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62 Inspiring Alex Honnold Quotes

62 Insightful Alex Honnold Quotes

Alex Honnold is an American rock climber known for his free solo ascents of large walls. He achieved free soloing EI Capitan in Yosemite National Park in 2017.

He is the only person who has the fastest Yosemite Triple Crown ascent, a 50-minute Mount Watkins link-up, an 18-hour, The Nose, and the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome.

He is also a writer, having written the memoir Alone on the Wall (2017) and the 2018 biographical documentary Free Solo.

It is the same documentary that was nominated for both a BAFTA and an Academy Award.

Most other climbers, such as Peter Croft and Tommy Caldwell, influenced him, and he is now motivating millions of his fans through his quotes. Some examples are provided below.

“My comfort zone is like a small bubble around me, and I’ve pushed it in different ways and made it bigger and bigger until these seemingly impossible goals became achievable.” Alex Honnold

“To clarify, I usually climb with a rope and a companion.

Free-soloing accounts for only a modest portion of my total climbing.

When I work alone, though, I manage the danger through meticulous planning.

“I never solo something unless I’m confident I can do it.” Alex Honnold

“Yosemite features the world’s most magnificent and approachable granite huge walls.”

The rock is incredible. As a result, it has been the mecca for climbing in the United States – and, to a lesser extent, the world – throughout the entirety of climbing history.

It’s the place to put your skills to the test against classic routes.” Alex Honnold

“Regardless of the risks we take, we always believe the end to be too soon, even though in life, quality should be more important than quantity.” Alex Honnold

“I frequently joke that I’ve just turned into a professional schmoozer.”

Nobody cares about how good I can rock climb anymore.

It all comes down to how effectively I can schmooze.” Alex Honnold

Every day, there is a risk that you will die.

And nothing is wrong with that. Every living person on Earth is confronted with the same existential crisis.” Alex Honnold

“Whenever you finish a climb, there’s always something else you can try.” Alex Honnold

“I believe being a bit of an antisocial oddball definitely helped me improve my soloist talents.”

It offered me a lot more chances to solo a lot of easier routes, which extended my comfort zone a lot and allowed me to climb the harder things without a rope that I’ve done now.” Alex Honnold

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“I’m not nostalgic about my collegiate golden days.” It was boring for me. Probably because I didn’t have any pals.” Alex Honnold

“The simple facts of Chadian existence – what it takes to survive in that kind of climate with only a hut and a few animals – astounded me.”

And it made me understand, possibly for the first time, how comfortable my life was in comparison to individuals in less fortunate civilizations.” Alex Honnold

“I’ve kept a journal of every mountain I’ve climbed since 2005.”

I placed a frowny face on the entry about free soloing Half Dome, added some notes about what I should have done better, and then underlined it. That turned out to be one of my most significant climbing accomplishments.” Alex Honnold

“Climbing is definitely a strength-to-weight ratio sport.”

At the same time, I’ve never dieted or limited my calorie intake. You’re only concerned about avoiding being overweight.” Alex Honnold

“So many people criticize me for taking risks, but I find it hypocritical because everyone takes risks.”

Even a lack of activity could be interpreted as a risk.

If you spend your entire life sitting on the couch, you’re more likely to develop heart disease and cancer.” Alex Honnold

“There’s a constant tension in climbing, and really any discovery, between pushing oneself into the unknown and also trying not to push yourself too far.” The best any of us can do is tiptoe lightly on that edge.” Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold
Alex Honnold rock climber Source: National Geographic

“I enjoy the ease of soloing.” You have no equipment and no partner.

“You never climb better than when you’re on your own.” Alex Honnold

“Filming often detracts from the climbing experience because you have to stop all the time and shoot,” Alex Honnold says.

“People believe I just walk up to a vertical cliff and climb it with no knowledge of anything,” Alex Honnold says.

“In reality, there’s heaps and tons of information out there, and I’m very well plugged into it.”

“Free soloing is almost as old as climbing itself, with origins dating back to the nineteenth century.”

Climbers continue to push the envelope.

There are undoubtedly more technical climbers than me.

But if I have a special gift, it’s the capacity to remain calm in situations where others might panic.” Alex Honnold

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“I’ve tried to tackle environmentalism in the same manner that I approach climbing: by setting tiny, clear goals that develop on themselves.” Alex Honnold

“I live in my van, so I have firsthand experience with power and illumination.”

I modified the interior of my van a few years ago to incorporate solar panels and a battery that lights LED lighting and allow me to charge my phone and laptop.” Alex Honnold

“I normally don’t climb anything that makes me nervous.”

The benefit of going alone is that there is no pressure – no one is forcing me to do it.

So if something seems dangerous, I’m under no obligation to perform it.

“I may prepare further or simply walk away.” Alex Honnold

“I started free soloing long, difficult routes in Yosemite seven years ago – climbing without a rope, gear, or a partner – because it seemed like the cleanest, most elegant method to scale enormous walls.”

Climbing, particularly soloing, felt like a tremendous adventure, but I never imagined it could be a career.” Alex Honnold

“I know that when I’m alone beneath a thousand-foot wall, staring up and contemplating a climb, my sponsors are the last thing on my mind.”

If I’m going to take chances, it’ll be for myself, not for a company.” Alex Honnold

“I was 19 years old when my father died of a heart attack.”

He was a 55-year-old college professor who appeared to have enjoyed a risk-free existence.

However, he was obese, and heart illness runs in our family.” Alex Honnold

“A hang board is a little piece of wood having edges, holes, and slanted surfaces.

There are several tactics for various things, such as hanging, shifting grips, and adding weight.

I’m really sore after a rigorous finger workout.” Alex Honnold

“We’re apes; we should be ascending,” Alex Honnold says.

“I am energized by big climbs. All of the other aspects of being a professional climber wear me down.

Travel, adventures, and training may all be exhausting. But the big climbs are what I live for.” Alex Honnold

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“I enjoy eating red bell peppers. Really, bell peppers in general. I enjoy eating them like apples.

They’re so crunchy and tasty.” Alex Honnold

“I believe that much of human spirituality originates from the assumption that we are unique and special in the universe, yet perhaps we are simply what happens when the correct temperature and distance from the right type of star are present.” Alex Honnold

“I am a vegetarian who aspires to be a vegan.”

So far, I haven’t observed any improvement in my climbing, but I do feel a little healthier overall.

But only because I’m eating more fruits and vegetables. I believe the protein hype is overblown.

Most Americans consume significantly more than they require.” Alex Honnold

“I used to do a lot of pull-ups and push-ups as a teenager.”

I’d do 150 in sets of 30 or so every night before bed.

Looking back, I’m not convinced that’s the best approach to progress as a climber.

But it helped improve my pull-up and push-up abilities.” Alex Honnold

“I’ve never understood the accusation that climbing is essentially selfish when the same could be said about almost any other pastime or sport.” Is gardening self-indulgent? ‘Alex Honnold’

“I’ve done routes where I’ve gone 200 feet above the ground and thought, ‘What am I doing?'”

‘I then descended and returned home.’ The greater part of valor is discretion.

Some days just aren’t your day. The key to free soloing is knowing when to call it.” Alex Honnold

“Music can help get you revved up during training, and I still listen to music on easy climbs or at the gym.”

But I unplug during dangerous solos or extremely difficult climbs.

On major days, there shouldn’t be any need for extra incentive, whether it’s music or something else.

It should originate within.” Alex Honnold

“If you’re climbing long routes that take 16 hours, like El Capitan, you’ll need something like a huge, substantial sandwich.”

Climbing isn’t like running or triathlons, where you have to consume blocks, gels, and pure sugar all the time.

Climbing is quite leisurely, so you can eat anything and digest it while climbing.” Alex Honnold

“I believe it’s fantastic that so many people enjoy climbing. I’ve always enjoyed climbing, and I don’t see why others wouldn’t as well.

I don’t see how the sport’s expansion could be a bad thing as long as everyone tries their best to respect the regions in which they climb.” Alex Honnold

“The thing about physical preparation is that I have a lot of people that exercise at a high level and can give me guidance.”

But, in terms of mental training, I don’t know anyone who has a lot better mind for climbing, so I’m not sure where I’d go.

It’s not really a barrier for me.” Alex Honnold

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“I’m sponsored by Goal Zero, and they were kind enough to install panels on my vehicle as well as a wonderful battery system on the interior.” Inside the van, I have lights and a refrigerator.

I also had panels installed on my mother’s house.” Alex Honnold

“I believe that the exceedingly poor production value of the original ‘Sufferfest’ contributed to its appeal.”

Cedar’s footage was mostly shaky handheld.” Alex Honnold

“In the years following the voyage to Chad, I founded the Honnold Foundation, a small organization that was my attempt to do good in the world.”

I looked for projects that both helped the environment and raised people’s living standards.

“The more I explored, the more I was drawn to solar.” Alex Honnold

“At the summit of Half Dome, envision a smooth wall of rock – a virtually vertical granite slap with little ripples for your hands and feet.”

So you’re relying on the rubber on your shoes to adhere to these waves.” Alex Honnold

“I adore my climbing boots. Almost all of my huge solos have come from the TC Pros.

When I’m soloing, they’re the most crucial thing.” Alex Honnold

“In climbing, sponsors often assist an athlete but provide little direction, giving the climber free license to pursue whatever inspires him or her.”

It’s great freedom, similar to that of an artist simply living his life and creating whatever inspires him.” Alex Honnold

“Anything dubbed the Teflon Corner is not good for free-soloing,” Alex Honnold says.

“‘Dirtbag’ is simply a phrase we use, similar to ‘gnarly dude’ in surfing. It signifies being a committed lifer in the climbing community: someone who has adopted a minimalist attitude in order to rock climb. It really suggests you choose to be homeless.” Alex Honnold

“In Portland, my sister conducts a lot of community service that makes the world a better place.” And I make as much money in two days as she does in five years, which is insane.” Alex Honnold

“The diet for constant ascending isn’t all that different from the one for life.”

It’s not like exercise, where you burn a ton of calories every day.” Alex Honnold

“My ideal breakfast is a really fantastic egg scramble.”

Maybe I’ll add some feta, so it’s not entirely dairy-free.

Definitely some vegetables, and possibly some really fine tortillas; something to make it feel like a Mexican breakfast.

“I just enjoy breakfast.” Alex Honnold

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“I make a lot of my food choices for environmental reasons rather than nutrition or flavor.”

I’m attempting to minimize impact, which is something most people don’t consider while purchasing.” Alex Honnold

“I dominated high school. “I was a total jerk.” Alex Honnold

“On my level, there are only a handful of female climbers in the world.” Alex Honnold

“I took a test once, and they declared me a genius.” Alex Honnold

“How I’m portrayed in films has less to do with me and more to do with the filmmaking and what they need in the tale.”

I’m the same guy I’ve always been; I simply get used in different ways depending on the demands of the filmmakers, which is good with me because it makes for excellent films.” Alex Honnold

“In general, I believe that bringing too much money into climbing is terrible because it detracts from the beauty of the mountains.”

But, at the same time, I can’t blame the Nepali government – or, depending on where you’re climbing, the Indian, Pakistani, or Chinese – for trying to cash on Western climbers.” Alex Honnold

“After many years of doing public events, I’ve overcome my shyness.” Alex Honnold

“I feel very comfortable in almost every gym I visit.”

I unload my belongings, remove my shoes, and go about my business.” Alex Honnold

“My friends often point out that I have comparatively weak fingertips.”

Aerobic strength and general endurance have come naturally to me, but finger strength has always been my Achilles heel.” Alex Honnold

“Without a doubt, Potrero Chico is a fantastic winter vacation climbing destination.”

It’s very convenient to fly into Monterrey, one of Mexico’s finer towns, and then take a taxi to Potrero.

Then you may simply live at the campground and stroll everywhere. It’s really peaceful, as they say there.” Alex Honnold

“I’ve walked away from more climbs than I can count just because something wasn’t quite right.” Alex Honnold

“Just as Africa jumped right to mobile phones, it now has the option to forgo the polluting, grid-connected power plants that are currently operating across the developed world and go straight to clean, distributed power.” Alex Honnold