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10 Shortest MLB Home Runs of Current Year

The 10 shortest MLB home runs this season

Do you know that Andy Oyler hit the smallest MLB home run in 1900, measuring only 24 inches? In this case, the phrase “size doesn’t matter” is correct. Andy Oyler’s record remains the shortest in MLB history.

In modern baseball, a home run occurs when the ball sails over the outfield fence without touching the ground.

A home run occurs when a batsman hits the ball fairly and scores on the play without making any errors.

Home runs can assist every batter to evaluate his or her power.

Furthermore, it is a popular part of baseball, and fans of this sport like watching a nice home run.

As a result, the team pays the most for the most prolific home run hitters.

Which other players have hit the shortest MLB home runs in previous years?

Today, in response to your inquiries, we have compiled a list of the ten shortest MLB home runs of 2022.

Let’s have a peek without further ado.

10 Shortest MLB Home Runs of 2022

The information and details presented here are taken from the official sports website

Before diving into the details of the list, let us take a quick look at this table.

Name of Players Home Run Distance
10. Austin Meadow 337 Feet
9. Jemier Candelario 337 Feet
8. Alec Bohm 337 Feet
7. Aramis Garcia 336 Feet
6. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. 335 Feet
5. Trent Grisham 335 Feet
4. Eduardo Escobar 335 Feet
3. José Altuve 330 Feet
2. Rougned Odor 328 Feet
1. Carlos Correa 310 Feet

10. Austin Meadows

  • 337-foot home run
  • Tampa Bay Rays are the team.

Austin Wade Meadows, 27, is ranked tenth on our list.

Austin is a professional baseball outfielder with the Tampa Bay Rays in the United States.

Meadows made his MLB debut in 2018 with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was then dealt to the Tampa Bay Rays in 2018.

Meadows blasted a 337-foot home run shot in a game against the New York Yankees at Tropicana Field.

The Tampa Bay Rays play their home games at Tropicana Field.

Austin Meadow hit a single home run against Domingo Germán. In the bottom of the first inning, Tampa Bay took an early 1-0 lead on a line-drive home run to right field.

The home run contributed to the Rays’ 4-0 victory over the Yankees.

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9. Jemier Candelario

  • 337-foot home run
  • Detroit Tigers are the team.

Jeimer Candelario, a 28-year-old American professional baseball third baseman for the Detroit Tigers, is the next player with the shortest MLB home run.

Candelario, Jemier
Jemier Candelario,. Source: Bless You Boys

Candelario made his major league debut in 2016 with the Chicago Cubs.

Then, in 2017, Jemier was traded to the Detroit Tigers with Isaac Paredes.

He agreed to terms with the Tigers on a one-year, $2.85 million contract in 2021.

The game occurred against the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, their home stadium.

Candelario’s two-run shot traveled 87 miles per hour to the right side of the field.

In 2021, he hit 16 home runs and batted.271. In that game, the Tigers defeated the Orioles 9-4.

8. Alec Bohm

  • 337-foot home run
  • Philadelphia Phillies are the team.

Alec Daniel Bohm, a 26-year-old American professional baseball third baseman, is ranked seventh on our list.

Bohm is an MLB player for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Bohm made his major league debut for the Phillies in 2020.

In the 2018 MLB draft, the Phillies selected and signed him.

The game was played at Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies’ home stadium. In the fourth inning, a single homer with 91mph velocity was hit to right field.

The Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Washington Nationals 5-4.

7. Aramis Garcia

  • 336-foot home run
  • Oakland Athletics is the team.

Aramis Michael Garcia, an American professional baseball catcher, is one of the MLB’s free agents.

Garcia, 29, made his Major League Baseball debut in 2018 for the San Francisco Giants.

Garcia was dealt by the Giants to the Oakland Athletics on February 6, 2021.

Garcia blasted the game-winning home run against the Seattle Mariners.

T-Mobile Park, the Seattle Mariners home ballpark, hosted the game.

Garcia’s ball traveled at 94 mph and was destined toward the right-field corner.

In the top of the seventh inning, Aramis Garcia’s single home run knotted the game at 4-4.

6. Lourdes Gurriel Junior

  • 335-foot home run
  • San Diego Padres are the team.

Moving on, Lourdes Yunielkei Gourriel Castillo Jr., 28, is ranked as one of the finest international prospects and is on our sixth number.

Gurriel is a Cuban professional baseball left fielder for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball.

He made his MLB debut for Toronto in 2018 after being born in Cuba.

Gurriel Jr. blasted a 335-foot, two-run home shot in a game against the Boston Red Sox at Rogers Centre, the Toronto Blue Jays’ home stadium.

Before facing the Blue Jays at the Rogers Center, the Red Sox had already lost six of their previous seven games.

The Blue Jays, on the other hand, produced a nine-run fifth inning to upset Boston 12-4.

Gurriel blasted his 12th home run and the Blue Jays’ 165th home run in the same game.

5. Trent Grisham

  • 335-foot home run
  • San Diego Padres are the team.

Trent Grisham’s 335-foot two-run home run for the San Diego Padres ranks seventh on our list of the shortest home runs of 2022.

Grisham is a 25-year-old American professional baseball outfielder for the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball (MLB).

In 2019, he made his MLB debut with the Milwaukee Brewers. In 2020, Milwaukee traded him to the Padres.

Trent hit this home shot at Petco Park in San Diego, California, the Padres’ home stadium.

Grisham hit a home run to right field during a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the bottom of the second inning. The Padres defeated the Diamondbacks 6-2 in the contest.

4. Eduardo Escobar

  • 335-foot home run
  • Arizona Diamondbacks are the team.

Eduardo José Escobar, 33, is a Venezuelan professional baseball player for Major League Baseball.

Escobar made his Major League Baseball debut in 2011 for the Chicago White Sox.

In 2012, he was moved to the Minnesota Twins, then in 2018, he was dealt to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Escobar blasted a 335-foot home run against the Los Angeles Dodgers at their home ballpark (Dodger Stadium).

It was a two-run homer to right field.

Despite the fact that the home run put the Diamondbacks ahead, 2-1, the Dodgers went on to win the game.

They won 3-2 over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Eduardo was then dealt to the Milwaukee Brewers on July 28, 2021, for Alberto Cipriam and Cooper Hummel.

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3. Juan Altuve

  • Home run distance: 330 feet
  • Houston Astros are the team.

The third player on our list of the ten shortest MLB home runs is José Carlos Altuve, a 32-year-old Venezuelan professional baseball second baseman for the Houston Astros.

With a height of 5-feet-6inches, Altuve is one of the shortest active MLB players.

Juan Altuve
Juan Altuve smiling. Source: The Crawfish boxes

In 2007, the Astros signed him as an amateur free agent.

Altuve, on the other hand, did not make his MLB debut until 2011.

Altuve’s home run occurred in the sixth inning of a game against the Boston Red Sox at Minute Maid Park.

The ball hit the top of the scoreboard and descended 330 feet with an 88mph velocity.

Similarly, the home run he hit in the stadium was his 849th in his career.

It tied him with Lance Berkman for the most hits by an Astro in the stadium.

2. Perfumed Odor

  • Home run distance: 328 feet
  • New York Yankees are the team.

Rodugned Roberto Odor (nicknamed “Rougie”), a 28-year-old Venezuelan professional baseball second baseman for the New York Yankees, is the second on our list with a 328-foot home run.

Odor made his MLB debut in 2014 with the Texas Rangers.

In 2021, he was dealt to the Yankees by the Rangers.

Odor managed to drop to one knee and lift the low ball against the Seattle Mariners.

Surprisingly, the low slider just cleared the wall in the right field.

Rougned’s pitch was the second-lowest pitched by a Yankees player in the pitch-tracking period since 2008.

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Except for Rougned, no other Yankees player has had a softer-hit home homer tracked by Statcast since 2015.

1.  Carlos Correa

  • 310-foot home run
  • Houston Astros are the team.

Carlos Correa, a Puerto Rican professional baseball shortstop for the Houston Astros, ranks first among all ten shortest MLB home runs of 2022.

The Astros selected him in the 2012 MLB draft as Carlos Javier Correa Oppenheimer.

Correa, at 28 years old, made his MLB debut in 2015.

He was an instant success, winning the American League Rookie of the Year Award.

Correa hit a spectacular home run in a game against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

It was the season’s shortest home run, measuring only 310 feet.

This was Carlo’s eleventh home run of the season, and it gave the Astros a 1-0 lead in the second inning.

Similarly, Correa scored his 100th run of the season, making him the first Astros shortstop to do so in a season.

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Baseball is an extremely social sport for its fans.

You can go to the game by yourself, and by the time you leave, you’ll have made a few good pals.

The thrill of a home run when the ball sails into the air and into the crowd are simply unparalleled.

MLB has experienced a surge in home runs in recent years.

This has also increased the excitement and happiness of baseball fans and spectators.