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Is Steven Suptic Married? Know Everything About Him

Steven Suptic
  • Steven Suptic had become one of YouTube’s most popular gamers by 2014 when he launched a second channel called ‘HWNTwo,’ which was not focused on Minecraft.
  • He began working on the channel with Reina Scully under the direction of Philip DeFranco, the creator of SourceFed’.
  • He had done almost all types of game-related videos and had begun to focus on his original vlogs.

Who is Steven Suptic?

Steven Suptic is a popular YouTuber and vlogger renowned for his channel ‘Sugar Pine 7′. Steven Suptic began creating Minecraft movies under the alias MlgHwnT.’

What is Steven Suptic’s age?

Steven Suptic, born on February 6, 1993, is a gifted 27-year-old guy.

He is originally from Illinois.

He finally settled in California. His horoscope sign is Aquarius.

In a YouTube video, he referenced his father but did not name him.

He has also not revealed any other details regarding his childhood, schooling, or family history.

His dogs’ names are Winnie and Littlefoot.

Who is the wife of Steven Suptic?

Steven is married to the lovely Alyssa Terry.

He regularly goes to various countries with his actress girlfriend, Alyssa.

There isn’t much information available about them.

Likewise, he has avoided any rumors or conflicts that may affect his work or personal life.

Steven Suptic
Steven Suptic with his girlfriend and friends.Source:

What is Steven Suptic’s net worth?

Steven is a well-known social media celebrity with a significant following across several platforms.

He has around 10.8K followers on Instagram.

He also has over 287.2K Twitter followers.

His ‘Sugar Pine 7’ YouTube channel has over 1.07 million subscribers.

Furthermore, he may create a nice life in terms of salary and net worth.

His net worth is believed to be $400,000.

He might be enjoying himself with his friends and family.

The Streamy Awards honored Sugar Pine 7’s Alternative Lifestyle Show of the Year in 2017.

They attended RTX Austin in 2017 and RTX Sydney in 2018.

In addition, at the beginning of November 2017, they released The Woods, a “cheesy horror narrative.”

Kyle Kizu of The Daily Californian called Sugar Pine 7 “the peak of YouTube entertainment creation.”

Steven Suptic’s height is unknown.

Steven stands 6 feet 2 inches tall.

His physique measures, such as weight, chest-waist-hip, shoe size, clothing size, and so on, are not known.

His eyes are dark brown, and he has light brown hair.

More Facts about Steven Suptic

Full Name: Steven Suptic
Age: 28 years
Birthday: 06 Feb
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Aquarius
Dating: Alyssa Terry
Net Worth: $400,000
Height: 6 feet 1 inch (1.85m)
Profession: YouTuber, Instagram Star
Sibling: N/A
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A

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Steven Suptic’s professional history

On January 6, 2011, Steven launched his YouTube career as ‘MIgHwnT.’

His channel was known for its Minecraft comments and animated videos.

It immediately gained popularity, and it included collaborations with other YouTubers including ‘AviatorGaming,’ ‘SkyDoesMinecraft,’ ‘MunchingBrotato,’ and ‘BurtGasm.’

By 2014, Steven had become one of YouTube’s most popular gamers after launching a second channel named ‘HWNTwo,’ which was not about Minecraft.

Steven has also made animated programs such as “Wild Adventures” and “To Kill a YouTuber.”

Similarly, on March 16, 2015, he began working on the channel with Reina Scully under the supervision of SourceFed’s originator, Philip DeFranco.

They developed the YouTube channel ‘Super Panic Frenzy,’ which contained gaming videos and other stuff in English and Japanese.

The channel was deactivated on August 9, 2016.

He also had two highly successful animated YouTube series at the time, ‘To Kill a YouTuber’ and ‘Wild Adventures.’

By the end of 2015, he was already disillusioned with Minecraft.

Similarly, he had completed nearly all forms of game-related videos and had begun to concentrate on his unique vlogs.

In 2016, he rebranded his channel ‘The Steven Suptic Experience.’

He then posted videos of amusing challenges and skits.

On July 13, 2015, he posted his debut video, “Bro Threesome,” which soon became the most popular video on his relaunched channel, with over 1 million views to date.

Furthermore, as a result of his strong friendship with Philip DeFranco, he was cast as the primary host of ‘SourceFed’ in September 2016.

He was a member of the crew until March 25, 2017, when the channel was shut down.

His ideas, originality, and hosting ability all helped the channel become one of the most popular of all time.

In 2017, he shifted his attention to his own channel, which was called ‘Sugar Pine 7’ once more. Autumn Farrell, an ex-‘SourceFed’ editor, was hired to boost the quality of his YouTube videos.

‘I hired Autumn, and here’s why,’ is one of his most popular videos.

‘April Fool’s joke by Sourcefed,’ as well as ‘Just a Couple Friends – Acoustic (Music Video)’

‘Alternative Lifestyle,’ a successful comedic online series, was also produced by him.

On his YouTube account, he has started creating podcasts called ‘Beyond the Pine.’

Popular YouTubers such as ‘ParkerGames’ and ‘KKComics’ appear in many of his videos.

He’s also connected to channels like ‘Rooster Teeth’ and ‘Let’s Play.’