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Dick Pole

Dick Pole

Who Is Dick Pole?

Dick Pole is the stage name of Richard Henry Pole, a former major league pitcher, and pitching coach. Dick Pole is a right-handed pitcher who has won numerous accolades for his coaching and playing abilities. This former pitcher’s life was full of hilarious occurrences.

Along with Pete Lacock, one of them is making the “Top 30 list of players” with the worst name.

More Facts About Dick Pole

Full Name Richard Henry Pole
Date Of Birth October 13, 1950
Place Of Birth Trout Creek, Michigan
Nick/Pet Name Dick Pole
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging Caucasian
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Number Of Siblings Unknown
Education Northern Michigan University
Zodiac Sign Libra
Age 71 years old
Height ‎6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight 210 pounds (95 kg)
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Shoe Size Unavailable
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Athletic
Marital Status Unknown
Girlfriend No
Children Unknown
Occupation Former Pitcher and Coach
Net worth $1 million – $5 million
Salary Unknown
Active Since August 3, 1973
Pets Unknown
Current works Unknown
Social Handle Twitter
MLB Merch Trading Card, Hats
Last Update September 2022

Body Dimensions

The retired baseball player will be 71 years old in 2022 because he was born on October 13, 1950.

Pole reached a magnificent height of 6 feet and 3 inches and weighed over 210 pounds (95 kg) during the height of his professional career.

Regarding Dick’s body during his playing career, it was in the best possible shape.

Dick Pole
Dick Pole is taking photos. Source: The Mining Gazatte

His body was a work of art since he had to follow rigorous fitness regimens and eat a well-balanced diet.

Based on his appearance in the 1970s, Pole must have drawn a lot of attention with his curly golden hair and deep blue eyes.

He sported a mustache that became increasingly well-known during his time.

Since Dick has been playing baseball for a very long period, it is clear that he has a large following.

Similar to this, Pole is a Libran by virtue of his aggressive birth sign and zodiac sign.

He is cardinal air in both modality and element.

Education and Early Life

Pole, a former MLB player, was raised in Trout Creek, Michigan, by a loving mother and a proud father.

Dick must have adored several children’s books and television programs, including The Auntie Dee Show, Andy’s Gang, Adventure Time, The Adventures of Champion, and Acrobat Ranch.

When he was a child in the 1950s, all of these programs were extremely well-known.

As soon as Pole reached the required age, he enrolled in Ewen-Trout Creek High School.

Following that, Dick enrolled at Northern Michigan University, and soon after graduating from college, he began receiving offers to play.

Dick Pole | Playing a Career

The former pitcher joined the Boston Red Sox as an amateur free agent to begin his career.

He quickly transformed himself into a standout pitcher in the Class AAA Pawtucket organization.

He had 158 strikeouts and a 2.03 run average.

The International League had the highest-scoring play.

He also set a pitching no-hitter record for Peninsula during the same year.

In the second game of a doubleheader against the Baltimore Orioles in 1973, Dick also made his main league debut.

Following the game, pole played for the same squad for an additional four seasons

. He alternated between playing in the rotation and the bullpen for the squad.


He suffered severe injuries while playing for the Orioles in 1975, almost losing his illustrious career.

It was a truly heartbreaking sight to witness as Pole was struck directly in the face by Tony Muser’s line drive.

That hit was so hard that it retreated into a foul area not far from third base.

The pole sustained a broken jaw as a result of the action, which saw the opposing team win the scoring by two runs.

On top of that, Dick’s right eye’s retina sustained significant harm.

He took a break to receive therapy, but the harmed eyes never recovered completely.

As horrible a transgression as one could do, Pole ultimately lost 90% of the vision in his right eye.

However, this gutsy man persisted in playing; he pitched in the 1975 World Series.

However, Dick’s squad lost a lot thanks to his two batters in that situation.

Recovering from Injury

In the following year’s campaign, Pole was named the Seattle Mariners franchise’s inaugural affiliate.

He was selected by the team with the seventh choice in the 1976 MLB expansion draft, coming from the Red Sox.

When he surrendered Reggie Jackson’s 300th career home run while playing for the Mariners in 1977, Dick displayed incredible play.

Since the Mariners decided not to renew their contract, Pole was fired from the team in 1979.

The Red Sox defeated the Tigers 7-2 thanks to Pole’s four innings of relief pitching.

Luis Taint, a Red Sox Hall of Famer, had his game safeguarded as well.

After his Major League career came to an end, Dick continued to play professionally in Mexico.

Coaching Career

In 1983, Pole began his coaching career with the Chicago Cubs farm system.

He gradually became a member of the Major League coaching staff by serving as Don Zimmer’s pitching coach.

Dick kept doing the same thing up until Greg Maddux was introduced.

He began preparing Maddox for league play.

Greg also recognized Pole as being a significant influence and important factor in his achievement.

He made it quite obvious in his several interviews that the pole was pointing in the proper direction.

Maddux added that he wouldn’t be in his current position now without all of this advice.

Additionally, Pole transferred to the San Francisco Giants under Dusty Baker and resumed his duties as a pitching coach for the Pawtucket Red Sox.

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Boston to Giants:

Till 2001, Dick served as a pitching coach for the Cleveland Indians, Anaheim Angels, and Boston as well as a bullpen instructor.

For this effort, he was receiving a lot of buzz and attention.

The Montreal Expos were Pole’s choice for the next season.

Pole, however, never managed to establish himself with a team; it appeared as though he switched clubs every other year.

When he returned to the Cubs in 2003 as a coach, the same situation persisted.

Similar to 2009, the Reds let him go without providing the right justification.

The decision was organizational, the club later said.

Pole appeared to leave right away after being informed.

 Income and Assets

Baseball is the former athlete’s main source of income and has been for a very long time.

Both as a player and a coach, he has held many contracts throughout his career.

Dick also frequented numerous clubs, which likely increased his pay because of his experience and growing expertise.

The estimated net worth of Pole is between $1 million and $5 million.

After calculation and investigation across several platforms, the data have been given.

The details of his pay are still unavailable.

But as soon as it is, we’ll update this page.

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Instagram presence

The sports legend from the Upper Peninsula comes from a time when having a social media presence was virtually impossible.

It’s because there wasn’t much technology available in his day.

But it doesn’t mean anybody his age uses social media in any capacity.

Unfortunately, Dick is never seen tweeting his opinions or sharing a picture.

He is one of the players without a social media profile, but people can still look up his news.

Although several hashtags about him are hidden beneath it, it’s not his actual account.

There is no information on his Facebook or Instagram hashtags.