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Casey Cott: Who Is Casey Dating?

Casey Cott
  • In December 2020, Casey Cott proposed to their girlfriend.
  • He played the gay role flawlessly, which is bound to raise some eyebrows.
  • Casey was reportedly in a relationship with actress Stephanie Styles in 2017.
  • Casey has been linked to Sabrina Carpenter, a singer, and actress.

Who is Casey Cott?

Since Casey Cott’s portrayal of Kevin Keller on Riverdale, there has been much speculation about his sexuality. After all, Casey Cott played the gay role flawlessly, which is bound to raise some eyebrows.

In 2021, who will Casey Cott be dating? He Is Married

Unfortunately, Casey Cott is already booked. Yes, you read that correctly: the American actor is in a relationship.

But wait, there’s more: not only is he dating her, but the couple is also happily engaged.

In December 2020, Casey proposed to their girlfriend.

He shared a beautiful picture with his fiance after they got engaged, in which she is showing off the big rock.

Casey and his girlfriend are planning to marry.

In late 2020, Casey and his girlfriend got engaged.

Casey Cott
Casey Cott with his girlfriend. Source: mirror

When he first started sharing pictures with his girlfriend, many of his fans assumed she was just a casual acquaintance, but more photos followed.

What really got the internet going was when he posted a picture of the girl kissing him.

In addition, he shared another photo with her in December 2019, around Thanksgiving.

They were both wearing matching leather jackets, and the caption read, “Leather thanksgiving.”

What Is Casey Cott’s Relationship Status? Her identity is still hidden behind closed doors

As of right now, Casey Cott has not revealed the identity of his rumored lover.

Furthermore, all of this could be speculative, as she could simply be Casey’s close friend.

Furthermore, we can see fans asking him for the lady’s Instagram account all over the comment section.

Unfortunately, no one knows who she is except Casey, and we hope he reveals her identity soon.

Casey Cott and Stephanie Styles’ Love Story in a Nutshell

Even though Casey Cott prefers to keep his personal life private, he had a very public romance a few years ago.

Casey was reportedly in a relationship with actress Stephanie Styles in 2017.

Steph is well-known for her roles in Booksmart and Bonding.

Their romance first came to light after they were spotted together at several events.

Casey also used to post photos of her on his social media account.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Casey wished Stephanie a Happy Valentine’s Day.

The lovebirds didn’t waste any time showing their affection, from attending Broadway shows to wishing each other on Valentine’s Day.

However, their relationship ended for an unspecified reason later on.

Rumor: Casey Cott and Sabrina Carpenter Are Dating

Aside from Stephanie, Casey Cott has been linked to Sabrina Carpenter, a singer, and actress.

Rumors of their affair first surfaced in the media after they collaborated on a video song.

In Sabrina’s song, Why, Casey portrayed her love interest.

The two’s chemistry was evident in the music video.

However, the couple’s relationship never progressed beyond friendship.

Sabrina also mentioned Casey’s girlfriend and how she hit it off with her in an interview with Zach Sang.

“He has a lovely girlfriend.” We hit it off right away.

He just made everything so simple and easy.”

He was linked to Stephanie at the time, so it’s safe to say they were a couple.

What about the gay rumors about Casey Cott? Information About His Sexuality

We were all expecting this, and today we’re here to clear up any confusion about Casey’s sexuality.

As previously stated, since playing an openly gay character in Riverdale, tabloids and celebrities alike have jumped on the Casey Cott gay rumors.

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Furthermore, Casey’s social media account is littered with comments in which the fandom frequently questions him about his sexual orientation.

Everything turned upside down when the 27-year-old Michigan native added a picture of a girl.

One fan commented on the lady’s Instagram posts, “Wait dumb question is he bi or just a great actor for playing a gay role?” while another added,

“For me you are Kevin, so for me, you are gay forever, but I wish you all the best.”

Guys, we need to understand that just because someone plays a gay character doesn’t mean they are gay in real life.

Take, for example, Cameron Monaghan, who portrayed a gay man in Shameless but had a girlfriend in real life.

There are numerous examples like this, so we should take a step back and let the actors reveal their sexuality.