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Carrie Johnson apologizes for her embracing a friend at an engagement party

Carrie Johnson
  • Boris Johnson’s Partygate scandal
  • Carrie Johnson’s failure in judgment
  • Will Boris step down?

Carrie Johnson Every day, more information is being added to the Partygate scandal reports. This might put pressure on the UK’s current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and push him to quit.

The story discloses that Boris Johnson and his crew had multiple parties in and around Downing Street at a period when tight covid regulations were in effect.

Boris Johnson’s Partygate scandal

Every day, more images emerge revealing that Boris Johnson and,

his cabinet colleagues were throwing parties in and around Downing Street during a period when severe security measures were meant to be in place.

Were the rules simply for the general public’s benefit? Were the rules different for the Prime Minister, his family, and his cabinet?

The photographs reveal Boris Johnson acting carelessly at a time when he should have been doing what he told others to do.

He should have set a good example for his countrymen by rigorously following the rules.

He, however, did not. It is disgraceful, and people want him to quit as a result.

Six Conservative MPs have demanded his resignation, but he has yet to comply.

He wants to observe how things progress and what he can do to avoid resigning.

But the pressure is mounting!!! His cabinet is with him, but many have lost interest as a result of the latest discoveries.

Carrie Johnson’s failure in judgment

A photo of Carrie Johnson, Boris Johnson’s wife, hugging a friend at an engagement party has surfaced.

On September 17, 2020, the shot was taken at a social gathering at The Conduit, a private members’ club in Covent Garden.

This snapshot was published in the Sunday Telegraph’s online publication for all to see.

Carrie had her arm around Anna Pinder in it.

The two are laughing as they sit on the sofa on the restaurant’s outdoor terrace.

At the time, the rule of six was in effect, which meant that no one could gather more than six people.

Following the release of this photo, a Carrie Johnson spokeswoman stated:

“Mrs. Johnson was among six people sat outside, celebrating a friend’s engagement.”

“Mrs. Johnson regrets the slight slip in judgment that occurred when she briefly hugged her companion for a photograph.”

Other images dated 15 May 2020 show Carrie seated in No.10 yard with Boris and Mr. Reynolds.

Carrie was also present for the Bring Your Own Booze event on May 20, 2020.

Carrie Johnson
Carrie Johnson with Boris Johnson source: The Economic Times

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Will Boris step down?

Boris’ resignation is becoming increasingly popular.

However, Boris’s supporters refuse to answer any questions about it.

They are advising people to wait for Sue Gray’s report before making any further decisions.

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer promised voters that he and his government will act and work with integrity.

He went on to say that if they were re-elected, they would restore lost trust in the government.

In The Sunday Mirror, he wrote:

“The Prime Minister’s acts, and his refusal to accept responsibility for them,

indicate that he can no longer perform his basic duties.”

“He should resign in the public interest.”

Opinium conducted a poll, and Labour received 41% of the vote, putting them 10 points ahead of the Conservatives,

who received 31%. Two-thirds of those polled thought he should stand down.

This weekend, his ratings plummeted dramatically.

Boris may be compelled to submit and buckle under the increasing strain.