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Kiya Winston

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Who is Kiya Winston?

Kiya Winston is a well-known designer who began her career as a gymnast at the Madison YMCA.  Kiya Winston was the editor and publisher of Kid Showbiz Magazines. Fame showered on her feet after she got married to the NFL head coach Mike Tomlin.

She graduated from the University of Cincinnati, where she studied Designing, Art, and Architectural Planning, on September 3, 1975.

Salary and Net Worth

Kiya is the wife of legendary NFL head coach Mike Tomlin, and the duo has a whopping $15 million net worth.

Kiya is a well-known fashion designer that creates outfits for celebrities.

She has her own company from which she produces $400,00 to $800,00 each year and is doing well in her profession.

Mike Tomlin, her husband, earns roughly $7 million per year and is one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL, along with Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick.


The wife of the NFL coach enjoys her affluent life and has a collection of several branded automobiles including the KIA SUV which costs approximately $100,000 and the BMW in white in color which is worth $150,000.

Kiya is also the owner of a $2 million home in Pittsburg. The couple paid $1.8 million for the house in April 2007.

Her mansion has everything, including a huge swimming pool, a home theater, and a massive garden with multiple butlers and housemaids.

Beautiful Kiya is married to Mike Tomlin, the American football head coach of the National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mike was working as a graduate assistant at the University of Memphis when the couple married in 1996, and Kiya was studying for the MCAT.

She initially met Mike while they were both injured and recovering in the William & Mary fitness room.

Kiya Winston
Kiya Winston with her husband Source: VergiWiki

She was hurt while gymnastics, and Mike was hurt after a football game.

Kiya appears to have had a tumultuous existence; during her first few years of marriage, she relocated to different cities such as Tennessee, Arkansas, and Ohio because Mike was pursuing a coaching profession at the time.

Finally, in 2007, they established a permanent presence in Pittsburgh, where Mike was named head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

She and her family currently reside in Pittsburg with their three gorgeous children, Michael Dean, Mason, and Harlyn Quinn.

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Professional Career

Kiya grew raised in northern New Jersey, where she developed an early interest in designing and producing garments.

She requested the sewing machine as a Christmas present when she was only 11 years old.

She grew up designing, making, and sewing garments for babies and prom dresses for herself and friends after receiving a sewing machine.

Later, she enrolled at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, and Architectural Planning, where she learned about the fashion industry and founded her own firm, Uptown Sweats.