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5 Best Outdoor Foosball Table Cover

Foosball Table Cover Hathaway

The Top 5 Outdoor Foosball Table Covers

We understand how difficult it is to locate an appropriate outdoor foosball table cover. But don’t worry, since we’ve compiled a list of the top foosball covers available today. Despite how difficult it is to find reliable information regarding foosball covers, we have combed the internet to provide you with the most honest reviews of these items.

The Top 5 Outdoor Foosball Table Covers

We created this article using information given by Rec Room Pick.

Furthermore, the construction material, design aspects, sizes, and durability of these foosball covers are ranked.

And here’s a brief peek at the current rankings.

Rank Name of the Foosball Cover Price
5 NKTM Foosball Table Cover $18.98
4 CHENG YI Outdoor Foosball Table Cover $30.71
3 Neverland Outdoor Foosball Table Cover $46.92
2 Hathaway Foosball Table Cover $31.94
1 Covermates Foosball Table Cover $36.99

5. NKTM Foosball Table Cover

The NKTM Outdoor Foosball Table Cover is the first on the list.

Not to add that it is one of the most reasonably priced covers on the list.

Also, don’t judge it just on its lower price.

Because of its size and fabric type, this NKTM foosball table cover is a high-quality cover that can be used both indoors and outside.

With this over your foosball table, you can be sure that the surface of your foosball table is protected from dust, filth, stains, and elements.

This cover will ensure that the top half of your foosball table is always safely covered.

Furthermore, with dimensions of 56 x 52 x 15 inches, including the rods, this cover fits well over table surfaces.

NKTM Foosball Table Cover
NKTM Foosball Table Cover Source: Europe

This cover also has four buckle straps on the corners. So you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing away your foosball cover.

This cover is composed of 210D polyester fabric. As a result, it is light, tough, waterproof, and UV resistant.

However, we cannot guarantee that it can withstand heavy rainfall.

The best part about this foosball cover is that you can seek a refund if you are dissatisfied with it because it is covered by a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee.


Polyester is an excellent choice for outdoor use.
A storage bag is included.
Buckles straps are useful for wind protection.

It does not protect the legs.
There is no color variation.

4. Outdoor Foosball Table Cover by CHENG YI

The Cheng Yi Outdoor Foosball Table Cover takes the fourth slot on the list.

This fantastic cover comes with everything you’ll need to use both indoors and out in a range of table sizes and has been rated as one of the best covers at the greatest price.

The Cheng Yi table cover, on the other hand, is only available in black and silver.

Now, in terms of construction, it is made of 210D polyester cloth. As a result, it is perfect for use outside.

Aside from water, the cover protects your foosball table against UV rays and moisture-related hazards such as mildew, rust, and corrosion.

Similarly, the edges of the foosball table cover are supplied with an elastic thread that tightens around it for the best fit and protection from flying away in the wind.

So you won’t have to worry about your cover flying away when it becomes windy.


This item is made of polyester and is suitable for use outside.
The elastic hem cord keeps the garment in place.
Breathable and lightweight
This is a good buy in terms of money.

3. Cover for the Neverland Outdoor Foosball Table

The Neverland Outdoor Foosball Table Cover is a popular and well-liked alternative on the market for all the right reasons.

Because it is weatherproof, universal in size, and of high quality, all at an affordable price.

This is the greatest option for people looking for a high-quality item from a well-known brand.

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In terms of construction, the Neverland cover is made of high-quality 300D oxford cloth and marine-grade polyester (UV-related solar damage and rain protection).

And, don’t be deceived by the cover’s light and thin appearance; it can withstand the elements, keeping the table from being dirty, dusty, moldy, or damaged by rain, snow, ice, or wind.

Also, don’t be concerned about the size of the cover because it covers the majority of the foosball table, including the handles and rods.

In other words, at (63 x 45 x 19.7) inches, this product will fit loosely yet efficiently over the majority of your table.

However, like previous coverings, it is only available in black, beige, or silver-aluminum.


Elasticized edges provide a more comfortable fit.
High-quality polyester designed exclusively for outdoor use.
The large size is appropriate for most tables.
This is an amazing product for the price.

2. Foosball Table Cover Hathaway

If you’re searching for a lightweight, space-saving foosball table cover, the Hathaway Foosball Table Cover is one of the best outdoor coverings on the market.

Furthermore, this cover is specially designed to protect the table’s surface.

Due to its distinctive curved design, the cover also takes up as little room as possible while keeping the tables in perfect condition.

This foosball table cover, however, simply covers the top of the table. Its fitted design keeps the table’s rods and handles visible.

To clarify, the dimensions of this product are mirrored in the cover measures, which are 52 inches long but only 29 inches wide.

The fabric is composed of Synthetic leather with a fabric lining to keep the interior clean and dry while remaining sturdy.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about this synthetic leather tablecloth ripping because it is composed of durable material and has reinforced edges that make it exceptionally tear-resistant.


Precision fit eliminates the need for extra space or material.

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1. Foosball Table Cover by Covermates

The Covermates Foosball Table Cover is ranked first.

Furthermore, this particular product is a well-known brand that is known for manufacturing high-quality and low-cost coverings for a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture.

As a result, we can confidently state that this brand’s cover is unquestionably the best outdoor foosball table cover available.

Choosing this foosball cover is the best option you can make.

This fantastic cover will keep your foosball table protected from the elements due to its high-quality materials and features.

Above all, the table cover is made of heavy-duty 12-gauge industrial vinyl with a polyester lining.

Its increased flexibility and strength will readily protect your table from spills, grime, dust, and pet hair.

Not to add that vinyl is significantly more durable than other materials, which contributes to its reliance.

It is, however, less breathable. As a result, it is not recommended for moist or outdoor areas.

The surface area of the cover is large enough to fit over any standard foosball table, spanning 56′′ long by 52′′ broads.

Although the 15′′ height is a little high and does not cover much of the legs, we want to protect the tables.

Similarly, buckle straps are attached to each corner of the cover to keep it in place and from slipping off.

In addition, Covermates provides a 2-year limited guarantee.


Thick vinyl is a fantastic choice indoors.
Affordably priced quality assurance from a reputable brand
Two years of warranty
Buckle straps offer extra security.