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Dana White

Dana White

Dana White is a boxer and the president of UFC. Dana White is the driving force behind UFC’s success. He exerted every effort to make his program popular, and the success of the UFC is a direct result of his efforts.

At the age of seventeen, Dana began boxing professionally.

Although he may be enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, he put in long hours to get where he is.

White is an inspiration to many young people and a success story.

Childhood and Early Life

Dana White was born on July 28, 1969, in Manchester, Connecticut, in the United States to June White, her mother, and Dana Sr., her father.

His mother is Irish and his father is American, therefore he grew up assimilating both cultures’ morals.

He was reared by his mother and her side of the family, along with his sister Kelly.

White developed a keen interest in boxing at a young age and began competing at the age of 17.

In his first semesters at Quincy College and UMass Boston, White left both institutions.

Whitey Bulger and Kevin Weeks, a two-man gang, were continuously threatening White, so he was forced to leave Boston and relocate to Las Vegas.

Because he owed them $2500 but lacked the funds to do so, Dana had to relocate to Las Vegas and hide from them.

Along with his partners, the Fertitta brothers, Vegas White began operating a boxercise business and training ground game.

White had no idea how his life would soon change; after starting to train in Lewis’s office, he ran into Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell and ended up managing both of them.

Nevertheless, his new journey began from this point on.

Net Worth & Assets

Dana White has a sizable net worth of $500 million.

Dana has made a large sum of money in his role as UFC president.

He has created his own businesses in addition to UFC. Dana is also anticipated to make over $20 million yearly.

There is no denying that this multi-millionaire leads a luxury lifestyle.

White purchased three properties in Nevada Las Vegas in 2016.

He also purchased a 7700-square-foot home in October for $1.8 million.

The same applies to a $2.4 million bungalow in January and a $2 million home with 4700 square feet.

Aside from that, Dana enjoys driving and has a collection of high-end vehicles.

For instance, Dana spent $180,000 on a vintage red Ferrari. In addition, he spent $211,000 on a black Ferrari to add to his collection.

His first vehicle was a Datsun 320, which he still drives carefully, and his BMW M6 Gran cost him about $115,000.

Every time Dana needs to travel, he does so on a Bombardier aircraft.

Even more extravagant gifts have been given to his family, including a $180,000 V8 Defender for his eldest son and a $125,000 BMW M6 for his 16th birthday.

In a similar vein, Dana is the proud owner of a Harley Davidson that was given to him by the Harley Davidson Corporation. In addition, he owns Ducati and Augusta.

Facts of Dana White

Full Name Dana Frederick White Jr.
Birth Date July 28, 1969
Birth Place Manchester, Connecticut, U.S.
Nick Name Not Available
Age 52 Years Old
Nationality American 
Ethnicity Irish-American 
  • Hermon High School
  • Quincy College
  • UMass Boston
Horoscope Leo
Father’s Name Dana White Sr.
Mother’s Name June White
Siblings Kelly White
Height 5 ft. 10 inches
Weight 88 kg
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Marital Status Married 
Wife Anne Stella 
Children Dana III, Aidan White, and Savannah White
Profession Boxer, President of UFC
Affiliation  UFC, MMA
Religion  Doesn’t believe in religion 
UFC Shares 9%
Became UFC’s President in 2000
Passionate About Sports, Gym, Boxing 
Career Earnings $500 Million 
Salary $20 Million
Merch Paperback: Dana White, King of MMA
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, TikTok
Last Update June 2022


Dana first met Bob Meyrowitz while working with Ortiz and Liddell as a manager. Bob was the proprietor of Semaphore Entertainment Group, which also served as the UFC’s parent organization.

When White learned that Bob was eager to sell the UFC, he immediately got in touch with Lorenzo Fertitta, a childhood friend.

The primary goal of Lorenzo, who co-founded Station Casinos, was to persuade Fertitta to purchase UFC.

Dana was the reason the UFC was granted a license by the Nevada State Sports Commission and given official sport status by all the important state athletic boards.

Finally, Lorenzo and his brother Frank purchased UFC and appointed Dana as the organization’s president in January 2001.

But back then, UFC was just a name with no brand value. Due to their insolvency, the former owners decided to sell the business for $2 million in order to make some money.

Furthermore, Dana contributed his percentage to the business and worked nonstop to elevate UFC to a top organization.

Dana White
Dana White during Floyd Mayweather Fight announcement. Source: Bleacher Report

Nevertheless, his efforts paid off because UFC eventually became a lucrative business with a $600 million annual revenue.

Later, the consortium paid $4.025 billion to purchase UFC, and Dana received 9% of the stock. Dana then made the decision to carry on in his role as President.

Dana has made a name for himself outside of the UFC as well. White began the Mayweather-McGregor boxing match in 2017.

In addition, he founded White’s Contender Series, which is entirely apart from the UFC and allows athletes to compete for a contract offer with the organization.

Dana made an announcement in 2019 that he had extended his agreement to lead the UFC for an extra seven years.

Dana made the decision to keep UFC going even though COVID was causing everyone worries at home and no major entertainment was running. Nevertheless, this contributed to the UFC’s growing fan base.

Awards and Successes

World MMA Promoter of the Year Books: Former Patriot Award Winner Leading Man of the Year for ten straight years
In order to honor his accomplishments and motivate young people, some novels have been created in his honor.

Through a mother’s eye: The Dana Story is one of them. This book tells the story of Dana’s upbringing by his single mother, June.

Dana, King of MMA is the second volume. Without a doubt, this novel is also about Dana, but it’s more like getting to know White the person, everything about him, good and bad.

Additionally, Dana has released a book under his name that was not actually written by him but bears his name as an author.

Do Not Believe in Anything You Read was the title of the book. However, Dana’s own photos and tweets are used throughout the entire book.


Dana’s life has had its ups and downs and has not always been simple. He is a public figure, thus the public will evaluate every action he takes.

Dana has also garnered considerable attention after his name was brought up in a sex tape incident.

He was accused of giving a Brazilian stripper $10,000 in exchange for her spending the night with him. He was charged with cheating on his wife by her as well.

Following the incident, the stripper’s boyfriend began to blackmail White and demand money from him. Dana was not aware of this situation, thus the stripper recorded the event without her permission.

Following the dismissal of the case in 2020, the court imprisoned the stripper’s boyfriend for blackmailing White.

Jake Paul and Dana Dispute

The conflict between Jake Paul and Dana is widely known. Nevertheless, Jack’s dissatisfaction with his compensation is what started this fight.

If you’re curious about Jake, he’s a well-known UFC fighter. Jake, though, consistently grabs attention with his divisive remarks.

Every time, Jake has embarrassed Dana and even put out a diss song about him. Dana, on the other hand, didn’t remain silent either and made fun of Jake Paul.

Even though Dana and Jake aren’t physically fighting, everyone is interested in their social media conflict.

Personal life

Dana White and Anne Stella, his childhood sweetheart, are blissfully married. They have been together since 1996 and have been in love since they were in eighth grade, to provide an example.

Dana respects his wife’s privacy and keeps her out of the spotlight because she doesn’t appreciate being in the public glare.

In addition, this lovely couple has three children: Savannah White, Aiden White, and Dana III.

Nevertheless, he leads a rich lifestyle with his family and even gives his children some opulent possessions.

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Body Dimensions

With a height of 5 feet 1 inch, Dana White has a good height.

In addition, he weighs about 88 kg; Dana himself is a boxer and is aware of how to maintain a fit body as an athlete.

Dana, on the other hand, complements his appearance with gorgeous brown eyes and balding hair.

Dana had black hair and a mustache, so this wasn’t always his personal style.

Social Media

Dana uses social media frequently. He is active on Instagram, TikTok, and all the other big social media sites.

Jake Paul and Dana were engaged in a Twitter feud after Jake referred to Dana as an unhappy billionaire and produced a song dissing Dana.

Dana also frequently tweets provocative sentiments and key UFC highlights on his social media accounts.