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Anne-Caroline Chausson


Who is Anne-Caroline Chausson?

Anne-Caroline Chausson, a professional cyclist, has been on the road for a long time and has had early success. Anne-Caroline Chausson now has a net worth of roughly $5 million. She has, after all, been on a number of occasions.

She continues to compete in mountain bike enduro, BMX, downhill time trial, cross-country mass start, and dual and four-cross racing.

Chausson is a competitive cyclist. Chausson is an Instagrammer and professional cyclist.

Along with her profits, Chausson has received various honors and titles.

How much money has Anne-Caroline Chausson made so far?

Chausson has a net worth of roughly $5 million, which she has increased through numerous brand endorsement initiatives.

Unfortunately, her income and annual profits remain in the shadows.

Endorsement and Sponsorship Agreements

Although we won’t be able to discuss Chaisson’s most recent earnings, we may look at some of her endorsement deals.

She currently endorses and wears Bike Park’s colors.

In reality, their agreement will extend until 2023, and she will serve as their brand ambassador.

Meanwhile, Chausson serves as Commencal bike’s ambassador, rider, consultant, and developer.

Chausson is presently sponsored by the Ibis bicycle company.

Regarding her bike, Chausson rides an Ibis HD3 in medium size.

To elaborate, that bike features a Cane Creek Angleset and a RockShox Lyrik suspension setup.

It also has 54 psi and two Bottomless Tokens in addition to the Fox Float X2 shock.

Furthermore, Chausson’s favorite bike is the V-Process bike Nico and BOS created.

Anne-Caroline Chausson | Fashion & Lifestyle

Chausson, widely regarded as one of the best cyclists of all time, enjoyed an active and fruitful life.

However, not everyone is always outside in the sun. Simply put, she had her fair share of rain.

Chausson was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 37.

It did give her shivers because cancer ran in her family and her father died from the same cause.

However, Chausson’s optimism and belief in her ability to persevere restored her health.

She had two surgeries to remove her tumor and another to repair a collapsed lung.

Of sure, her years of struggle aided her. She was also back on track with a tough mentality.

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Will Anne-Caroline Chausson compete in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020?

No, the Olympic gold medallist will not compete in Tokyo 2020 since she is currently recovering from her second cancer battle.

Even though she feels much better, putting her through a high-intensity sporting event is probably not a good idea.

Anne Caroline Chausson with her gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Furthermore, given her health, France would not have qualified her.

Anne-Caroline Chausson
Anne-Caroline Chausson the Cycler Source: Les Orres

Nonetheless, Chausson continues to do what she does every day, and it doesn’t matter that she won’t be able to do it at the Tokyo Olympics right now.

Aside from that, she has only made one appearance in the Olympics in her whole life.

Her first and only appearance came at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

In her debut Olympics, she earned a gold medal for France in women’s BMX cycling.

In addition, she won a silver medal in the 2008 UCI BMX World Championships.

Anne-Caroline Chausson in a Glimpse

Anne-Caroline Chausson is a French citizen.

Looking back, she began cycling at the age of six and has continued to do so ever since.

Her accomplishments to date include the following.

  • Championships of European Mountain Biking (fourteen)
  • Mountain Bike World Championships (five)
  • Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008 (gold medal)
  • Rainbow jerseys at the Union Cycliste Internationale senior mountain bike world championships (fourteen)
  • Olympic BMX Champion (one)
  • Junior World Downhill Champion (three)
  • World Senior Downhill Champion (nine)
  • World Senior Dual Slalom Champion (two)
  • Winner of the World Cup downhill series (five)
  • World Cup dual slalom champion (one)
  • World Senior Four-Cross Champion (one)
  • Winner of the World Cup four-cross series (one)

Social Media Presence | Anne-Caroline Chausson

For social media uploads and posts, follow Anne-Caroline Chausson.

She has 13.4k followers on Instagram as Anne-Caroline Chausson (@annecarochausson).

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Facts in Common

  • Anne-Caroline Chausson comes from a cancer-prone family.
  • In 2018, she discovered a new tumor in her thorax after battling ovarian cancer.
  • She has 17 gold medals, including one from the Olympics, and one silver medal.
  • The cancer survivor is not married.


  • “You are ill, but you can recover.” You must learn to live with it.”
  • “In racing, if two persons follow the identical training routine, the person with the superior mentality wins.”