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Jasmine Jordan, Daughter of Michael Jordan, Won’t Ride the Coattails of Her Father

Jasmine Jordan, Michael Jordan’s Daughter, Will Not Ride Her Father’s Coattails

Jasmine Jordan, the daughter of NBA legend Michael Jordan, wants her own identity. She’s doing an excellent job of attaining that goal. Although she admires her father’s accomplishments, she refuses to follow in his footsteps.

She recently discussed growing up as the daughter of a Chicago Bulls icon and explained what she hopes would be her legacy.

Jasmine Jordan used to look up Michael Jordan to understand why he was so well-known

Jasmine Jordan was yet to be born when her father won the first two of his six NBA championships.

He was Dad to her. To everyone else, he was the NBA’s greatest player.

She couldn’t figure out what was all the hubbub about her father, so she resorted to Google.

“When I was a youngster and growing up throughout the time, I didn’t really grasp what was going on because I was so little, and it just didn’t really register with me until I got older,” Jasmine said in 2020, according to Sports Illustrated.

Jasmine Jordan, Michael Jordan's Daughter
Michael Jordan’s Daughter Source: People

“I giggle because I had to Google my father at one point to figure it out.”

You’re just a dad, you’re not that cool. But, lo and behold, he was quite famous.

So it’s definitely been an eye-opening experience.”

She acknowledged to The Associated Press that she learned a lot more about her father after watching The Last Dance, a docuseries about him.

She found parallels between Michael Jordan the player and Michael Jordan the father.

“I know his enthusiasm for the game is unrivaled,” she told the Associated Press.

“His enthusiasm is unrivaled. So when he’s going after Steve Kerr or checking Scottie (Pippen) to bring that fire and tenacity out of them, I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s Dad.’

He’ll do that to me just so I can score an A on a few tests.

And I’m simply trying to get through school; I’m not even winning championships. So that is unmistakably him.”

Jasmine Jordan admires her father but refuses to follow in his footsteps

During a recent episode of More than a Name, Jasmine Jordan-Christmas stated that while dealing with comparisons to her father is unavoidable, she has gone on to build a name for herself.

Her father’s work ethic has undoubtedly been handed down to her through his basketball career and business interests.

“I love to work,” she remarked on the TOGETHER series, which was created by female athletes Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel, and Sue Bird.

Jasmine Jordan admires her father but refuses to follow in his footsteps
Jasmine Jordan admires her father but refuses to follow in his footsteps Source: Andcape

“I enjoy knowing that at the end of the day, my son gets to see me get up and go after it, rather than just sitting at home, riding my father’s coattails.”

“He preached hard work and dedication, and that was all I saw.” It is something you cannot escape.

My family has made certain that you will work hard. You’re going to figure it out and go after it.

You’re going to have to create that money on your own.”

Jordan-Christmas is a Jordan Brand and Nike sports marketing field representative.

She is the Jordan Brand’s first and only female field rep in sports marketing.

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Jordan-Christmas explains her vision for her legacy

Jordan-Christmas stated that in order to be successful, she must strike a balance.

She needs the ideal balance of her efforts at the job and at home with her son.

“Balance is essential,” she says.

“Understanding that you have to make sure that you’re not only doing what you need to do at work but that you’re also doing what you need to do as a parent.” You must be checked in at all times.

“Knowing that, despite the career, projects, and other things are important to me, being a mother comes first.”

“My legacy will be that I am a great mother no matter what.”

I’ll start with that because my son means everything to me.

He is my top focus.

I want to make sure that no matter what if you talk to someone who knows Jasmine, the first thing they say is that she’s a fantastic mother.”

She’s also pleased with herself for being able to transition from being MJ’s kid to becoming her own person.

“I’ve really carved out my niche and really made a name for myself within the business,” she said.