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Bryce Hall Down to Fight Tayler Holder in a Boxing Match

Bryce Hall
  • Bryce Hall has decided not to confront Tayler Holder in a boxing contest.
  • Tayler Holder Wants to Fight Bryce Hall in a Boxing Match
  • Sexual Allegations Against Tayler Holder

Bryce Hall has decided not to confront Tayler Holder in a boxing contest.

On May 29, 2022, Hall was leaving a gym in Woodland Hills when TMZ approached Bryce Hall and inquired about his feud with Holder. Because of the sexual assault charges against Holder, the TikToker said he was never friends with Bryce Hall and would never be.

He also advised Holder to stop releasing his “auto-tuned songs” and instead concentrate on his cases.

When asked if he would ever contemplate fighting Holder in a boxing contest, he said emphatically no.

The TikTok added that he did not want his former friend to gain money and would rather fight him for free in the streets.

He also stated that the battle would most likely never take place because Holder was not a fighter.

However, based on Hall’s recent post, it appears that he is ready to face Holder in the ring.

Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall with Tayler Holder source: PicsArt

Tayler Holder Wants to Fight Bryce Hall in a Boxing Match

On July 14, 2022, Hall tweeted that he was willing to battle Holder in a match if some of his criteria were met.

The first condition was that whoever sold the most tickets would receive the entire proceeds from the bout.

Hall also demanded that Holder explain publicly why he sent cease and desist letters to all of his friends, as well as reply to the sexual assault charges.

In another tweet, the TikToker insulted Holder, stating that, like Jordan Haworth Peele in the meme he shared,

he was probably sweating heavily after reading his offer.

While some fans were enthusiastic about the idea of the duo’s fight, many others advised Hall to drop the whole affair and quit wasting his time.

“I love you, Bryce, but this is a waste of time!” If he agrees, you’ll tell him it’s for the media! If he rejects it,

you’ll mock him! So, please stop…” one user said.

“Bryce, I think what you’ve been doing with Tayler is completely unnecessary.”

It’s strange that you stopped talking to him, but you won’t forget him, do you? “Leave him alone!” exclaimed another user.

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Sexual Allegations Against Tayler Holder

For those who are unfamiliar with the sexual claims cited by Hall, here is a quick rundown.

Many of Holder’s acquaintances began unfollowing him on social media in February 2022,

leading netizens to suspect he had been accused of sexual assault.

Unfortunately, his erstwhile pals were unable to come out and tell their tales because Holder sent a cease and desist order to all of them.

However, Hall and Keemstar maintained that the charges were true and that one of the victims was a kid.

Holder did not respond to any of these allegations or assumptions until April 2022.

He addressed a letter to E! Online claiming innocence and being a victim of cyberbullying.

He called the claims “a series of manufactured stories, which can only be regarded as cyberbullying,” and stated they led to his cancellation.

And, as a result of everything that was going on, he was struggling both mentally and professionally.