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Inside Bryan Cranston and Wife Robin Dearden’s 3 Decades-Long Marriage

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  • Her character was a sorority sister, and his character was holding a gun to her head.

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Bryan Cranston and Wife Robin Dearden
Bryan Cranston and Wife Robin Dearden source: The Knot News

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Bryan Cranston gained prominence as the father in the long-running sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

His breakout effort, however, was the television series Breaking Bad, in which he notably played the character of Walter White.

But that’s not all he’s renowned for; the Breaking Bad star has also been happily married to his wife Robin Dearden for almost 30 years.

Everything you need to know about their long-lasting marriage can be found here.

Bryan Cranston met his wife while filming ‘Airwolf.’

Cranston met his current wife Dearden when he appeared as a guest on an episode of the military drama Airwolf in 1986.

He played a betrayed lover who took over a sorority reunion vacation.

Her character was a sorority sister, and his character was holding a gun to her head.

They quickly became buddies and flirted on stage.

They split up once the filming was through since they both had different companions.

“We met on that dreadful TV program 30 years ago,” Cranston noted of their first meeting at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in 2016.

“It completely changed both of our lives.”

Dearden also stated that, despite the fact that she had a boyfriend and Cranston had a girlfriend when they first met, she thought Cranston was “the funniest man I’d ever encountered.”

They reconnected a year later and continued where they had left off, only this time they were a year older and more mature.

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While swimming, Bryan Cranston proposed to his wife

The actor knew he’d cry if he had to propose to her in person.

So he devised a scheme to execute it when they were taking a bath, according to Nicki Swift.

As a result, he put it on his pinky toe.

He stretched his leg and said, “Here’s your ring, but I can’t reach it.” “Please remove the ring from my toe.”

Dearden called the proposal as “very romantic,” which is why the pair has been happily married for so long.
Dearden and Cranston’s friendship has lasted over three decades.

Taylor Dearden, their daughter, was born in 1993.

Taylor has appeared in several television episodes, including American Vandal and Breaking Bad.

Bryan Cranston was previously married before marrying his first wife, a writer from Florida named Micky Middleton, in 1977, when he was only 23 years old.

He commented on his marriage to Micky in his biography A Life In Parts, noting, “I don’t think I comprehended the depth and the impact of the commitment I was making.” My promises were not hollow. I was concerned about her.

I adored her. But in the end, I was unprepared.”

After only five years together, the couple split in 1982.

Cranston wrote in his book, “If any of us had been honest, we would have parted ways far sooner…

She was adorable.

There is no arguing. There is no bitterness. We were simply mismatched.” the engagement or the wedding day begins with their Intro Package.