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Fans Accuse Teresa Earnhardt Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Throwback Scheme

dale earnhardt jr

NASCAR Race Fans Accuse Teresa Earnhardt’s Throwback Scheme Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has never shied away from discussing Teresa Earnhardt and their tumultuous relationship. He did it on his podcast just last year when he exposed how she had barred him and his sister from accessing some of their father’s cherished items.

That controversial history is why many fans were loud last week, accusing her of interfering and forcing the change to a retro design for a car dedicated to Junior.

In Japan, Dale Earnhardt Jr. competed against his father for the first time

Dale Earnhardt Jr. grew up watching his father dominate racing.

You can only imagine his joy and trepidation the first time he had the opportunity to compete against his famed father.

It happened in 1998 at a Japanese exhibition race.

The level of satisfaction with the outcomes varied depending on who was polled.

Outspoken NASCAR Fans Accuse Teresa Earnhardt
Outspoken NASCAR Fans Accuse Teresa Earnhardt Source: Sportscasting

Junior was overjoyed since he had completed it before his father.

Senior was understandably dissatisfied with the outcome and a maneuver his son made during the race when he threw him against the fence.

“I go in there and I’m changing clothes,” Earnhardt recalled on a Dale Jr. Download episode.

“It’s been a long journey, a long way over here, but I’m content.”

And Dad walks in, and I can see by the expression on his face that he doesn’t want to discuss.

I’m evolving.

He was taking off his shoes when I bent over to tie my shoe or something, and a friggin driving shoe flew right over the top of my head… And it was coming at us fast.

This wasn’t a coin toss, and it smashed into the wall behind it. ‘Man, he’s mad,’ I thought.

Throwback schemes from Japanese automobiles are being used by Trackhouse

Despite the nerves, Junior has long remembered his first race.

This week, Trackhouse Racing owner Justin Marks paid the Download studio a visit and revealed that Daniel Suarez and Ross Chastain would be racing this weekend at Darlington with throwback schemes from the Earnhardts’ two Coca-Cola-themed cars from Japan.

The Hall of Famer was moved by the gesture.

“Oh my god,” Earnhardt said after viewing a video that blended footage from the 1998 race with footage of the Trackhouse vehicles.

“The 1 automobile nearly takes my breath away.”

It’s the automobile.

Because doing throwbacks — as we discussed previously — is quite unique.

When you can do the sponsor, colors, and number in the correct typeface, it’s almost like an eclipse.

Everything. And that is the vehicle.”

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Fans are upset because the car’s design has been altered. Earnhardt, Teresa

When the Trackhouse schemes were revealed, Earnhardt fans reacted positively on social media.

Many speculated that Teresa Earnhardt, who has had a tumultuous relationship with Dale Jr. and his brothers for years, including an attempt to prohibit Kerry from using the family name in a business back in 2016, might have something to say about the design.

A day later, the designer of the schemes stated on Twitter that the No. 1 vehicle had been significantly tweaked to add the slash that is also featured in the Trackhouse emblem.

There was no explanation given for the shift, but many fans had suspicions, most of which pointed back to Teresa.

One was a series of images of Oprah dressed as Teresa and issuing papers to everyone.

“Teresa Earnhardt is the Karen of NASCAR,” stated another.

On Twitter, Fox’s Bob Pockrass responded to a fan’s concern about Teresa’s involvement.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s car design
Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s car design Source: NASCAR

“I’ve been told that Trackhouse did not change the 1 on its flashback in response to Teresa’s request,” the reporter noted.

Fans will likely never know whether or not she was involved.

On Sunday at Darlington, no one will be concerned about the slash on the No. 1 car, but instead will be able to travel back in time to the 1998 race, when Junior outperformed his father.

And, based on Trackhouse’s performance thus far in 2022, there may not be any shoes hurled, but there is certainly the possibility of a watermelon flying through the air and shattering into the ground.

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