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Kim Kardashian is not on speaking terms with her ex-husband

Kim Kardashian
  • Ye and Kim Kardashian are no longer in contact
  • More on Kim’s intentions regarding Ye
  • Interview with Ye

Since their breakup in February 2021, the former power couple in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian and Ye West has been in the news frequently.

Both Kim and Ye appear to have gone on with their lives, yet their cold war still rages on.

The most recent development on that front is that Kim and Ye are no longer conversing.

After his frank interview and the turmoil surrounding Chicago’s birthday, she is very saddened.

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Ye and Kim Kardashian are no longer in contact

Ye recently spoke about the issues he is having with American socialite Kim Kardashian in an interview, and she is not pleased with what he said.

In February 2021, the couple filed for divorce.

Ye and Kim Kardashian
Kardashian and Ye West photo source:

Ye also mentioned on the program that he was not informed of the location of their daughter Chicago’s fourth birthday celebration.

The fact that he was not invited to the celebration infuriated him. Kim was not pleased with the criticism she had received from the public.

She and he are currently not on speaking terms.

Insider comment:

“Sure, she would prefer not to have to deal with it, but since this is the life she has chosen, she must find a way to make the best of it. She will continue to deal with Kanye in this way even if it is a lot of work.”

Another source revealed how they are co-parenting their four children (North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm) and said:

“Kim and Kanye do not now speak to one another. However, in order to schedule visits with the kids, they are in continuous contact with their nannies and bodyguards.”

More on Kim’s intentions regarding Ye

Kim anticipates that Ye will respect boundaries.

He is welcome to visit the kids.

But she doesn’t want to interact with him at all.

She is glad that Julia Fox is his new love. From the source:

“Kim thinks they could keep their connection out of the public eye whenever possible since all she wants is to go on with her own life. Kim is pleased that Kanye has begun dating Julia and she wishes him well as he continues to live his life.

She doesn’t mind that Kanye lives across the street, but she wants him to realize that there are limits to what she will and won’t tolerate.”

The insider went on to say: “Kim finds the Kanye and Julia drama amusing and a little frustrating, but she hopes they stay together because it will make her life easier.

As much as she can give that they have children, she is essentially taking him off her hands. She isn’t conversing with him.

At least not right now. There’s just too much going on, and she knows she’ll eventually have to deal with him again for the kids’ sake, but she wants to wait until Julia’s relationship with the media calms down.”

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Interview with Ye

Ye claimed in a video that his ex was playing games with him on January 15, 2022.

He said he had not received an invitation to his daughter Chicago’s fourth birthday celebration.

He was unaware of the location:

“Y’all, I just wanted to publicly wish my kid a happy birthday. I was forbidden from learning the location of her celebration. It is not lawful. These are the games that people are playing. I’m just not playing since this is the kind of stuff that has had the longest-lasting effects on my health.”

He revealed his displeasure over Kim kissing Pete Davidson in front of him on the show SNL in a sit-down interview.

While SNL was being filmed, Ye was also in the recording studio.

But just after the kiss, he departed the studio without waiting.