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Asher Angel, Actor, First Auditions:

  • Asher was born Asher Dov Angel on September 6th, 2002, in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • He is the son of Jody Angel and Coco Angel.
  • Jody and Coco operate separate businesses.
  • The older brother of Avi Angel, 14, and London Angel, 12.

Asher Angel is a well-known American actor who rose to prominence after participating in the film Shazam. Aside from movies and television series, he is also a talented vocalist.

Many more ventures in music and film are in the works for the actor.

Since 2019, the charming actor has been in a loving relationship with actress and singer Annie Leblanc.

Asher Angel’s family is very proud of him, and his siblings look up to him.

Asher Angel’s Parents and Siblings

Coco and Jody’s oldest kid is Asher.

Coco, Asher’s mother, always predicted that he would become a famous star in the future.

When Asher and Coco went to see their first show together at Scottsdale’s Desert Stages Theatre, he was immediately drawn to the art of performing.

In addition, Asher’s maternal grandpa, Dennis Yares, and great-grandmother, Riva Yares, were well-known figures in the Scottsdale art world.

Asher Angele’s family includes his father, mother, brother, and sister.

When Asher was cast in Andi Mack, his entire family chose to relocate with him.

The first season was shot entirely in Utah.

His family, who had been residing in Arizona, chose to relocate to Utah.

His siblings Avi and London had some issues at first because they alternated between Arizona and Utah each semester.

But it was all worthwhile since Asher rose to prominence.

Asher’s Bar Mitzvah Was Postponed

The Angels are religious Jews.

When Asher first started auditioning for parts, his professional life abruptly took over.

He might even consider delaying it even longer at some point.

Coco, his mother, persuaded him to do it before he regretted it later.

“I informed him that every single individual on both sides of the family has done this,” she claimed in an interview with Arizona Jewish Life.

Asher Angel
Asher Angel Source: Seventeen magazine

Do you honestly believe you’re not going to do it? I’ll leave it up to you, but I believe you’ll be disappointed [if you don’t do it] in 10 or 15 years.”

Thankfully, Asher became a bar mitzvah in 2015, however, the celebration was not lavish.

It was hosted in Angel’s Paradise Valley home.

Asher’s Siblings Want To Be Runaway Models:

Avi, Asher’s younger sibling, is already exhibiting signs of being a future star, as Apple does not fall far from the tree.

Avi’s mother, Coco, stated that he is interested in fashion and aspires to be a model.

Avi has set his sights on doing a ramp walk in New York someday.

Avi and Asher bear little similarity, according to Coco, because they differ in ‘looks and aspirations.’

And, just as Coco and Jody helped Asher, Avi will soon receive the same treatment, but only when Asher is permanently settled.

London, the youngest of the brood, on the other hand, isn’t interested in acting or modeling right now.

To put it simply, she is still a child and enjoys being one.

Asher Angel’s First Auditions: His Mother Took Him

Coco, Asher’s mother, used to accompany him whenever his agency, Osbrink Talent, called for an audition.

At the age of 12, he auditioned for his most well-known part to date, Andi Mack.

He and his mother were on their way back to Arizona after the four-stage audition when his father called to tell him he had gotten the part.

Growing up, the 17-year-old was so determined to become an actor that he asked his mother at the age of five if he could move to Los Angeles.

Coco, being a responsible and adoring mother, promised to take him there if he did 30 local shows.

Asher had already worked on a number of films before landing the lead part in Shazam.

It’s a little daunting to learn that he worked in theater productions such as “The Little Mermaid,” “Seussical,” “Mary Poppins,” and “Into the Woods” before the age of ten.

As a result, Asher developed a strong interest in singing and began playing guitar at a young age.

He has six songs under his belt thus far, including Chemistry and One Thought Away.

How Much Money Does Asher Angel Have?

His net worth is at $300,000, with plenty of possibility for growth.

Asher Angel’s Relationship Status And Past Relationships

As of right now, Asher is not in a relationship.

He was once involved with adolescent sensation Annie Leblanc.

The adolescent couple had been dating since 2019 when he revealed their relationship on the Zach Sang show.

Since their confirmation, the former lovers have been well-known among their admirers for posting adorable PDA photos on Instagram.

To say they were one of the cutest couples around would be an understatement.

Asher and his girlfriend Annie enjoying a moment together

Asher and Annie’s Divorce: Why Did They Divorce?

Unfortunately, the cute couple called it quits on May 14, 2020.

Annie reported their break-up in a piece in which she revealed the end of their affair.

Similarly, Asher posted a cryptic photo of himself on his social media account.

His caption stated unequivocally that he and Annie had ended their relationship.

“You know you genuinely love someone when you can’t despise them for shattering your heart,” he wrote.

Although they did not reveal the cause for their split, fans believe it was due to Asher’s overbearing mother.

Fans have even speculated that the enigmatic image Asher tweeted was shared by his mother.

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After-breakup Instagram post by Asher Angle

And, since their breakup, Asher has been losing Instagram followers, in part because his mother called out Annie after their tragic split.

Prior to dating Annie, the actor had multiple celebrity hook-ups.

His first supposed romance was with Jenna Ortega.

When they attended the Venom movie premiere together, speculation about their relationship began.

He was also said to have dated Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Madisyn Shipman.