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What Is Brill Garrett Up To?

Brill Garrett
  • Brill Garrett is a literacy advocate by trade.
  • Brill is well-known as the wife of former Dallas Cowboys player and coach Jason Garrett.
  • She was born in Illinois on December 8, 1965.
  • The husband and wife married in a small wedding ceremony in 1994.
  • She has not disclosed her exact salary or net worth.

Who is Brill Garrett?

Brill Garrett is a literacy advocate by trade. Brill Garrett is well-known as the wife of former Dallas Cowboys player and coach Jason Garrett. Her husband is the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants as of 2021.

Brill Garrett’s Childhood

Brill Garrett was born in Illinois on December 8, 1965.

She is the 55-year-old daughter of Jeffery Aldridge and Judy Aldridge.

She, like any other daughter, had a wonderful relationship with her parents.

Unfortunately, her father is no longer alive; he reportedly died in November 2019.

She also has a younger brother named Jeff Aldridge, who is currently missing.

Brill received her education at Central High School in Hinsdale, Illinois, where she attended from 1980 to 1984.

She attended Princeton University after finishing high school and eventually earned a law degree from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Brill Garrett’s Profession

Brill is a literacy advocate, which many people are unaware of.

She has always been a voracious reader, and she is well aware of the positive impact education can have on people’s lives.

As a result, she has participated in a number of events to promote education.

She collaborated with former First Lady Laura Bush to host the Dallas and Fort Worth Celebration of the Reading event in 2018.

The event was previously organized by the late former First Lady Barbara Bush through the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.

Brill even spoke out about the importance of literacy in an interview with 5 Points Blue about a week before the event.

She also emphasized the fact that education is not only for children but also for adults.

She stated,

Everyone agrees that everyone should be able to read, and it’s something that we should be teaching in our schools, and we do teach in our schools, but we need to make sure that we’re allowing children to learn how to read and then have that tool to enjoy it.

During her literacy campaign, she has participated in a variety of reading advocacy programs, including The Cowboys Association at Gabe Allen Elementary School in South Dallas.

She is also a member of the Cowboys Wives Association, which includes well-known former players, coaches, and their families.

Brill Garrett is football coach Jason Garrett’s wife

Brill Garrett is married to former player and football coach Jason Garrett, as previously stated.

The husband and wife married in a small wedding ceremony in 1994.

 Brill Garrett
Brill Garrett with her husband. Source: realitybiznews

Their wedding was attended by only a few of their friends and family members.

The couple has been married for 27 years as of 2021, and their marital relationship appears to be as strong as ever.

How did their romance begin?

The couple reportedly spent a lot of time together before deciding to marry.

Brill and Jason, as previously stated, spent a significant amount of time getting to know one another before marrying.

According to reports, they met at a geology lecture at Princeton University, where she was pursuing her undergraduate degree.

She stated in a radio interview with 5 Points Blue that she noticed him in a lab that she attended once a week.

But they didn’t get to talk for long because Jason left class early every day.

After a long time, Brill finally asked him why she had left the lab earlier, to which he replied that he had baseball practice.

She stated,

We had a lab once a week, and it was on Thursdays from one until four, so I noticed him right away. I noticed he left the first lab early, and then the next week, and the week after that… So I wondered, what was going on? I mustered the courage to ask him, ‘Why do you always leave the lab early?’ ‘Well, don’t you know I have baseball practice?’ he said to me.

They developed a good friendship from that day forward, which eventually led to a romantic relationship and, eventually, marriage.

Brill, do you have any children?

Brill and Jason have been married for about 30 years but have no children.

The couple has not revealed any information about why they do not have children.

It could be for medical reasons, but no one has revealed what they are.

Jason is also one of three brothers, all of whom have nieces. He has a great relationship with them, and they even attend their family gatherings and events.

Brill and Jason do not appear to feel the need to have children.

Brill and her husband run a charitable foundation

Brill, along with her husband, runs the Jason Garrett Starfish Charities foundation.

It was founded in 1997 by the duo with the goal of assisting young and upcoming talents in various schools and colleges in gaining a foothold in the sports world.

In addition, the foundation promotes literacy and reading at Gabe Allen by hosting a book club. Students are given appropriate books to read there.

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Brill Garrett’s net worth

Brill Garrett, as previously stated, is a successful advocate who earns a good living as a professional.

She has not, however, disclosed her exact salary or net worth.

Her husband, on the other hand, earns $6 million per year. His net worth is $18 million.