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Karen Laine: Who is Karen?

  • Karen Laine is an American reality television star best known for her role in the series Good Bones.
  • She was born in Indiana on October 8, 1962.
  • Karen’s first husband was Casey Starsiak.
  • She began working as a lawyer in 1990.

Who is Karen Laine?

Karen Laine is an American reality television star best known for her role in the series Good Bones. Karen Laine appears in the show with her daughter, Mina Starsiak. For several years, the mother-daughter team has graced the big screen.

Karen Laine: Who Is She? Her Biography

Karen Laine was born in Indiana on October 8, 1962.

Karen E Laine is of American descent and of Caucasian ethnicity.

She is of Northern European descent.

There isn’t much information available about Karen’s siblings.

She is a very private person, so she rarely shares information about her family.

Laine grew up in Richmond for most part of her life.

Karen Laine
Karen Laine with her fourth husband. Source: distractify

This is also where she completed her formal education.

Karen Laine attended Indiana University and majored in law

Karen Laine enrolled in the Indiana University School of Law after graduating from high school.

She graduated from college with a specialization in JD (Juris Doctor) law.

She enrolled at the university in 1988 and graduated in 1992.

She immediately began her career as a lawyer after completing her education.

Karen Laine was a lawyer for many years

She began working as a lawyer in 1990.

She began working for the law firm Cohen & Malad in 1990 and remained there until February 1995.

In March 1995, he left the firm to work for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

She was there until March 2005.

Aside from that, she began working as an attorney at Jensen Law in 2013.

Her legal career spanned roughly two decades.

Karen E Laine is well-known for her appearances on the HGTV show Two Chicks And A Hammer

Two Chicks and a Hammer was founded in 2014 by High Noon Entertainment.

Their company is solely dedicated to the revitalization of Fountain Square, Bates Hendrick, and the surrounding areas.

Karen Laine’s daughter Karen worked on house restoration with her daughter Mina.

Karen and Mina, a mother-daughter team, first began rehabbing houses in 2007.

Their first joint project was the house Mina bought shortly after graduating from Indiana University.

They both demolished the house and rebuilt it to their specifications.

This is how they discovered their passion for home renovation.

Karen and Mina were still working full-time jobs in their respective fields at the time, which allowed them to renovate a couple of houses in a year.

Their efforts were rewarded when HGTV picked up their show.

Karen Laine Has a Large Family and Has been Married Twice

Karen’s first husband was Casey Starsiak.

The precise date of their marriage is unknown.

Casey is an orthopedic surgeon in Greenwood, Indiana.

The couple had three children from their marriage: two boys, William and CR, and a girl, Mina.

Karen and her husband Casey had been married for a long time, but things didn’t work out as planned, so they decided to divorce.

Although we don’t know the exact date of their divorce, one thing is certain: they divorced when their children were in their teens.

Despite their divorce, the couple remained amicable and provided excellent care for their children.

This is why the family of five has such a strong bond with one another.

Karen Laine Remarried Several Times Following Her Divorce

Laine fell in love again after her divorce from Casey.

Randy is the name of the man she married.

Cheryl, their daughter, was born to the couple.

Unfortunately, her second marriage did not work out either, and they divorced soon after.

She didn’t give up looking for love after her second failed marriage.

Laine eventually found love with a man named Mick, but their relationship didn’t work out and they split up.

She is currently married to a man named Roger Jensen.

There isn’t much information about when the couple married.

She began sharing photos with Roger in 2017.

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Karen Laine’s husband Karen and Roger, her fourth husband

Furthermore, Karen and Roger do not have any children.

Having said that, they are wonderful parents to Karen’s children from previous marriages.

Karen has left the entertainment industry. In 2019

Her entertainment career came to an end in the year 2019.

She first revealed the sad news to the Good Bones fandom in September 2019.

Her daughter Mina broke the news first.

She insisted that her mother wants to prioritize her personal life from now on.

The decision certainly disappointed many fans, but it was for the better.

We all know how important family is, and many people tend to forget about it in the midst of making a big name in showbiz.

But not Karen. She even gave up her promising career to care for her family, which we all appreciate.

She has a wonderful family life with her children, husband, and grandchildren.

She frequently shares a large number of photos with her grandchildren.