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Fabiano Caruana

Who is Fabiano Caruana?

Fabiano Caruana, a chess prodigy and one of the youngest grandmasters, with a net worth of $13 million. Fabiano Caruana is an Italian-American professional chess player who holds the record for being the youngest grandmaster in both Italy and the United States.

He also achieved a grandmaster at the age of 14 years, 11 months, and 20 days.

Caruana is currently ranked second in the world among some of the finest.

Similarly, the chess prodigy gained his grandmaster degree and won his first Italian Chess Championship in 2007.

Furthermore, he was born in Miami to Italian-American parents, where he began playing chess at a young age.

Caruana represented the United States in chess until 2005 when he moved to Italy.

World chess champion Fabiano Caruana during the World Chess Championship.

Soon after, he began to amass a slew of titles, including four consecutive Italian Chess Championships, three Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meetings, and numerous others.

Similarly, he won the Sinquefield Cup in 2014, with an unprecedented 3103 performance rating.

Furthermore, the grandmaster raised his Elo rating to 2844, making him the third-highest-rated player in history, trailing only Magnus Carlsen and Garry Kasparov.

He returned to the United States in 2015 after a successful career.

He extended his winning streak by winning the FIDE Grand Prix 2014-15.

He also won the US Chess Championship in 2016.

After that, Fabiano went on to represent the United States on board one at the 42nd Chess Olympiad.

He also helped the US team win gold and bronze in the individual round.

Furthermore, he won the Candidates Tournament 2018, becoming only the second American to challenge the uncontested World Chess Championship.

Fabiano Caruana’s Net Worth, Salary, and Endorsements

Caruana made the majority of his fortune as a world-class chess player.

Furthermore, his net worth is reported to be around $13 million.

Because the chess prodigy did not want to flaunt his wealth like most of his peers, there is no information on his entire income from prize money.

Nonetheless, we know that he won $511,400 at the 2018 World Championship after taking silver.

Similarly, he received $95,000 in the same year for winning the Candidates event.

A single match recently earned him $13,678.61 in prize money.

As a result, he is ranked #928 in the world for best overall profits and #178 in the United States.

He earned more than $1 million in prize money in just two years.

Not to mention that he is currently the second-richest chess player behind Hikaru Nakamura.

Aside from that, he gets a decent living via his sponsorship, which includes the Chess Club and Scholastic Center, Liberty Science Center, and many others.

Similarly, Caruana has merchandise that he sells online through his website.

Furthermore, he has witnessed the promotion of his merchandise via social media.

The Net Worth of Fabiano Caruana in Different Currencies

  • Currency Net Worth €9,373,265 Pound Sterling
  • Australian Dollar: £8,024,115
  • 817,152,050 BitCoin

Fabiano Caruana Net Worth | House & Automobiles

Caruana, who rose to prominence at a young age, sought to live a secluded life.

As a result, there are few facts concerning the chess genius’ residence.

Nonetheless, we know he lived in his parents’ home in Miami, Florida.

Furthermore, when I was four years old, my family moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York City.

The Park Slope house was not as fancy, but it met all of the family’s essential necessities.

Not to mention how close the residence was to Fabiano’s chess classes.

Furthermore, there was a separate chess chamber in the house where the young prodigy would spend hours playing and learning the game.

The Caruana family, however, went to Madrid, Spain, after six years, where they lived in a well-equipped property with a yard and pool.

Grandmaster chess duel with Tesla Fabiano and Tesla Model 3 Arcade are playing chess.

Nonetheless, Fabiano was rarely seen playing because he spent much of his time preparing and practicing.

Furthermore, during his training, he moved across numerous nations, including Budapest, Switzerland.

As a result, he never fully settled in one place during his adolescence.

However, the relocation would come to an end when he returned to the United States.

As a result, in 2014, he purchased a luxury home in St. Louis, Missouri.

Similarly, he got a Tesla Model 3 automobile, with which he enjoys playing chess.

Fabiano Caruana Net Worth | Vacation and Lifestyle

The youngest grandmaster lives a lavish lifestyle. Similarly, he lives in a million-dollar mansion with equally expensive cars.

Furthermore, the player’s success story has been highlighted in numerous journals and newspapers.

As a result, he knows several high-profile celebrities, like David Blaine, the famous illusionist, Viswanathan Anand, Magnus Carlsen, and others.

He also spends most of his time practicing and teaching people how to play the game.

Nonetheless, he makes time in his rigorous schedule to visit many locations.

As a result, he has visited Sydney, Mumbai, Lugano, and other locations.

Aside from chess, he is also interested in photography.

As a result, there are numerous breathtaking images of panoramic views on his Instagram account.

Charity | Fabiano Caruana’s Net Worth

The chess prodigy has been active in a number of humanitarian endeavors.

Caruana, therefore, is a member of US Chess.

Furthermore, the organization is a non-profit organization in the United States that was created to empower people through the use of chess.

Furthermore, this organization was started 29 years ago and has been assisting people in improving and enriching their lives via chess.

Similarly, the young chess prodigy has been a strong supporter of this charity, assisting them in raising cash for numerous projects.

In addition, Caruana is an ambassador for the Liberty Science Center’s Chess Work.

The LSC’s chess work is a chess program that is held after school.

Similarly, the initiative primarily targets children from at-risk populations.

Furthermore, numerous chess contests are arranged for children to assist challenge their critical thinking.

Fabiano Caruana Net Worth | Grandmaster with the Highest Ranking

Fabiano Caruana began playing the sport at the age of four.

As a result, noticing his ability, his parents urged him to pursue training, which was beneficial to the child.

He has received instruction from some of the world’s most illustrious grandmasters.

At 14 years, 11 months, and 20 days, he became the youngest grandmaster in both the United States and Italy in 2007.

Furthermore, his win made news in the chess world, and several opponents saw him as a potential threat to their careers.

Soon after, the chess player joined the Italian Championship and easily won it.

Furthermore, when his popularity grew, his ranking jumped dramatically.

As a result, by the age of 22, Fabiano was ranked second in the world, with a FIDE ranking of 2844.

Similarly, the chess player won the Sinquefield Cup with the largest tournament win of all time.

Recent Professional Experience

Later, he won the Candidates competition in Berlin, earning him a ticket to the World Championship.

Furthermore, many chess fans and pundits believed Carlsen and Caruana’s showdown was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As a result, the match drew a large audience who believed Caruana may be a strong opponent to Carlsen’s perfect record.

Fabiano Caruana
Fabiano Caruana playing chess Source: Amly

Fabiano lost by a hair, despite his best efforts. Nonetheless, he maintained his position as the world’s second-best chess player.

Furthermore, he suffered a little setback when he was unable to qualify for the 2019 London Chess Classic.

Similarly, he placed fourth overall in the 2020 Candidates Tournament.

Nonetheless, Caruana is striving hard to reclaim a major title.

As a result, he is rarely seen in the media these days, owing to speculation that he is training and practicing hard.

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Fabiano Caruana Information

  • Caruana is the youngest grandmaster in the history of both the United States and Italy.
  • Fabiano practices yoga to unwind and relieve stress from his matches.
  • The chess prodigy holds dual citizenship in Italy and the United States.
  • Caruana began competing in chess contests at the age of five, and he quickly established a significant winning run.