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Anna Ptaszynski

Anna Ptaszynski

Who is Anna Ptaszynski?

Anna Ptaszynski is a British television writer, podcaster, and television host. Anna Ptaszynski is best known for co-hosting the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast. She also contributes to the QI television show as a writer and researcher. Anna previously worked as a presenter on BBC Two’s No Such Item as the News.

Early Life and Childhood

Anna Ptaszynski was born in the United Kingdom on May 16, England. Due to her private nature, Anna has not revealed her exact birth year. Anna is probably 36 years old.

Anna is the daughter of her father, André Ptaszynski, and her mother, Judith Terry. She was also raised in a family of four children, with her being the eldest.

Anna grew up in a family of Polish and English ancestry with her siblings Jamie, Rebecca, and Charlie. Her father was a well-known British theatre producer who died in July 2020 at the age of 67.

Education Details

Anna Ptaszynski has kept her academic credentials private.

As a result, proving where she obtained her high school diploma and bachelor’s degree is difficult.

Professional Career

Ptaszynski co-hosts the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast with James Harkin, Dan Schreiber, and Andrew Hunter Murray.

Furthermore, No Such Thing as a Fish is a weekly podcast produced by the QI’s researchers that presents their favorite fact that week. The podcast has attracted at least 700,000 subscribers since its inception.

Furthermore, No Such Thing as a Fish was named the Best New Podcast in 2014 by Apple. Furthermore, the podcast received the “Internet Award” in the 2015 and 2016 Chortle Awards.

In 2018, No Such Thing As Fish received the Heinz Oberhummer Award for Science Communication. Every Friday, a new episode of the podcast is released, usually lasting between 30 minutes and an hour.

Anna Ptaszynski
Anna Ptaszynski on her podcast. Source: bbc

While hosting the podcast, which has at least 1.5 million weekly listeners, Anna has gone on several national and international tours to record live tapings of No Such Thing as a Fish.

Furthermore, the information she shared on the podcast has been cited in media outlets such as the Daily Express.

Anna has also had information published in The Telegraph. She is also a writer and researcher for the British television show QI.

She previously worked in Australian advertising, Scottish politics, hay baling, and selling fruit wine before joining QI and the podcast.

Net Worth and Salary

Anna Ptaszynski’s annual salary is $99,700.

There is no doubt that Anna has amassed substantial career earnings over the years. Anna is worth $1.5 million.

Relationship Status

Anna Ptaszynski is a well-known podcaster and television host from Oxfordshire. However, Anna has kept her personal life, particularly her current marital status, under wraps.

As a result, Anna has not revealed whether she is married, has a partner, a boyfriend, or is engaged. Furthermore, the public is left to guess whether she is married, single, or divorced.

Body Measurements

She is a woman of average height. Anna stands 5 ft 6 in tall ( approx 1.68m ).

Social Media

Her social media handles are unknown.

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  • Anna was born in England, in the United Kingdom, in the mid-1980s.
  • She is a British podcaster, writer, and TV host who works for QI as a researcher and writer.
  • She is also one of the hosts of the well-known podcast No Such Thing as a Fish.
  • There is no information available on the internet that confirms Anna’s current marital status.
  • Anna is worth $1.5 million.