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49 Motivating Quotes by Ara Parseghian

Ara Parseghian

Ara Parseghian’s 49 Motivating Quotes

The full name of an American football player and coach was Ara Raoul Parseghian. He also led the University of Notre Dame to national titles in 1966 and 1973. Furthermore, he grew up in Akron, Ohio, and began playing football in high school.

After playing professionally, he won the league championship in 1948 and 1949.

He retired from coaching in 1974 and began a broadcasting career calling college football games for ABC and CBS.

Below are a handful of his quotations that will benefit you in every stage of your life. So, at least once, follow them.

“It’s a lot simpler to go to the top of the mountain than it is to stay there.”

“I recall almost everything about each loss.”

And the victories aren’t particularly memorable.” Ara Parseghian’s

“The more you work, the fewer errors you make.”

The fewer errors you make, the more likely you are to win.” Ara Parseghian’s

“I don’t make hasty or rash decisions.”

“I came here to continue the winning tradition.”

“At Notre Dame, the best way I could express it was that I was accepted as a member of the family.”

“The 1973 team is truly unique. I’d never coached against Bear Bryant before.

Alabama had never faced Notre Dame before.

It was North vs South, Catholics versus Baptists, both teams undefeated, and everything was on the line.” Ara Parseghian’s

Ara Parseghian Quote #9 of 49

“I couldn’t care less what anyone says.

I don’t believe you can be as productive and efficient at 70 and 75 as you were at 40 or 50.” Ara Parseghian’s

“My children grew up here.”

“Both my son and daughter attended Notre Dame.” Ara Parseghian’s

“One of the reasons I never went pro was because I wanted my children to grow up in an academic setting.” And that is just what we did.” Ara Parseghian’s

Ara Parseghian
Ara Parseghian cheering up to the team. Source: Centrica

“I became a head football coach at Miami of Ohio when I was 27 years old.”

“The responsibilities of a head coach differ from those of an assistant coach.

If I had been an assistant coach for a while before becoming head coach, I would have definitely lasted longer.” Ara Parseghian’s

“That’s one thing: When I left Notre Dame, when I left every institution, what I’m most pleased with is that we never broke the rules, were never on probation, and never had any serious problems of any type.”

“There’s no doubt about it: money talks.”

“It’s a tremendous honor.

It’s almost surreal to be affiliated with the number of people who represent the Cradle of Coaches.” Ara Parseghian’s

“I believe college football started with Rockne.”

“That’s the unpredictable aspect, and it’s what every coach is concerned about: protecting the football.”

That is why, even if you are favored in a game, there is no assurance that you will win.” Ara Parseghian’s

“I’ve missed the interaction with players and coaches, but not the recruiting and travel.”

“I was a 52-year-old football coach. People don’t understand I’ve been a head coach for 25 years.

Most of the coaches my age had only a few years as head coach.

I spent six years at Miami of Ohio, eight years at Northwestern, and eleven years at Notre Dame.” Ara Parseghian’s

“Blindside hits and unprotected knee hits occur on any play where there is a scramble of 22 guys.”

“I learned a long time ago not to lash out at someone for making a mistake.”

Ara Parseghian Quote #25 of 49

“It’s not going to be a bright, sunny day every day as you go through life.”

“You will have disappointments. But how you manage those disappointments is crucial for you and everyone around you.

That’s what I discovered as both a player and a coach.” Ara Parseghian’s

“I don’t believe I was a miracle worker.” Lou Holtz and Frank Leahy weren’t either.

We all figured out how to win.” Ara Parseghian’s

“In football, success is relative.

If you take a job at a school that had a 1-9 record the previous year, a 5-5 record in your first season is regarded as good.

But what if you begin with 8-2 or 9-1?” Ara Parseghian’s

“Whether you like it or not, after five games at Notre Dame, you’re a national figure.”

“Going for a tie, to me, is kicking the extra point for a tie rather than going for a two-point convert to win.”

“I coached for eight years at Northwestern, where the admissions standards were tough.”

“My mum was quite brave.”

“Psychology in football, in my opinion, is considerably more essential than anyone believes, including coaches.”

“A motivational talk on Saturday will not win the game.”

It is won by your club’s preparation from Monday until game time.

If they aren’t ready on Saturday, you won’t get them ready by inspiring them with a dog-eat-dog sermon on that day.” Ara Parseghian’s

“I can’t think of anything in my life that has affected me harder than learning that three of our youngest grandchildren have Niemann-Pick C.”

“I was never concerned about external pressure.”

“I grew up during a period when Notre Dame football was viewed in the highest regard.”

I listened to every game on the radio.” Ara Parseghian’s

“I’ve spent my entire life around football.”

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40th of 49 quotes by Ara Parseghian

“The most challenging aspect of coaching at Notre Dame is losing early.

“At clinics, coaches would tell me, ‘You block with your helmet.’

‘You use your helmet to tackle.’

‘No way!’ I’d say. You use your shoulder to block. It’s a much stronger strike, and you’re not putting yourself in as much danger.

“Why be a moron?” Ara Parseghian’s

“In coaching, you get diverse ideologies, mainly based on what position the coach himself played.”

“If you can stay tight defensively and stay in games, good things can happen.”

“There is nothing more agonizing than witnessing a youngster suffer from a grave sickness.”

“I’ve been blessed in many ways, but no football high will ever compare to the depths you go through when you lose a child.”

“You learn early on in athletics that there will be ups and downs.”

“You’re going to get knocked down, but you’re not going to lie there.”

You stand up to the challenge.” Ara Parseghian’s

“It has an effect on the mind when you establish these lofty expectations and ambitions and they are smashed so early in the season.”

It exhausts you.” Ara Parseghian’s