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Krista Neumann, celebrity ex-wife, Up To These Days?

Krista Neumann
  • Krista Neumann’s name is familiar to everyone who knows Scott Bakula.
  • Krista is of Caucasian descent, with German and Danish ancestors.
  • Krista is a skilled theater artist and teacher.
  • In a short ceremony in 1981, the couple exchanged vows.

Krista Neumann’s name is familiar to everyone who knows Scott Bakula.

She is, in fact, the ex-wife of the attractive actor.

The former lovers married in the 1980s and divorced in the 1990s.

Krista, on the other hand, has two children with her ex-husband.

Chelsy Bakula is their daughter, and Cody Bakula is their adoptive son.

Both of their children are now adults.

However, neither of them followed in their grandfather’s footsteps.

Aside from their two children, little is known about Krista’s current whereabouts.

Krista Neumann is a Chicago native

Krista E Neumann was born in Illinois on October 19, 1949.

Her parents raised her in the Chicago area.

Krista is of Caucasian descent, with German and Danish ancestors.

There isn’t much information on her siblings because she isn’t as well-known as her ex-husband Scott.

She rose to notoriety in the media only after marrying the actor.

Krista Neumann as a child Krista Neumann

Concerning her official education, she attended Luther High School North in Chicago’s Portage Park neighborhood.

Since 2017, the high has been closed.

Krista has a degree in theatre from college.

Neumann has aspired to be a theatrical performer since she was in her late teens.

She enrolled in the Speech and Theatre Bachelor’s program at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to pursue her goal.

Krista moved right into theatre after finishing with a Bachelor’s degree and quickly rose to prominence.

Krista Neumann is a well-known theatre artist

Krista is a skilled theater artist and teacher.

She has previously worked in numerous states in the United States, including Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

Her most well-known stage credits to date are Canterbury Tales, South Pacific, A Little Night Music, Death of a Salesman, and August Osage County.

Krista has dabbled with directing in addition to her profession as an actor.

She is currently a director for ICCT, City Circle, The Old Creamery, Combined Efforts, Dreamwell, and Young Footliters.

What Is Krista Neumann Up To These Days?

Krista has previously stated that she has been totally focused on the theatre.

She has made theatre her life, working as an actor, director, and educator.

Krista has been working as an instructor at The Corridor’s Broadway Bootcamp for the last couple of years, therefore she is currently busy.

She lives in Iowa City, Iowa. She lives with her beloved cat and is having a good time.

Krista Neumann is well-known for her marriage to Scott Bakula

Although she is well-known in the theatre community, Krista rose to prominence after marrying actor Scott Bakula.

The handsome actor and the lovely stage actress first met in the late 1970s.

Scott Bakula and Krista Neumann Scott and Krista, his ex-wife.

In a short ceremony in 1981, the couple exchanged vows.

Scott was an aspiring actor at the time of their marriage, while his wife had already launched her theatre career.

When the two married, they were one of the most popular couples in the world.

After all, Scott was one of the most prominent actors in the industry.

Krista Became a Mother to Two Lovely Children

The former couple had two children from their marriage.

On February 22nd, 1984, they received their first and only biological child, a daughter named Chelsy.

They adopted a newborn boy named Cody a few years following the birth of their first child.

He was born in the year 1991.

In terms of their children’s professional lives, Chelsy did briefly follow in her father’s footsteps.

She appears in a few episodes of Quantum Leap as well as Star Trek: Enterprise.

She later left the entertainment industry.

Krista’s adopted son Cody, on the other hand, did not become an actor.

He is currently employed in the sales department of Lucy Zahran & Co.

Krista and Scott separated. In 1995

The couple chose to divorce almost a decade after their wedding.

In 1995, their divorce was formalized.

When they divorced, the reason for their relationship’s demise remained hidden.

However, after Scott disclosed the reason for this.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, he stated that his marriage with Krista ended owing to this professional commitment.

In the interview, he stated that he rarely returned home while filming Quantum Leap.

“It took me a long time to hash out my feelings about our relationship,” he added.

Krista Neumann
Krista Neumann Source: Briefly News

Furthermore, Scott said that he still regrets not being present throughout his daughter Chelsy’s “formative years.”

Nonetheless, Scott learned from his mistakes and made a promise to never miss anything when he married his second wife, Chelsea Field.

“I had it written into my contract that I would be done every Wednesday at 6 so I could be home for dinner,” he said in the same interview.

Krista had to endure a severe setback as a result of Scott’s unavailability during their marriage, but she did make him acknowledge his flaws.

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What Is Krista Neumann’s Net Worth?

People automatically believe there is a lot of money involved when there is a huge celebrity divorce in the scene.

Scott had become a celebrity by the time he and Krista split.

He received various honors and a lot of money for his portrayal of Sam Beckett.

Scott’s net worth is currently approximately $15 million, thus it is safe to assume he paid Krista a settlement in the millions of dollars.

Whatever the sum, we may presume Krista is living a happy life free of financial worries.