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All About Rapper Shayy Dee:

Shayy Dee
  • She is a rapper and social media personality.
  • Belongs to the African-American ethnicity.
  • She has American nationality.
  • She has Albinism.

Shay Dee is a rap musician and social media sensation from the United States.

Her song Temperature became viral on her YouTube channel, propelling her to fame.

Furthermore, fans have been inquisitive about her life since Woah Vicky shared a video with her online.

Shayy Dee, who are you?

Shayy Dee is a rapper from Iowa.

Yuh Get Into It, Temperature, and Demons are some of her most well-known tracks.

She is also a social media personality, with over 300,000 Instagram followers, 1 million TikTok followers, and over 150k YouTube subscribers.

Parents of Shayy Dee

Shayy Jordan is Tabrick Jordan’s and her previous partner’s only child.

Her mother Tabrick had an affair with Shayy’s biological father, but they split up after a short time.

Tabrick became pregnant with Shayy during their brief relationship, despite the fact that her parents had split by then.

Her biological father was imprisoned, and her mother moved on.

Shayy Dee
Shayy Dee Source: CelebSurub

Shayy’s father even contacted her from prison to inquire about her mother Tabrick around the time of her delivery.

She has yet to feature her father on YouTube or Instagram.

Shayy’s Family Information

Shayy currently lives with her mother, stepfather, and step-siblings.

They may be step-family on paper and to others, but they are like Shayy’s own family to her.

She even refers to Tabrick’s new partner as her father and has a close relationship with her step-siblings.

Shayy’s family frequently appears on her YouTube and social media accounts.

She even held a Q&A session with her brother Fred.

She mentioned in the video that her brother wants to work on a song with her.

Shayy Was Bullied at School: What Happened to Her Education?

Shayy has completed high school.

Her mother previously claimed in a video that everyone said she wouldn’t be able to study, but she proved everyone wrong.

Shayy was a persistent target of bullying at school. It was due to her unhealthy bone formations.

Furthermore, students would frequently pick on her because she was a slow learner and wasn’t very good at sporting events.

Nonetheless, Shayy persevered, and she is now in a better position, both professionally and personally than her school bullies.

Remember, “Bullying is never acceptable.”

Shayy Dee’s Dating Life: Is She Engaged?

Shayy is currently in a relationship with a woman named Kat Breezy, according to reports.

But that isn’t the only intriguing aspect.

According to their Instagram account, Shayy and Kat are engaged to be married.

The couple made their relationship public in October 2020 with an Instagram post.

Shayy’s Instagram photo included a lengthy message in which she responded to all of the remarks made about her new relationship.

Shayydee’s girlfriend Kat Breezy Shayy and her girlfriend Kat
She stated,

“I said I was going to cool off on posting you because so many people made it seem like the wrong option, and they got in my head for a little while, but now I don’t care what they say, I don’t care how they feel, I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

I know it’s true love. The world should know who REALLY has my heart, and I’m not scared to admit it’s you, sweetheart @katbreezy23.”

Since then, the couple has been open about their feelings for one another.

Was Shayydee’s boyfriend Hakeem Newkirk?

Shay was supposedly seeing social media sensation, Hakeem Newkirk, a few months before her current love.

Their friendship was very open, and they frequently shared photos together.

Regardless of how lovely their romance appeared, admirers were always doubtful.

Many of Shayy’s supporters believe Hakeem is only interested in her for her celebrity.

When Shay posted a video with her boyfriend captioned “WHAT ME AND MY BOYFRIEND LIKE AND DISLIKE ABOUT EACH OTHER,” followers were quick to point out that he doesn’t appear to be interested.

Furthermore, there is widespread conjecture that Hakeem is gay.

Furthermore, Hakeem previously dated Woah Vicky, another social media sensation.

Vicky is close to Shayy and refers to her as her sister.

Is Shayy expecting a child?

Shayy and Hakeem announced their pregnancy with a video in May 2020.

Since revealing the big news, the duo has frequently discussed pregnancy in videos and Instagram posts.

We had our reservations, despite the fact that they appeared to be genuine.

Her tummy appeared to be increasing, but this does not necessarily indicate that she is pregnant.

The majority of the fandom was also skeptical of the report.

And, as it turns out, it was all a ruse to gain social media clout.

Shayy and her partner, like many other young social media stars, did it all for Instagram and YouTube cash.

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Shayy Dee’s Health Problems

Shayy has experienced numerous health difficulties since infancy.

She had a difficult upbringing, from premature delivery to bone illness.

Shayy was born a month early.

Her mother was due in August, but Shayy arrived in July.

She was not black at the time of her birth, unlike her African-American mother and father.

Following that, the doctor informed her mother that she has Albinism.

But that wasn’t all; she’d had breathing problems from infancy.

She also had a seizure when she was three years old.

She also had Scoliosis and Muscular Dystrophy, which contributed to her current physical condition.

Her mother thought Shayy wouldn’t make it, but she miraculously did.