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Kris Collins: Broken Up With Boyfriend Aaron Brown

Kris Collins
  • Kris Collins is well-known for her distinct personality, which includes the main character Janet and her son Riley.
  • She created hundreds of additional pieces over time, providing consistent and unique content to her channel.
  • Collins shocked fans when she announced her breakup with long-term boyfriend Aaron Brown.
  • The previous year, Kris’ Kallmekris’ Collins rose to prominence on TikTok and was named YouTube’s breakthrough creative.

Who is Kris Collins?

Kris Collins is a Canadian comedian, fashion blogger, and professional photographer. Kris Collins quit her job as a hairdresser to join the TikTok app in April 2020. Her comedic skit has earned her millions of followers on the platform.

Kris Collins and Aaron Brown ended their six-year relationship

Kris Collins and her ex-boyfriend Aaron met at a BBQ party six years ago.

They got along so well that they decided to go on their first date on her birthday.

“It was so much fun,” she said about the boyfriend tag in a Q&A on her YouTube channel.

“We went to see Mad Max. It happened on my birthday. We went to McDonald’s and ordered chicken nuggets.”

Aaron dedicated a message to his girlfriend in an August 2020 Instagram post: “5 years later! ‘Congratulations on your anniversary, My Love.’ Please take my hand. Take my entire life as well. I can’t help but fall in love with you.”

Kris Collins
Kris Collins with her ex-boyfriend. Source:

Fans began to question a split in October 2021 after more than 5 years of relationship, citing the Tiktok star’s ambiguous tweets about her boyfriend.

In response to rumors, Collins later confirmed the split. “I’m sick of being asked if we’re together,” she wrote on her TikTok profile.

“We are still good friends who adore each other.” “We simply grew apart.”

Kris Collin made her client’s hair fall out

Kris Collins was born on July 1, 1996, as the second-oldest of six siblings.

Collins had previously worked in television and film productions, as well as as a hairdresser.

She described working on the set of Riverdale as “pretty fun” in an August 2020 Q&A on her YouTube channel.

“The set was pretty nice, and the cast was pretty nice,” she said.

When the coronavirus pandemic struck, the TikTok star was in her third year as a hairdresser, and she didn’t think she was very good at it.

Her first attempt at hairdressing ended in disaster when her client’s hair was lost due to a botched bleach job.

“I bleached someone’s hair the first week, and it turned green and fell off,” Collins explained in the Q&A video.

Collins’ hairdressing career was put on hold as the Canadian government attempted to contain the spread of COVID-19 through quarantine restrictions.

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Kris Collins became obsessed with TikTok after her brother persuaded her to download the app.

Collins had ambitions for comedy and content production prior to TikTok, but she still needed to plan how she would pursue them.

Collins, who had some spare time and a camera phone, started posting lip-syncing comedy videos with creative titles and amusing facial expressions.

Kris mustered the courage to create new skits as her fan base grew.

In her first self-produced comedy, she pretended to be her mother, and she told Vancouver Is Awesome that people liked it.