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A Law Suit Was Filed Against James Brown’s Son James Joseph Brown II

James Joseph Brown II
  • Who is James Joseph Brown II? 
  • James Brown and Tomi Raye Hynie Have a Son
  • Brown demanded that his son, James Brown Jr., be tested for paternity
  • A lawsuit has been filed against James Brown’s son, James Brown II, and his mother.
  • Meaning of the name James Joseph

Who is James Joseph Brown II?

James Joseph Brown II is the son of James Brown. James Brown’s contribution to the music industry is tremendous. Brown’s journey from icon to problematic figure is lengthy and fraught with ambiguity.

Furthermore, his married life with four women, as well as the legitimacy of his marriage to his fourth wife, Tomi Raye Hynie, remains a contentious issue.

However, we will follow James Brown’s son, James Joseph Brown II, born from his previous marriage to Tomi Raye Hynie.

Let’s see what James Brown II has planned. We also heard a lawsuit was filed against him, so we’ll shed some light on that as well.

As a result, remain to the conclusion because this story has many twists and turns.

James Joseph Brown II
James Joseph Brown II with Michael Jackson source: MJ Beats

James Brown and Tomi Raye Hynie Have a Son

As previously stated, the father of funk music was married to four women, the most recent of whom was Tomi Rae Hynie before his death from heart failure in 2006.

As previously stated, their marriage’s legitimacy was a major dispute until it was canceled in 2020.

Despite the controversy surrounding the fourth marriage, James Brown’s child, James Joseph Brown II, was born as a result of the union.

On June 11, 2001, the couple gave birth to their lone child.

James Brown II appears to have many positive memories of his father, as he frequently uploads images of him on social media.

Brown II writes in a Christmas post from 2020 that he adores his father.

James went on to say that his spirit is all around him and his mother.

He also seems grateful to his mother, Tomi Rae, whom he claims taught him to be an intelligent, powerful, and mindful person.

James Brown recalled his father’s desire for him to always be truthful and powerful.

As a result, he persuaded his sleeping father that they had been truthful and had survived years of insignificant agony and treachery.

Furthermore, James Brown’s son, James Joesph Brown II, has grown into a fine guy and has followed in his father’s musical footsteps.

Tomi, Brown’s ex-partner, is also a musician. As a result, Jr’s passion for music comes as no surprise.

Furthermore, James Brown Jr. is highly active on Instagram and occasionally shares family photos.

However, he appears to have lost touch with his half-siblings, since they are no longer following one another.

After a decade-long feud, Tomi Raye Hynie and JB Jr. are probably content to live apart from the family.

Although Brown Jr. is maturing into a good guy, there was a moment when he had to witness his mother’s struggle to become a wife.

Brown also demanded that James Brown Jr. be tested for paternity.

Brown demanded that his son, James Brown Jr., be tested for paternity.

As previously stated, there were numerous incidents in the life of James Brown’s son, James Joseph Brown Jr., that substantially impeded his childhood.

He lost his father at a young age, who hoped he would bring more attention to the Brown name.

Debra Opri, James Brown’s family attorney, told Larry King that he wanted a DNA test performed after his death to confirm James Brown Jr’s paternity.

She reassured him that it was for other family members, not him.

As a result, Jr.’s mother, Tomi Rae, nominated Charleston attorney Stephen M.

Slouchier was a special guardian for her son in the paternity proceedings in 2007.

He was identified as Brown’s biological son.

In 2007, James Brown’s son, James Joseph Brown II, underwent a paternity test.

Furthermore, Buddy Dallas, the self-proclaimed s*x machine, got a vasectomy in the 1980s while being sued for child support, according to Brown’s lawyer.

Hynie’s kid, James Brown II, is the sole boy to claim Brown as his father between two decades of vasectomy and Brown’s death.

Furthermore, Hynie’s counsel requested in May 2014 that any DNA test results for her son be kept ‘private.

‘ Tomi Raye remembers her late lover telling her that his son would have a better life because he is half white.

A lawsuit has been filed against James Brown’s son, James Brown II, and his mother

James Brown’s estate squabbles had been going on since his death in 2006.

Tomi Rae Hynie and their child, James Brown II, were not named in Brown’s will.

The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled in 2018 that Hynie was the famed singer’s former wife and surviving widow.

However, in 2020, the Supreme Court found unanimously that James Brown’s fourth partner, Tomi Rae Hynie, was not lawfully wedded to Mr. Brown since she neglected to annul a previous marriage.

Furthermore, the decade-long treacherous estate battle appears to have no conclusion in sight.

Ms. Hynie, on the other hand, sold her share of termination rights in five of Brown’s compositions to Warner Chappell Music in 2015 for around $1.9 million.

This resulted in a federal lawsuit being filed against Tomi Rae and James Brown II for making illegal deals without consulting the nine children and grandchildren.

Hynie is no longer an heir to James Brown II’s mother, but he has petitioned to be recognized as an heir to the state.

The never-ending legal battle over James Brown’s will continues.

Despite the controversy and pending trials, James Brown II continues to pursue his musical love.

As a result, let us hope that everything happens according to God’s plan and that James Brown’s son, James Joseph Brown II, can live in peace.

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Meaning of the name James Joseph

James is a Hebrew name that means “supplanter.”

Likewise, Joseph has a Hebrew origin that means “God Will Increase.”