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Jack Laugher

Who is Jack Laugher?

Jack Laugher is a rising professional British diver and LGBTQ supporter who will compete for his country in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Jack Laugher just finished ninth with Daniel Goodfellow in the Men’s Synchronized 3-meter Platform.

They scored 382.80 points in a match dominated by Chinese competitors.

Furthermore, if he wins the Men’s 3m Springboard on August 2, 2021, the British athlete still has a chance to earn a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Aside from that, he is a three-time Olympian, including one in Tokyo.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, the diver won one gold and one silver Olympic medal.

In actuality, this was the United Kingdom’s first Olympic gold medal in diving.

Furthermore, his gold came from the 3-meter synchro platform, while his silver came from the 3-meter springboard.

Laugher has been diving since he was seven years old, and he developed an early passion and appreciation for the sport.

He is regarded as one of the best divers, having won his first Olympic gold medal at the age of 21.

Not to add that he rose to prominence during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

As a result, in the Commonwealth Games, he won five gold medals and one silver medal.

Similarly, he has three gold and three silver medals at the European Championships.

In addition, she won two gold, one silver, and two bronze medals in the FINA World Cup.

Above all, the British diver and his partner, Chris Mears, received the Order of the British Empire.

Before delving into the gold medalist diver’s life and career, here are some basic facts about him.

Early Childhood, Family, and Education

Jack Laugher was born in the English town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

His parents, David and Jackie Laugher, are also incredibly supportive of their son.

Similarly, as a child, Jack was full of enthusiasm and vitality.

He used to compete in numerous sporting events and win a number of them.

Laugher also enjoyed swimming and would frequently visit Harrogate Hydro Swimming Pool with his family.

As a result, when he was seven years old, a lifeguard suggested that he start diving instruction.

As a result, the British athlete began to train quickly and developed a strong interest in diving.

Similarly, he took part in some events while representing Ripon Grammar School.

In addition, the gold medallist began making headlines, paving the route for his current profession.

He did, however, suffer several hardships when he was fourteen years old and shattered his upper arm.

As a result, the athlete underwent surgery to place a metal plate in his arms.

He was then sidelined for an extended period of time.

Despite this, the Olympian never lost up on his dream and returned to training as soon as he was able.

Height, Weight, and Age

Laugher will be 27 years old on January 30, 2022. As an athlete, he prioritizes his health, nutrition, and diet.

The elite diver stands 168 cm tall and weighs 64 kg.

Furthermore, his thick leg and well-kept body give him the benefit of having a flawless jump.

Furthermore, he follows a stringent workout regimen to keep his body in shape and to reduce the possibility of injury.

Diving Career | Jack Laugher

Commonwealth Games and Junior Carrer

Jack is a springboard specialist who competed at the 2010 European Junior Championships on the 1-meter and 3-meter springboards.

Surprisingly, he won both contests and began to establish a name for himself.

He also won gold in the same category at the 2010 World Junior Championships.

As a result, he was selected to represent his country in the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

For the 3-meter synchro, he was paired with Oliver Dingley.

Unfortunately, the rising diver was unable to charm his way to a medal this time.

Nonetheless, he demonstrated an excellent skill set that established him as Britain’s next diving star.

Similarly, he won gold in the 3-meter springboard and 3-meter synchro with Tom Daley at the 2012 Junior World Championships.

Jack Laugher
Jack Laugher Source: The Telegraph

In the 2014 Commonwealth Games, he was chosen for the 1-meter and 3-meter springboards, as well as the 3-meter synchro.

Furthermore, he made certain that he did not disappoint his squad this time.

As a result, he won gold in both the 1-meter springboard and the 3-meter synchro.

Despite this, he was only a few points away from three-peating gold after winning silver on the 3-meter springboard.

Furthermore, he approached the 2018 Commonwealth Games with the same determination to capture three gold medals.

As a result, he made certain that he kept his pledge.

As a result, he won gold in all of the 1-meter and 3-meter springboards, as well as the 3-meter synchro.

First Olympic Medal and Olympic Debut

The British diver made his Olympic debut at the London Olympics in 2012.

He also competed in the 3-meter springboard but did not get past the semi-final stage.

The disheartening setback motivated the seventeen-year-old diver to work harder and come back stronger.

As a result, armed with greater experience, he competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

He competed in the 3-meter synchro and springboard events there.

Furthermore, the Olympians remained composed and focused on capturing gold this time.

As a result, he and his partner Chris Mears went on to put up a performance in order to win the gold medal.

Not to mention that this was Britain’s first gold medal in 3m synchro diving.

Nonetheless, the British athlete settled for silver after failing to defend his gold title on the 3m springboard.

However, this was a fantastic victory for him and his country.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The three-time Olympian last competed for Great Britain at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Furthermore, losing the couple in 3m synchro after they had secured eighth place was unfortunate.

Nonetheless, if he wins the 3m springboard, the springboard specialist will be able to win gold for the second time in the Olympics.

Furthermore, he is laser-focused and works tirelessly to achieve his goals.

Jack Laugher’s girlfriend, wife, and three children

Laugher is involved with Lois Toulson. In addition, the two had been dating since January 2017, when they met at a tanning camp.

Despite the fact that they had met before, they took their time and moved things along slowly.

They currently reside together in a house they recently purchased together.

Despite the fact that they do not appear to be in the process of getting married, it is evident that Jack wishes to marry her.

As a result, admirers should feel free to address Lois as Mrs. Laugher anytime soon.

Lois is also a professional Olympian diver who will compete for Great Britain in Tokyo 2020.

She also competed in the women’s 10m synchronized and individual platforms.

Similarly, she recently finished seventh in the 10m synchronized platform.

She has also yet to compete in the 10m individual platform.

She aspires, however, to redeem herself by winning gold for her country.

Overall, Lois has never won a medal in the Olympics and hopes to rectify that on August 4, 2021.

Salary, Net Worth, and Endorsements

The majority of the English diver’s fortune has come from his work as a professional diver.

His exact net worth, however, is unknown.

Furthermore, because he does not flaunt his money like many Olympic competitors, there is no clear figure for his award money or salary.

We do know, though, that he has made enough money to live comfortably.

Similarly, his celebrity status has resulted in rich endorsement arrangements.

Some of these partnerships include “Muscle Food,” “Up & Go Europe,” “Food Spring Uk,” and many others.

As a result, the athlete’s net worth has increased significantly.

Aside from that, Jack lives in a magnificent property in England that he purchased with his fiancée.

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Online Presence

The famous diver is very active on social media platforms.

As a result, he has an Instagram account with more than 240 thousand followers and 640 posts.

Furthermore, Laugher primarily discusses his life as a professional diver on Instagram.

As a result, he has posted numerous photos of himself training with his teammates.

Similarly, the gold medalist has flaunted his toned physique and legs in numerous photos.

However, practically all of his images show him in his diving gear.

Aside from that, the gold medalist has some lovely photos of himself with his lovely girlfriend and wonderful dog.

Jack adores his family and they adore him.

Furthermore, his entire account is filled with images of him and his family.

Similarly, the Olympian has an account on Twitter with almost 87.5 thousand followers.

Furthermore, he primarily tweets about sports news, particularly diving and football.

Notably, the British diver has over 337 thousand fans on Facebook.

Furthermore, he posts images that are identical to his Instagram handle.