marrying Richie, she sold her personal house for almost $600,000.

She had her own clothing business, Alexander Brown Clothing Line.

After she married Lionel, he wanted her to sell the company and stay at home with the children.

It’s safe to claim that her net worth is currently greater than $10 million.