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Esteban Loaiza

Esteban Loaiza

Esteban Loaiza is a former professional baseball player and athlete. Esteban Loaiza was a well-known name in Major League Baseball in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Loaiza won the Players’ Choice Comeback Player of the Year award in 2003.

With amazing stats in his games, he had carved out a unique identity for himself.

In addition, he left the game industry in 2008.

Early life, & Parents

Esteban Loaiza was born on December 31, 1971, in Tijuana, Mexico.

He is 50 years old born under the sun-sign Capricorn.

María del Socorro Veyna and Luis Antonio Loaiza are his parents.

In truth, he has a sister named Maria Luisa and a big brother named Sabino Loaiza.

Also, he holds dual Mexican and American citizenship and is of Mexican heritage.


He completed his schooling at Mar Vista High School in Imperial Beach, California. Here, Esteban loved sports.

He would spend his young age playing various games. Likewise, he developed a passion for baseball from a young age.

Height, & Weight

Esteban Loaiza stands 6 feet, 2 inches tall. Esteban’s body weighs 104 kgs. Moreover, He has a well-built body.


Unfortunately, Loaiza has type 2 diabetes (a condition that causes the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood to become too high). Due to diabetes, his body suffered a lot.

Facts of Esteban Loaiza

Full Name Esteban Antonio Loaiza Veyna
Nickname Esteban Loaiza
Birth Date December 31, 1971
Birth Place Tijuana, Mexico
Religion N/A
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Latin
Education Mar Vista High School
Horoscope Capricorn
Father’s Name Luis Antonio Loaiza
Mother’s Name María del Socorro Veyna
Siblings Brother(Sabino Loaiza) ,Sister(Maria Luisa)
Height 1.88 m, 6 feet 2 inches (approx)
Weight 104 kg
Age 50 Years Old
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Marital Status Ex-wives Christina Teadora Barrasso (m.1998 d.2004), Jenni Rivera(deceased) (m.2010,wife died before divorce)
Girlfriends Ashley Esposito, Cristina Eustace, Ross Labra
Children 2 Sons, Esteban Sage (with Ashley Esposito), Esteban Loaiza Eustace (from Cristina Eustace)
Profession Athlete, Professional baseball pitcher (Retired)
Net Worth $ 5 million (as per 2019 statistics)
Shoe size N/A
Affiliations Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Washington Nationals, Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers, Mexico City Red Devils, Mexican Summer League, American League
Active as a professional Retired, Active from 1995 to 2008
Disease Type 2 Diabetes
Residence Federal Prison, USA
Legal Issues Overspeed driving, Drug trafficking
Social Media  Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter
Merch Baseball Cards, Autographed Items
Last Update April 2022

Estimated Net Worth

Esteban Loaiza’s net worth was calculated to be $44 million from his early career until 2018.

For his illicit acts, he had to pay a large sum of money/compensation.

As a result, he has lost the majority of his money.

Professional Life and Career

Pittsburgh Pirates

On March 21, 1991, Pittsburgh Pirates signed Esteban. The same year, he started five games from Gulf Coast Pirates with2.26 an earned run average.

He was then promoted to August (Class A)in 1992, Salem(Class-A) in 1993, and Carolina (Class-AA) in 1993-1994, respectively.

On April 29, 1995, he made a debut in Major League for the Pirates. But in the year 1996, He went back to the minors with the Triple-A Calgary Cannons.

However, the major league called him back again on June 7 of the same year.

On 1998, July 17, the Pirates traded Esteban to the Texas Rangers.

Texas Rangers

The next two seasons were spent with Texas. Here. he played as a starter and a reliever for the Rangers.

Toronto Blue Jays

Next, The year 2000 brought Esteban to Toronto Blue Jays. He played for the team for two years, i.e., till 2002.

Chicago White Sox (2003–2004)

Eventually, Loaiza signed a contract with Chicago White Sox in 2003, After signing with the Chicago White Sox as a free agent.

In fact, Esteban became a member of the All-star game from the White Sox in the American League in 2004.

In fact, His appearance in the All-Star game got him to be traded to the New York Yankees.

However, his performance was not appealing. Thus he was moved to the bullpen during the regular season.

Washington Nationals

Further, he signed a one-year deal with the Washington Nationals. He got the deal as a free agent.

In 2005, He had a 3.77 ERA for the Washington Nationals team.

Oakland Athletics

Later, Esteban signed a three-year contract with Oakland Athletics.

But his performance started degrading here. His stats started getting lower.

Loaiza’s poor performance was partly affected due to injury and back & shoulder problems.

The 2007 regular season did not go well.

Loaiza had to spend a large amount of time on the disabled list.

He was then moved back to the 25-man roster on August 22, 2007.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Likewise, The Los Angeles Dodgers bought the remaining of Esteban’s contract with Oakland Athletics.

Surprisingly, his debut for this team was quite impressive.

Instantly, expectations rose higher as Loaiza had fully recovered from his injuries and regained his Dodgers spot.

Esteban Loaiza
Esteban Loaiza in an ongoing match. Source: wtop

However, the performance could not make a difference.

Thus, the rest of the season went off without making any significant marks.

Later, Loaiza was released on May 24 from the contract.

Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox accepted Esteban On June 4, 2008.

But the annoying injuries and physical discomfort got him on the disabled list.

Finally, after six weeks of being on the disabled list, he was released from the contract.


During his legendary career, Loaiza got various awards. The list goes like this:

He was named Player of the Week and Pitcher of the Month for the month of April in 2003.

Loaiza won the Players’ Choice Comeback Player of the Year award in 2003.

Loaiza was named Pitcher of the Month for the second time in 2006, this time for the month of August.

Esteban’s name was added to the Las Vegas Walk of Fame on July 1, 2011.

Private life

Wife No. 1

Esteban Loaiza led a Cassanova-like existence. His purported relationship and failed marriage show that he is a playboy.

Loaiza married Christina Teadora Varrasso in October 1998, and the couple divorced in October 2004.

Mistress/Illicit Relationship

Loaiza afterward began dating Ashley Esposito. Ashley was a 19-year-old babysitter for a teammate.

Surprisingly, the affair began just weeks before he married Christina. Esteban was lavishing presents on the mistress.

Sage Loaiza is the name of their kid. Their relationship began to deteriorate, but Ashley and Loaiza have provided excellent care for their son.

Wife number two

In 2010, Esteban married Jenni Rivera. Jenni was a singer, songwriter, actor, television producer, ambassador, businesswoman, and philanthropist who was Mexican-American.

Jenni Rivera met Esteban in 2008. Esteban was her third marriage, which is a fun fact.

Their wedding was attended by 800 people.

As it was advertised on different TV channels and magazine pages, this ceremony became known as the “wedding of the year.” They aren’t married and don’t have any children together.

I Love Jenni, a Mexican-American reality television series that premiered on March 5, 2011, was a fun fact.

The show would depict Jenni-Rivera, Loaiza’s second wife and a prominent Mexican-American singer, in her personal and professional life.

Esteban made an appearance with his stepchildren on this show.

Divorce and Controversy

Esteban was eventually accused of being unfaithful to Jenni.

Esteban and her stepdaughter, Janney Marn Rivera, AKA Chiquis Rivera, were rumored to be having an affair, although this hypothesis was never substantiated.

People, though, continue to have reservations about Esteban.

Jenni’s room had been cleared of six weeks of security camera footage.

The marriage, unfortunately, did not last. Later, in 2012, Esteban and Jenni filed for divorce.

Esteban afterward dated Cristina Eustace, a Mexican singer, from 2013 to 2016.

Cristina, in fact, ended the relationship on her own. When their son was just three months old, she made this action.

Ross Labra’s relationship

Ross was, interestingly enough, Esteban’s fifth (and only) love.

He has been dating her since 2018 and will continue to do so till the end of the year.

Legal Concerns and the Current Situation

However, Esteban appears to be having difficulty dealing with his celebrity before retirement.

He has gotten himself and his family into two serious legal troubles that have impeded their lives.

First, Loaiza was caught driving his Ferrari at 120 mph on the California Highway near San Lorenzo, according to the traffic cops.

Simultaneously, he failed a sobriety test. He appeared in court on July 14, 2006.

Loaiza was detained in San Diego on February 9th, 2018 with approximately 20 kilograms (44 lb) of cocaine while returning to the United States from Mexico.

The drug is estimated to be worth roughly $500,000. Initially, he denied having the items.

Finally, US authorities charged him with narcotics possession or purchase, as well as transportation of narcotics sales.

In August, the jury returned a verdict in this case. Loaiza was condemned to a three-year jail sentence on March 8, 2019.

Once he is released from prison, the US government will deport him back to Mexico, where he was born.

Furthermore, Esteban’s legal issues have had an impact on Ashley and Sage’s lives.

Sage, his son, could lose his home if his father causes any disturbance within the prison.

Inside the jail, inmates took special safeguards for Esteban’s health.

He is especially susceptible to COVID-19 infection because he has type 2 diabetes.

Esteban was arrested and transferred to a federal jail.

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Presence on social media

His public appearance has been harmed as a result of his illicit activities.

Since his arrest, he has been silent on social media. At the time, Esteban’s tweets are even protected.

Loaiza also has his own Wikipedia page.

His Instagram (@loaizagroup) has 35.9k followers and his Twitter  @estebanloaiza has 1613 followers.