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Dennis Rodman Felt Like a ‘Total Person’ When He Spent Time With the LGBTQ Community

When Dennis Rodman spent time with the LGBTQ community, he felt like a “complete person”

When Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman is involved, basketball fans know they’re in for a treat. Rodman has long been an outcast, someone who lives life to the fullest, however, he believes is right.

Rodman recognized as he grew older that everyone, regardless of background. He deserved to live their lives with as much fun and freedom as he did.

Dennis Rodman was made to feel like a “complete person” by the LGBTQ community

Dennis Rodman has always been a wild spirit, with several piercings and flashy attire.

Rodman’s desire to spend time with people with diverse likes and interests made sense.

Dennis Rodman
NBA legend Dennis Rodman loves the LGBTQ community Source Getty Image

Rodman talked about his friendship with the LGBTQ community in his 1996 book, Bad As I Wanna Be.

Rodman went on to explain how he frequently spent time at gay bars

“Being in a gay bar or wearing a sequined halter top lets me feel like a whole person, not simply a one-dimensional man.”

Rodman stated unequivocally in the book that he is not gay.

He did, however, write about fantasizing about having sex with another man.

“I feel it is normal for your body to move anywhere it wants,” Rodman wrote.

Rodman has a long road to self-acceptance and love.

Dennis Rodman is a firm believer in uniqueness, so much so that his tattoos and piercings are more associated with him than his rebounding or championship rings.

On the court, Rodman never backs down from a challenge.

While on the ‘Bad Boys’ Detroit Pistons teams, he fought other players and later served as Michael Jordan’s enforcer with the Chicago Bulls.

Away from the court, Rodman realized he could be more than just a basketball player.

Rodman said in Bad As I Wanna Be that in 1993, his final year with the Pistons, he considered suicide.

Rodman decided that night, while listening to Pearl Jam in his automobile, that he would live his life the way he wanted.

Nearly 30 years later, he is a man who likes himself and is at ease in his own flesh.

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Dennis Rodman continues to promote the LGBTQ community

Rodman has worked as an advocate for marginalized persons for many years, from those suffering from their own individualism to larger communities.

This includes the LGBTQ community, which Rodman supported during his playing career.

Rodman repeated his desire for people to be happy in a 2019 interview with Business Insider.

Dennis Rodman continues to promote the LGBTQ community
Dennis Rodman continues to promote the LGBTQ community Source: CNN

This included people embracing their true selves, he explained.

“I’m not sure why folks haven’t come out sooner,” Rodman added.

“It’s great that people are coming out as gay, homosexual, lesbian, and other things like that.”