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Jake Donovan: Do you want to know about him?

  • Trevor Jackson, an actor, and model is Jake Donovan’s brother.
  • Trevor, Jake’s brother, is best known for his role as Teddy Montgomery in the CW teen drama series 90210.
  • Trevor Donovan is Jake’s famous sibling.
  • Trevor, Jake’s brother, has been an actor since the early 2000s.

Trevor Jackson, an actor, and model is Jake Donovan’s brother. Trevor, Jake’s brother, is best known for his role as Teddy Montgomery in the CW teen drama series 90210.

Jake Donovan: Who Is He?

Jake Donovan, Trevor Donovan’s brother, is not a star, nor does he appear to have any professional ties to show business.

He accordingly has let out sod all data in reference to his personal life much less his childhood or birth in particular.

His seeming remoteness or untraceable footprint on social media adds to the mystery.

So far, all that is known about him is that he is a blonde who is a few inches shorter than his six-foot-two-inch big brother, Trevor Donovan.

Jake is similarly thought to have been born a few years after Trevor.

However, there are allegations that the Donovan brothers are twins.

However, that seems odd given Jake has always appeared noticeably younger than the Surrogates star.

People only know Jake works for one of California’s fire departments.

Trevor Donovan, Jake Donovan’s famous brother

Trevor Donovan is Jake Donovan’s famous sibling.

As previously said, he is a model and actor who began his career in the former.

Abercrombie & Fitch, Sony, Dolce & Gabbana, Speedo, Tyr, Cotton Belt, JC Penney, Gottschalks, Target, and the May Co. have all used Jake’s brother as a model.

Jake Donovan
Jake Donovan posing for a photo. Source: dnamagazine

Trevor, Jake’s brother, also modeled naked in his early days.

In February 2012, he posed naked save for a loosely clutched towel that barely covered him up.

In 2017, the Mammoth Lake native posted a brief video on Twitter of his brother, Jake, performing the Redwood workout with a 70-pound bag.

Jake Donovan and his brother Trevor have a very close relationship

Trevor shared a photo of Jake Donovan’s brother on National Siblings Day in 2020.

The Savages actor may be seen alongside his sibling in the photo.

They appear to be eating at Chart House, a seafood restaurant franchise.

You Might Have Noticed Donovan, Jake Trevor, the actor’s brother

Trevor, Jake’s brother, began his acting career as a waiter in an episode of Quintuplets in 2004.

From June to October 2007, he played Jeremy Horton in the soap opera Day Of Our Lives.

Trevor rose to prominence after getting the part of Teddy Montgomery in 90210.

He appeared in 73 episodes of the series.

Trevor, Jake’s brother, played Spartan in the CSI episode Man Up in 2011.

Other prominent appearances of him can be seen in series such as The Client List, Melissa, and Joey, Drop Dead Diva, A Snow Globe Christmas, Awkward, Texas Rising, Sun Records, NCIS, and Lucifer.

Since the early 2010s, Trevor is also popular as a Hallmark movie star.

Strawberry Summer, Love On A Limb, JL Ranch, Marry Me At Christmas, Snowcoming, Love, Fall and Order, Nostalgic Christmas, USS Christmas, Two For The Win, and Nantucket Noel are some of his genre films.

The other Donovan sibling will star alongside Dennis Quaid in Ronald Reagan’s biographical film in February 2021.

Trevor Donovan, how wealthy is he?

Trevor, Jake’s brother, has been an actor since the early 2000s.

In addition, he has appeared in over 40 TV projects, series, and films.

There is, however, no credible evidence of his earnings as an actor.

Nonetheless, he is often thought to be a millionaire.

Although several sources disagree on the amounts indicating Jake’s big brother’s net worth, he is said to have wealth in the nine figures.

He also had collaborations with various Hallmark studios.

Trevor has inked an overall deal with GAC Media, a new media business founded by Bill Abbott.

Did Paris Jackson Date Jake Donovan’s Brother?

In 2017, headlines swirled with speculation about whether Paris Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s daughter, was dating Jake’s actor brother, Trevor.

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This became a hot topic after tabloids photographed Jackson touching hands with the 90210 — star in Los Angeles.

However, the Pop King’s daughter herself denied the connection claims in July of that same year.

“Y’all need to relax lol hand-holding is fairly usual,”

Paris stated this in a tweet. However, the young model has now erased the post.

Trevor, on the other hand, contradicted the hearsay by offering his own account to Just Jared Jr.

His representative also stated that Jake’s brother and Jackson were just buddies.

They met while working on a ‘Be Pawsome, Adopt!’ campaign for local Los Angeles shelters.

Jake Donovan, Is He Married?

Again, given Jake’s absence from the media, the other side of his life is a complete mystery.

The most likely scenario is that he is married or has a partner.

It is often due to the fact that Jake, like his brother, is in his 40s or late 30s.

However, one cannot rule out the possibility that the fireman, like his older brother, is still unmarried.