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Lily Dolores Harris: Inside The Life Of Ed Harris’ Daughter

Lily Dolores Harris
  • Lily Dolores Harris, also known as Lilly Harris, is the only child of the actor.
  • He worked at the Art Institute of Chicago’s bookstore.
  • Her debut cinematic appearance was in the 2009 short film The Three Labors Of Oliver.
  • Ed and Amy Madigan, Lily’s parents, have been married for more than 36 years.

Lily Dolores Harris, also known as Lilly Harris, is the only child of actor Ed Harris and his long-term wife, Amy Madigan. Lily’s father has worked as an actor since 1975.

He has been nominated for Academy Awards for his roles in Apollo 13 (1995), The Truman Show (1998), Pollock (2000), and The Hours (2002).

As previously stated, Lily is Ed’s sole child with his wife, whom he has been with since the 1980s.

Ed’s daughter has grown up and bears an uncanny resemblance to her star father.

She is also attempting to build a name for herself in Hollywood, having worked in various theaters and on stage.

So here’s the first of many articles about Lily Dolores Harris’s early career and personal life.

Find out how much she enjoys acting alongside her father.

Lily Dolores Harris has a theatrical background

On May 3, 1993, Lily Harris was born (age 28 years).

Margaret (née Sholl), her paternal grandmother, was a travel agent, and her grandfather, Robert L. “Bob” Harris (1922-2014), Ed Harris’ father, performed with the Fred Waring chorus.

He worked at the Art Institute of Chicago’s bookstore.

Lily Harris, Ed Harris’ daughter, was born on May 3, 1993. (age 28 years).

John J. Madigan (1918-2012), her maternal grandpa, was a well-known journalist who worked for Newsweek magazine.

Dolores (née Hanlon; 1921-92), Lily’s grandmother, was an administrative assistant and amateur actress who performed in community theater.

Lily, Ed and Amy’s daughter, earned a degree in English from Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

She then considered teaching, academia, and horseback riding, but ultimately settled on acting.

She spent some time after college doing theatre in Portland as well as some stage work.

Among his genre credits are a solo performance of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis and Mark Antony in Julius Caesar.

Lily Dolores Harris
Lily Dolores Harris Source: Amomama

She also attended the MFA Acting program at the American Conservatory Theater.

A buddy told her about A.C.T.’s MFA program.

Eager to perfect her skills, the Los Angeles native auditioned and was accepted into the 2020 class.

Shakespeare, according to Lily, is where she learned her passion for acting.

She is also said to like horses, medieval literature, and Earl Grey tea.

Is Lily Dolores Harris a Working Actress?

Her debut cinematic appearance was in the 2009 short film The Three Labors Of Oliver.

Lily played Hayden, the female twin, in the film directed by Matt Feener, Ben Guaraldi, and Desiree McMahon.

Lily Harris, Ed Harris’ daughter, has appeared in two short films, The Three Labors of Oliver.

Ed’s daughter appeared in a short film named three years later, playing the role of a babysitter.

What inspired her to pursue a career in acting?

Ed Harris’ daughter disclosed to the American Conservatory Theater what prompted her to switch from college to the performing arts.

She stated that she has always been far more comfortable sharing herself with people.

She also says that acting allows her to share aspects of herself that she would not have felt comfortable discussing in regular life.

With NBC’s Chicago Med, Lily Dolores Harris made her acting debut

Ed Harris’ daughter, Lily Harris, was set to join the cast of the NBC medical drama Chicago Med in October 2021, according to Deadline.

As a result, Lily made her professional acting debut in the Nov. 3 episode as Astrid Meadows, a young girl suffering from hallucinations.

A Square Peg in a Round Hole was the title of the seventh episode of the show’s seventh season.

She portrays one of the patients, and her uncommon ailment generates some debate among the professionals about the appropriate course of action.

Is Ed Harris still married to Amy Madigan?

Ed and Amy Madigan, Lily’s parents, have been married for more than 36 years.

They met at a rehearsal for a play in which they were both scheduled to appear.

Amy saw Lily’s father, Ed, while he was playing on stage in Sam Shepherd’s play “Cowboy Mouth” in 1980.

Lily Harris is the only child of Ed Harris and Amy Madigan, the stars of The Truman Show.

Amy subsequently revealed that meeting the Rock actor that day felt like something out of a movie or a music video and that she knew they’d meet again a year later.

Ed and Amy met for the second time on the set of “Places in the Heart.”

Ed claimed he praised Amy’s socks, and the two began dating soon after.

Together Lily Dolores Harris’ Parents Have Worked on Several Movies

The actor pair, both of whom are the same age, married in 1983.

Lily’s parents were both starring in “Places in the Heart” at the time, and the wedding took place in Waxahachie, Texas.

Two years later, they would reunite as co-stars in the film “Alamo Bay.”

Ed and his wife have collaborated on nine films and numerous theatrical performances.

Ed and Amy Harris welcomed their only daughter, Lily Dolores Harris, decades after their wedding.

Lily’s father stated that her birth helped him and his wife evolve as people.

He revealed that they become more accountable to someone other than themselves.

The Westworld star also revealed that he and his partner were out partying hard before Lily was born.

Ed admits that it got so bad that he had to sell his motorcycle.

He gradually quit drinking, calmed down, and began to think about his kid.

Amy Madigan is her mother

Amy Madigan, Lily Harris’ mother, is an Academy Award nominee, as is her husband.

She received the nomination and subsequent praise for her performance in Twice in a Lifetime (1985).

Field of Dreams (1989), Uncle Buck (1989), and Gone Baby Gone (1989) are among her other significant films (2007).

Dolores Harris, Lily Once Discussed Having A Boyfriend

Lily Harris discussed her partner, possibly her boyfriend, during the same interview with ACT.

Ed and Amy’s daughter, when questioned about her interests outside of the theater and performing, stated,

I live with my girlfriend and our amazing, lovely puppy Beau, and I’m not sure where I’d be without them.

Lily Harris attended the MFA Acting program at the American Conservatory Theater.

A buddy told her about A.C.T.’s MFA program

She didn’t say anything about her boyfriend or disclose his or her name.

She, on the other hand, shared an image of a man with his face partially masked on Instagram on Halloween 2021.

The imagery was released alongside montages of other Halloween-themed images.

Her boyfriend is thought to be the same person.

Nonetheless, Lily has avoided discussing her personal life in any way.

Lily also stated that she enjoys reading, particularly fantasy and magical realism.

She mentioned her love of horseback riding while discussing her other forms of entertainment.

She said that it was a big part of her life for a long time, but she doesn’t get to do it as much anymore.

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Is Lily Dolores Harris wealthy?

Unlike her father, who has a net worth of around $25 million, Lily is unlikely to be a member of the two-comma club.

Given her limited to no major performing credits, it’s difficult to believe she could be as wealthy as her father. Furthermore, there is no approximation of her financial situation.