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Is Kat Stickler Pregnant? Answered Pregnancy Questions

Kat Stickler

Kat Stickler hasn’t gotten much attention from the general public in a long time. But that appears to have changed following her recent ‘PREGNANCY Q&A!!!’ video on YouTube.

The TikTok star posted a YouTube video titled ‘PREGNANCY Q&A!!!’ on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. I’ll answer your questions.’ Zeni, one of Stickler’s best friends, appeared in the video.

The video appears to have raised people’s eyebrows, prompting some to wonder if Stickler is expecting her second child [Stickler has one daughter, MK, with her ex-husband Mike Stickler]. Is Kat Stickler pregnant once more?

And the answer appears to be negative — Stickler isn’t expecting a second child, at least not right now.

So, what exactly is the video about? Stickler and Zeni discuss a variety of topics in the video, including how they discovered they were pregnant, their family’s reaction to their pregnancy, their wedding, and more.

Kat Stickler found out she was pregnant in what way?

Kat Stickler introduces Zeni to her viewers before the start of her YouTube video, telling them that Zeni is one of her closest friends and that she loves her.

She also stated that Zeni became pregnant two months after her daughter, MK.

Zeni read the first question after the introduction, “How did you find out you were pregnant?” “I urinated on the stick.”

Stickler responded immediately, and Zeni added, “Me too.” “Wow,” Stickler continued. It’s a small world. “What are the chances?”

Stickler responded more clearly after the amusing response, stating that she was with her roommates at the time.

She went to the bathroom for a pregnancy test out of politeness because she didn’t think she was pregnant because she had used contraception.

But, contrary to her expectations, she was pregnant, and she sobbed and called her mother.

Her mother, on the other hand, shot her down rather amusingly. Stickler recalled her conversation with her mother and stated:

“I called my mother and informed her that I was pregnant.” She mentioned that she had just taken a sleeping pill.

I can’t think about it before I go to bed, and she hung up on me. When I told my mother I was pregnant, she hung up.”

The second question, “How did the people around us react [to the pregnancy news]?” was read by Zeni. Stickler recalled a phone call she had with her mother, saying, “she hung up on me.”

Kat Stickler
Kat Stickler with her baby and husband. Source: homeimprovementzine

“I remember going to my friend Brook’s house, and she’s like such a good soul,” she continued.

She’s the sweetest person, and she was like, so sweet when I told her. She was in shock and trying to keep her cool. ‘Oh, it’s okay, oh,’ she says.

“She asks, ‘What are you going to do?'” “So, I slept over at Brooke’s house that night; literally the night I found out I was pregnant,” Sticker explained, before thanking Brooke and saying, “I love you.”

Wedding of Kat Stickler

Kat Stickler and Zeni moved forward, and the question of marriage arose.

Stickler burst out laughing as soon as Zeni said “wedding.” “I feel like our experiences have been very different,” Zeni later added.

Stickler then described her wedding to her now ex-husband, Mike Sticker.

“My [wedding] was in a courthouse,” she explained. I was with a group of families who were applying for green cards. That’s a good sign that they all got it.”

“It wasn’t good because I was crying and my mother was crying. It’s just not what I expected my wedding to be like,” she explained before adding that it’s okay because she now has a second chance at a future wedding, which will be incredible when it happens.

And while they were talking about weddings, they also talked about honeymoons.

Stickler revealed that she and Mike spent their honeymoon at her grandmother’s house and that it wasn’t a joke.

“Now that I’m saying it aloud, I see the signs were all there.”

“Perhaps a couple of red flags here and there,” she speculated.

Stickler eventually revealed that she was already pregnant with her daughter during her wedding to Mike.

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A dig at her ex-new husband’s girlfriend?

The next question was, “If you were dating someone with a child, would you post pictures of them on social media?”

Stickler appears to make a dig at her ex-husband’s new girlfriend, Tia Alannah Borso, aka Tia Borso while answering the question — Borso has posted numerous photos with Mike and MK.

Stickler replied, “No. The following question. Maybe if I was married to them and they had a good relationship with my mother.

But I know what it’s like to have a child and how awful it is, so no.

Kat Stickler would have preferred to date someone for a longer period of time if it hadn’t been for her baby.

The next question was rather personal, which Zeni acknowledged.

“Kat, I know this is profound,” Zeni said, before asking, “When would you have married if you weren’t expecting a child?”

Stickler said she didn’t know, but she would have dated someone for more than a couple of months before deciding to marry him. “It would have been on my terms,” she said.

Kat Stickler considered abortion at one point

Many young women become pregnant at a young age and believe that abortion is a safe option.

Stickler could have chosen the same option. Stickler said yes when Zeni asked if she had ever considered abortion.

“Yes, I did.” It was simply not what I desired or had planned for my life. And I was afraid of what people would say, for the wrong reasons. But I couldn’t do it, so I didn’t,” she replied.

As the video progressed, the two mothers answered additional questions, such as how they felt after having their children, if it was difficult to raise children at such a young age, if people judged them for having children at such a young age, and so on.

Stickler and Zeni’s children also appeared in the video to provide amusement.

“To motherhood and all the mamas out there, cheers!” Cheers. Okay, guys. I adore you. “Thank you for watching,” the TikTok star concluded her video.